Restaurant responses


At Earls, our people are our greatest asset and our priority has always been to make sure all roles contributing to the service experience are fairly compensated, which promotes healthy teamwork and ensures great guest experiences.

Restaurants Canada' statement accurately reflects our point of view on this matter.

Restaurants Canada Statement

Let us be clear restaurant owner/operators do not take one penny from employee tips. In Ontario it is illegal. Tip-pools and tip-outs are a way to recognize the efforts of the entire team – from the server, to the kitchen staff, to the hosts and the bussers. Servers continue to receive the lion’s share and the remainder is divided amongst fellow employees.

The Ontario Ministry of Labour expressly allows and supports the practice of tip-pools and tip-outs on its website.

This is not a new practice in Ontario’s foodservice industry. It has been going on for decades because customer satisfaction is based on a total restaurant experience.

Servers get a raise every time prices increase and prices have increased across the board as a result of the rising minimum wage. Owners and operators know that servers are going to come out ahead and engage in tip-pool and tip-out practices because they care about their employees – all of their employees.

Restaurant owners and operators absolutely have the best interests of their staff at heart by providing fairness to all employees and protecting jobs.


At Moxie’s Grill & Bar the minimum wage increase has not changed our practice that all tips are distributed only to team members.

We are open and transparent with our employees in introducing new policies, including any changes or recommendations that relate to the tip pool. We are confident that all of our policies are lawful — in practice and in spirit — and fair.

Our tipping out policy is founded in our strong belief that all service and culinary team members play a critical role in contributing to a guest’s satisfaction and deserve to share in their appreciation.

We are grateful for our teams whose dedication and professionalism is key to our strong growth and continued success.