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DRX9000 complaints in the U.S.

Authorities are cracking down on claims made by the DRX9000 in the following U.S. states (pdfs open in new window):

Marketplace dug up a confidential complaint made to the College of Chiropractors of Ontario about Dr. Richard Liem and the Low Back Clinic. In their investigation, the College's complaints committee expressed concerns about their claims:

"In reviewing this complaint, the professional members of the Committee were concerned about certain claims made by Dr. Liem about the effectiveness of the DRX9000 spinal decompression technology. Other than the statements of the manufacturer of the equipment, there does not appear to be any independently researched basis to substantiate claims such as, "The DRX9000 is proven 86% effective treatment of herniated and bulging disc," and "no other treatment surgical or no-surgical boasts even half the rate of success." Dr. Liem should be careful to present empirically proven information in documents such as his clinic's "Your Discounted Steps to Recovery," otherwise he could be perceived to be misleading patients."