Your oil change experiences

Recently, we exposed one Ontario oil-change shop engaged in some Greasy Business, and we asked if it's ever happened to you.

Our unscientific poll asked about your perceptions and experiences on oil-change shops and car repairs, and wow; we got hundreds of votes, tweets and comments in response. Here are our poll results along with just a few of the stories we heard from you.

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Mike Swift says "If you are lucky enough to find an honest dependable mechanic...STAY WITH THEM. I own and operate a service center...I can not even come close to breaking even with a 19.99 oil change. A good shop will always look your car over and top up fluids etc...that is included with an oil change. NEVER NEVER NEVER tell a customer that they NEED things before the car can leave..an honest mechanic and shop will make a list, inform you and prioritize it."

Elyse Panici can be confident she's not being upsold: "I change the oil myself. My Dad has to take it into the dealership though (as he doesn't trust the other places!) to get his changed - his car is a lot newer than mine."

Mary-Ann Young goes the dealership route: "I think most of [quick-change places] do the same thing. I now go to my dealership to get it done."

@Craiguar feels the same way: "I do it myself or have dealer do it. Don't trust any quick lube - they always try upsell or the pwr steering fluid trick!"

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Bill Eisenhauer advises avoiding the oil-change shops: "The 'Quick Lubes' are a complete joke, they do NOT know your vehicle and are certainly NOT warranty approved. Bring it to your dealership or trusted mechanic."

E Damián Londynski was the victim of some greasy business: "I had once a garage not even draining the oil before adding new oil much above the maximum acceptable level (with all the problems that could cause). Also, I heard of untrained employees overtightening the drain bolt causong damage to the oil pan (which needed then replacement).

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"Every time I go into a 'quick lube' place they always tell me that my vehicle needs a transmission flush, etc. etc. I always say, "No, not today". I'd rather take my business to a reputable shop and get proof that the work was actually done properly. I've caught a few places trying to upsell stuff when I've just had the work done. It's sad." - Barb Forsyth

"Had similar experience once. Wife went for oil change and got a call at my office saying serpentine belt should be changed, I said no and they said with the wife close by, 'You wouldn't want your wife stuck on the side of the road if it broke, would you?' Got the belt and took to my mechanic and he said it didn't need to be changed. Last time we went there." - Rick Eus

Trish Kritsch had a particularly awful oil change: "Never going to a quick drive thru again. Last visit, got oil in my brake fluid! Nearly cost thousands to repair."

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Thanks for all your votes and feedback!