Response from Economy Rent-a-Car Mississauga

Below are summaries of Economy Rent-a-Car’s responses and perspective on some of the issues raised during our investigation:

On Unlimited Kilometres:

Please see following policies on Economy rent a car official web site.
It displays the mileage, Local renters, and Geographic restrictions. These same policies are set up in GDS ( Global distribution System) From where all the different websites pull the policies and prices . Different websites display policies in different format even though they pull the policies from same source.

I have also pulled on the same websites policies for [redacted], [redacted], [redacted] and [redacted] rent a car . Their policies of Geographical restrictions are displayed in same manner under the heading Others. Then why are you singling out Economy ??

On Expedia, just below the rate on the front page following message is shown with rules and regulation which opens into a new window of all the details and policies .

Many web sites, just before reserve button also has a button which customers have to click in order to complete the reservation. It says I have read and understood the terms and conditions of the rental. We do our best to inform the customer about all rental conditions and policies. Companies like Expedia , Priceline,, Hotwire display and sell car rentals around the world and I am sure they also do what is in the interest of the consumer. Most of the customers , when book on line read the terms and conditions but there are always a few who over look this important information and are unaware of the conditions and in this case they are disappointed with the rental experience.

… you will see that as an independent affiliate we have no control over how the policies are displayed on various websites . I showed you also that other car rental company policies are displayed in the same way on Expedia. I also explained all other questions .

About negative online reviews:

I do take full blame for not handling my on line reviews and not encouraging my satisfied customers to put positive reviews. I will have to start doing so......

...the way  websites display unlimited miles is not in my hand. All other companies rates are displayed in the same way. All terms and conditions are disclosed  the same way on line for all car rental companies so the customers can make an informed decision.

I have decided to post big posters of our on line policies for customers who have not read them during the reservation process . Customer service agents will be retrained to educate these customers of terms and conditions of the rental. Agents will also be encouraging satisfied customers to leave their positive reviews .

I really want to thank you for bringing to my attention the importance of the Google reviews. Since we have plethora of happy customers , I never paid attention to few comments from customers who
did not read the policies and were not satisfied with the rental experience. We are now requesting
each and every happy and satisfied customers to share their rental experience and leave a reviews on Google

On insurance and waivers offered at Economy Mississauga:

All our terms and conditions , policies are standard industry wide and many companies have similar policies . In my research I found out now, that some car rental companies have their own set policies with which they are comfortable handing their property to some one. It is their right to do so. mentioned exclusions.

Insurance policies are very clear and straight forward. Proof of insurance to non owned vehicles is required as a condition of rental if customer is declining our coverage. We may decline the rental if customer do not have adequate insurance to protect our property .

Our Fleet is fully covered for what is required by law. At out location we sell Collision damage waiver . We do not sell any other insurance or liability.

If an individual have an insurance on their own vehicle it automatically DO NOT cover rental vehicles.

We encourage customers to check with their insurance if they are unsure. we encourage them to call their insurance when they are in the office .We ask then to email us or fax us the proof of endorsement.

On other extra fees charged:

These fees are standard in the industry world wide to cover the high cost of fleet maintenance.

Credit card and on line only cover the collision . Loss of use, administration fee, storage , second tow , estimation , diminished value , are few items not covered fully by these credit card and on line collision coverage. To cover these we charge a fee of $11.95 This fee is charged by many car rental companies in the industry. Please see [redacted]  policies regarding similar fee.

VLATR : Vehicle licencing and tire fee. Our fleet is shared between Quebec and Ontario. By law we are to put snow tires on our fleet that is Quebec plated. Tire rotation all season and winter tires twice in a year , storage of the tires is a big cost . Licencing fee in Quebec is much higher .This fee is to cover the high cost ,this fee is disclosed and is added to the total at the time of reservation.

MTFC: Maintenance fee is charged to cover the high cost to maintain the vehicles. .

When customer books a vehicle on line he is given a total price included all fees and taxes. No other fee is added at all at the counter. If customer has his own insurance which is transferable to rental cars and the vehicle is  staying with in the renting province.

Different companies have different fee structure depending on the operation cost .
Some companies may charge high base price which includes all operation costs. Some companies choose to break it down .

We may have lower base rate and explanation of added fees which is part of the TOTAL cost at the time of reservation. There is no other fee added except the added Options.

We charge 17.95% .Difference is to cover the administration  cost.
Different companies have different wording for this fee. Some call it concession fee, some call it Airport surcharge fee, some call it Premium location fee. What difference does it make as to what is it called? This fee is disclosed and is included in the total price.

On Damages:

At the pick up  a complete walk around inspection is performed with the customer to mark any existing damage to the vehicle, customer checks the fuel level and existing mileage. Existing damages are marked on an inspection sheet , customer verifies the fuel and the mileage and inspection sheet  is signed by the customer. Customer signs  that he has completely inspected the vehicle for damage and found only what is noted. One copy is given to the customer.

Upon return same inspection sheet is used to close the rental contract and to check fuel, mileage and new damage if there is any. 

Majority of our customers are responsible and take responsibility if there is new damage to the vehicle . They follow through the procedures with our claims department and their insurance . According to the rental contract customers are responsible for all new damage regardless of the fault.
There will always be people who will not take responsibility for the damage with the fear of increased premiums on their personal policy .

If there is ever a billing error or a mistake on our part and if it is brought to our attention through our complaints department ,that complaint is handled with in 48 hours and invoice is corrected and a refund is processed. If your report is based  on these 3 contracts and google reviews that make 2% of my customers ,then I am fully prepared to defend each charge. 

On the maintenance of their vehicles:

95% of our Fleet is 2018-2019-2020. 95% of the vehicles are in service for 4 to 12 months. We are proud to rent new , safe and well maintained vehicles to our customers.

Vehicles are on rent all the time and we maintain these vehicles regularly. If customer brings to our attention any thing specific , vehicle is  halted and we take care of the issue before the vehicle goes back in rotation.

All documents are in the glove compartment before the vehicle is put out on rent. Some times customers do remove the stuff from the glove compartment. We do replace the documents when we see them missing.

Economy's  policies are standard policies as per industry.

I am sure you are going to do full research on the industry and feature all the above mentioned companies with similar policies and not target Economy alone