UPDATE: Coffee cups investigation

After our story aired, we heard from customers and former employees of Starbucks and Tim Hortons, who gave us more details about the companies' recycling practices.

Starbucks issued a notice to be posted in stores that said:

"Upon hearing of some stores that had not disposed of recyclable material properly, we immediately conducted a review of all our stores across the country, and are taking steps to ensure and confirm that all our stores are delivering on our recycling commitment."

The notice also says the company regrets "disappointing any customers or partners."

But current and former employees at both Starbucks and Tim Hortons tell CBC that they, too, have witnessed environmentally unfriendly practices for years.

A current Vancouver-area Starbucks manager describes overflowing recycling dumpsters behind numerous Starbucks stores he manages today, so full, he says, paper cups and other recyclables have to be thrown in the garbage.

But he says when he and other store managers asked a district manager and an area facilities service manager a year ago what private company was supposed to be picking up the recycling, they were told to "move on to something more important."

The manager says he is "frustrated" that Starbucks "pretends to be much more environmentally friendly than it is."

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