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In Canada's Restaurant Secrets, Marketplace examined one year's worth of health inspection records for 13 top restaurant chains in five cities. Here's how they responded to our findings. Click the company name below to jump to the corresponding statement.

Harvey's was not included in our restaurant survey, but did provide a statement in response to our dicussion with victims of a 2008 E. coli outbreak in a North Bay.

Restaurants Canada – formerly known as the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association – issued a a general statement on its website on the day of our broadcast. You can read it here.


KFC/ Pizza Hut

KFC & Pizza Hut statement



Food safety and quality are a top priority for McDonald’s Canada and we hold all of our restaurants to high standards that meet all provincial and municipal food safety legislation.

Our employees are trained on industry standards and expert-reviewed food safety practices and procedures. In addition, all of our restaurant managers are trained and certified through industry-recognized programs such as ServSafe, a food safety training program, or a local equivalent.

We have strict food safety policies and procedures for our restaurant management and crew that they are required to follow. Restaurant managers conduct a pre-operations checklist where procedural elements of the food safety program are checked on a shift-by-shift basis. Managers also conduct a food safety check, at least once a day, to look at critical food safety controls and they document that safe temperature and cooking standards are verified.

All employees are trained for the stations they work in and training includes food safety fundamentals including hand washing, station cleanliness, proper use of cleaning cloths and sanitizing solutions.

We understand from Restaurants Canada (formerly the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association) that CBC Marketplace has independently reviewed 5,000 inspection reports for major restaurant chains, in five Canadian cities, with the assistance of an expert in statistical science. We advocate exercising great caution in generalizing market data out of context and without considering the details of each individual inspection.

Kind regards,

Karin Campbell | Senior Manager, External Communications |

McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited



From Sue Thomson, VP Marketing, Moxie's:

As I mentioned in my voice message last week, no one from Moxie’s will be participating in the interview. However, I can provide the following statement from our President, Laurids Skaarup:

"At Moxie’s we are committed to the highest possible standards of quality and safety for our guests. We respond quickly and comprehensively to any concerns from a local health authority. But we do much more than that. We continually monitor our food handling procedures and improve them wherever possible. We hire an independent inspection firm to conduct unannounced inspection visits on each of our restaurants to ensure local managers are rigorously following proper procedures."

No one is available to appear on camera, but in response to your latest letter and in addition to our previous statement, I can provide the following comments from our President Laurids Skaarup:

"Any and all concerns that health authorities have had about our restaurants have always been corrected."


Second Cup

We take this issue very seriously and have launched a full investigation. Second Cup employees and franchise partners are provided with education and strict guidelines for how food is properly received, handled and stored. Second Cup is committed to the highest level of food safety, quality and excellence and our operations team performs regular, detailed audits and inspections of each café to ensure that our strict food safety performance is upheld.

Darrin Cumiford, Director of Operations at Second Cup



The health and safety of our customers and partners (employees) is our top priority. We work with many quality assurance professionals inside and outside our company, in addition to public health departments, to ensure our stores are clean, safe and exceed our customers’ expectations. Our partners spend dedicated cleaning time several times per day to adhere to our standards. We are committed to delivering an experience that exceeds expectations.

Luisa Girotto
Public Affairs Director, Starbucks Coffee Company



The cleanliness of our restaurants and the safe preparation of our food are top priorities at SUBWAY® Restaurants. We pride ourselves on our open-kitchen where every sandwich is made directly in front of the customer, and we hold our franchisees to strict guidelines regarding store operations. Any reports of potential violations are quickly addressed with the local restaurant owner.

Kathleen Bell, Director of National Marketing, Subway Restaurants of Canada


Tim Hortons

Our guests are our first priority and maintaining proper food safety practices in our restaurants is of utmost importance. Our food safety practices are incorporated into daily operations -- from working with R&D to training and operations, through to distribution -- resulting in a positive track record for our owners.

Olga Petrycki, Senior Manager Public Affairs



We take our food handling procedures very seriously, which we reinforce each day with our restaurant teams. We learn from our actions, and work hard to continually improve.

Lisa Deletroz, Marketing Director


In response to our survey of inspection results in Regina:

We have calibrated with our Franchise operator in Regina and our corporate teams and we would like to offer the following statement in response to the Regina infractions:

From September 1, 2012 to October 20, 2013 three infractions were cited at one of our two Franchise restaurants in Regina – all three in one restaurant.

These included:

  • An improper temperature in a countertop meat storage unit. At the time the inspector took the temperature the storage unit was being defrosted. The temperature was corrected while the inspector was on site and it was so noted in the inspection report.
  • An employee hand-washing infraction.  New soap and towel dispensers have been installed along with a re-emphasis on  hand-washing requirements to the restaurant team.
  • The inspection report indicated that the dishwashing and sanitizing procedures being followed did not fully comply with code specifications. Re-training and re-emphasis regarding proper dishwashing/sanitizing procedures have been completed. 

Wendy’s Restaurants of Canada and all of our Franchisees take our responsibility to provide a clean environment and safe food seriously. No infraction is acceptable but the record shows on the rare occasion when something fell outside of acceptable operating parameters – corrective action has been taken.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide the details behind this report

Lisa Deletroz, Marketing Director



Harvey's was not part of Marketplace's restaurant survey, but sent this statement in response to Marketplace's interview with victims of a 2008 E. coli outbreak in North Bay

The health and safety of our guests and associates is of the utmost importance for Harvey’s. In 2008, there was an isolated incident that involved a restaurant in North Bay, Ontario in which a number of people were impacted by an E. coli outbreak. No other restaurants were impacted and it remains an isolated incident nearly six years later. It was a very difficult time for all involved, and we would like to apologize to those in the community who were impacted and thank those in North Bay who worked closely with Harvey’s during this time.


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