Implicit bias: Take the test

Is it possible you have biases against one race or another without even knowing it?

What would happen if you scratched the surface a little bit to see what lies beneath?

The Implicit Association test was developed at Harvard to try and expose subconscious feelings that may affect the way we relate to people of different races. In the test, you have to make split-second decisions on a keyboard, sorting black and white faces, connecting them with different words. Our mistakes, hesitations: They can reveal prejudiced thinking.

In the end you will be given your results,  revealing whether or not you have a racial preference.

Afif Nassif, from McMaster University's DeGroote School of Business says the test teases out subconscious thoughts and racist attitudes that may be embedded within you. For a long time, social behaviour was thought to be under our conscious control.

But research started to emerge that showed not all of our social behaviour is done consciously. A part of it is influenced by implicit attitudes or subconscious feelings or attitudes that we are not aware of.

"It’s all about awareness," says Nassif.  “As long as you're aware that you have implicit biases that might sometimes come out, you can take proactive steps to lessening your bias.”


Take the test here.

(You need to access the test through a laptop or desktop.)