GM Statement

We asked GM to comment on our story. Here's what the company told us.

Recalls are done free of charge for our customers.  If customers paid for to have the condition repaired prior to the recall, GM will provide instructions for them to request reimbursement. If you know of a customer who was charged to reprogram a Key Fob, please have them contact our Customer Care Centre so that we can review their situation specifically. The Customer Care Centre can be reached at 1-800-263-3777.

We understand our customers’ frustration when parts are not immediately available for recalled vehicles. With regards to the ignition switch recall specifically, GM is working around the clock to manufacture ignition recall replacement parts to minimize customer inconvenience associated with the repair process. Parts production is running seven days a week in multi-shift operations and GM has already shipped thousands of kits to dealers across the country to fix vehicles.

Any customer involved in the ignition switch recall who is waiting for the recall to be completed and is concerned about operating their vehicle may request courtesy transportation. Dealership service management is empowered to place the customer into a rental or loaner vehicle until parts are available to repair the customer's vehicle. In some province, there are age restrictions that limit the ability to obtain a rental vehicle. In such cases, a legal parent or guardian will be required to sign the vehicle rental contract and take full responsibility for the rental vehicle. Additionally, in some provinces, drivers under a certain age may be required to pay a premium rate to rent or insure a vehicle. To address these situations, GM will cover these additional expenses.

We are making every effort to locate the owners of vehicles impacted by the ignition recall.  GM Canada obtains owner name and address data from the provincial motor vehicle department records for recall purposes. However, if a vehicle was purchased second hand it is possible that we would not have their contact information on file due to privacy concerns. Owners can call our Customer Call Centre, visit or contact their local dealer to determine if their vehicle is subject to any recall. 

Adria MacKenzie
Corporate Communications Manager
General Motors of Canada