Meet Phil Bach, pool repair expert

Phil has been working in the pool industry for over 30 years, the last 25 with major pool equipment manufacturers. He has conducted seminars all over North America and in Central America on Hydraulics, pumps and filtration.

He taught pumps, filters, and Hydraulics for the Ontario Apprenticeship program at Niagara College. He was also Vice President and President (now Past President) for the Pool and Hot Tub Council of Canada.

Phil says that the two tests he created were simple problems that any competent repair person should be able to quickly identify and fix.

Phil's advice for consumers:

"The best choice for service or installation is Referrals. Do they have training and belong to the Pool and Hot Tub Council. As silly as it sounds, do they have lettering on their trucks? This shows some pride and a degree of professionalism.

"Shopping for service based on lowest price is not a good idea. Training costs money and paying more to get it done right the first time saves money in the long run."