Seniors’ homes: Response from City View Retirement Community

City View Retirement Residences told Marketplace in an e-mail on November 20, 2019. 

City View Retirement has a posted 'zero abuse tolerance policy. City View believes that it has a legal duty to protect its residents, staff and members of the public from abusive and aggressive behaviour, even if such conduct originates from a family member of a resident. We are grateful that the vast majority of people have always respected and complied with City View's policies, and are pleased to advise that despite literally thousands of attendances to our 181 unit private facility, we have had very few encounters with abusive and aggressive individuals. Currently no member of the public is refusing to comply with the 'zero abuse tolerance policy, and accordingly no member of the public is being refused entry to our privately owned facility.

With regards to trespassing, case law (attached) was provided to your office earlier this week which confirms that banning an individual from private property is not unlawful. Again, we trust that you have verified the legal issues your legal department. We expect CBC to objectively investigate, to represent the facts correctly, and to provide fair comment. We will be watching your program very closely to ensure it is accurate and fair. If it is not, City View will respond.