What’s Canada’s dumbest charge?


Marketplace is on the hunt for Canada’s dumbest charges. And we want to hear from you!

Viewers have already submitted some great ideas. Check out some of them below. If they irk you too - tell us about it. Or if you’ve got another dumb charge, we want to know that too. Email us (hyperlink) and tell us why you think it’s so unfair.

Here are some of your nominations so far:

  • ATM and other banking fees
  • Paper bill fee (charge for receiving a bill in the mail)
  • Touch-tone service fee for non-rotary phones
  • Online convenience fees (when purchasing concert, event, or transportation tickets online)
  • Tourism fees at hotels and resorts
  • TV digital services fee
  • Cellphone fees
  • Car dealer administration fee (when purchasing a vehicle)
  • Airline fees, including seat selection and baggage fees

Leave a comment below or submit your own dumb charge by email:

We’re working on a big show for next season. In the coming months, with your help, we’ll narrow down the list and take the top contenders straight to power brokers - the CEOs and politicians who can make a difference.