Reduce sodium intake

Most Canadians consume an average of 3400 mg of sodium per day. You should aim for a maximum of 2300 mg.

• When cooking at home, limit your reliance on processed foods such as canned or dried soups, canned vegetables, frozen dinners, "instant" foods, and flavoured rice or pasta dishes

• Rinse canned foods such as chick peas in fresh cold water before cooking or eating.

• Reduce consumption of bread, quick breads and other bread-like products including bagels and croissants. Most of our sodium intake comes from these products.

• Restaurant foods, fast foods and take-out food can contain high amounts of sodium. Check the nutrition facts information available online for many restaurant and fast food outlets.

• Read food labels carefully - but note that the percentage of daily value for sodium is based on 2400 mg a day, which is already above the recommended daily intake of 1500 mg.

• Choose carefully. A low-fat option product may not necessarily contain less sodium.

• Try to adapt your taste to enjoy a less salty diet by gradually eating lower sodium food choices.

• Use this scientific salt calculator to measure your intake and discover the main sources of sodium in your diet.