Tip Sheet: buying gas


Always check your owner's manual for the fuel recommended by the car manufacturer.

  Most cars only require regular 87 octane fuel.  Using a higher octane gasoline (89, 91, or 94) than your owner's manual recommends offers no benefit: your car won't perform better, go faster, get better mileage or run cleaner.


   If you want to save some money, even if your manufacturer recommends premium, you can probably still fill up with regular, unleaded fuel much of the time, unless you hear knocking or pinging.


  Occasional light knocking or pinging won't harm your engine, but if it knocks persistently then use gasoline with the next highest octane level. See a mechanic if it still knocks, because there may be another problem causing the knocking. Heavy or persistent knocking may lead to engine damage.


  Companies promote the fact premium contains special cleaning additives. But, in fact, all gasoline sold in Canada contain enough engine cleaning detergent additives to protect against the build-up of engine deposits.


The bottom line: read your owner's manual, use regular fuel when you can, and save your money.