Want help on what to do with your old clothes?

North Americans are consuming too many clothes - because of the rise of fast, inexpensive clothing, we are buying 400 per cent more clothes than three decades ago.

There are now more unwanted clothes in the world than needy people, and most clothing ultimately ends up in landfills around the world.

What can you do?

First, stop buying inexpensive trendy clothing knowing you will only wear it a few times. If you must buy new clothes, buy quality items that will last you a long time. Commit to what you own.

Extend the life-span of your clothing as long as possible; repair your clothes, alter your clothes into new fashions, have clothing swaps with your friends.
Keep it in the family. Share clothing with loved ones and friends. If you want to donate, do your research.

Do your research on your favourites charities - try

Donate your clothing to your local charities and thrift shops.

Try contacting your local women's, youth or homeless shelters and drop-in centres, as well as local Dress for Success programs and refugee clothing donation centres for items they might need.

Experts say to avoid street donation bins; they are often run by for-profit companies and the money may not be going to charity.

NEVER throw textiles in the garbage. There is an extensively developed system to re-use the garments whenever possible. Even if they’re unwearable, they might be suitable as something else - like painters’ cloths or insulation. So do some research, and donate instead.

Buy less. Make better choices. Make it last.