More about our foot bath test

As part of our detox investigation, Marketplace co-host Tom Harrington tried out a $150 foot bath that promises to remove toxins and heavy metals from the body. Do detox foot baths really work?

Deborah Kennedy, a naturopath and researcher at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, says her research shows that detox foot baths do not remove toxins from the body. In this extended video excerpt, Dr. Kennedy joins Tom to explain what's happening and whether it's as effective as advertised.

Click here to jump to a 2012 study she co-authored on the effectiveness of ionic foot baths.

The company that makes the foot bath we tested says that in spite of the controversy surrounding detox foot baths and other popular health  products,  it has received overwhelming feedback from customers. 

"In today's marketplace, many popular health related products are, and will continue to be, the subject of controversy and debate among leading medical practitioners. While we recognize the opinion of medical professionals who question the scientific benefits of the ionic foot bath, we instead choose to focus on the overwhelmingly positive feedback and support we continue to receive from our valued customers."

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Objective Assessment of an Ionic Footbath