How much are ambulance fees in your province? Click on the map below to find out:


MAP: Ambulance fees


Ambulance costs in Canada

  How much an ambulance costs:
British Columbia $50 if treated on scene; $80 if transported to hospital
Alberta $250 if treated on scene; $385 if transported to hospital
Saskatchewan Depending on the health region, $245 or $325 + $2.30/km
Manitoba Depending on where you are in the province, the cost ranges from $270 + $3/km to $530
Ontario $45 if medically necessary, $240 if not medically necessary
Quebec $125 + $1.75/km
New Brunswick In New Brunswick those without private insurance don't pay ambulance fees.
UPDATE: In April, 2015, the province reinstated ambulance fees. Now, for those without insurance, the cost for an ambulance is $130
Nova Scotia $142.30
Newfoundland and Labrador $115
Prince Edward Island $150
Yukon No out-of-pocket charge to patients
Northwest Territories Varies by location
Nunavut Varies by location