More about our test - How Marketplace tracked one family

The family Marketplace tracked is illustrative of many Canadian families.

CBC Marketplace downloaded the Moment app to the family’s Iphones, and the QualityTime app to the son’s tablet (Moment is not available on Androids at this time).

Both Moment and QualityTime work quietly in the background to monitor and track your mobile usage activities.

The Moment app also allows users to track how much of a user’s “Waking Life” will be spent on their phone, and calculates how much time a user will spend on their phone in their lifetime, based on their current usage. The “Waking Life”algorithm is not available on QualityTime.

CBC Marketplace enlisted the Moment app developer, Kevin Holesh, to calculate the the 8 year old’s “Waking Life”statistic from the data usage we had collected. Holesh used the following Moment “Waking Life” algorithm : 
68.6 years of usage x 1977 hours per year on device (325 minutes * 365 days) = 135,622 hours on device in his lifetime = 5,651 days = 15.5 years of his life will be spent on his devices based on his current usage.