Will Health Canada investigate the DRX9000?

The DRX9000 non-surgical spinal decompression machine is currently licenced by Health Canada to pull on your back for pain relief, similar to what lower-tech, much cheaper traction tables do.

Through Freedom of Information, we get a copy of what the maker of the DRX9000, Axiom Worldwide, submitted to Health Canada. Sure enough, the company included brochures saying the machine is "revolutionary" and "significantly reduces back pain in 86% of patients," among other questionable claims.

Marketplace asked Health Canada if they plan to investigate Axiom's claims about the DRX9000 in Canada:

"Yes, Health Canada will be reviewing the claims made about the DRX 9000. Medical devices found to pose a risk to health and/or be in violation of the Food and Drugs Act and related Regulations may be subject to compliance and enforcement actions in accordance with the Health Products and Food Branch's (HPFB's) Compliance and Enforcement Policy (POL - 0001)."