Company statements

While none of the companies or Google agreed to speak with us on-camera, below are summaries of their correspondence with us.

We shared our findings with Google and the locksmith companies to get their perspective. We also provided them with the names of all the fake locksmith listings we uncovered during the course of our investigation.

Check Point Door and Lock

Thank you for contacting us about these complaints. Check Point Door and Lock is committed to providing excellent service. We have helped thousands of customers in its many years of business from lockouts in the middle of a snow storm to basic every day replacements. Our technicians are working around the clock to provide quick and professional services to customers in need of door, lock or security needs. With that said we are fully aware that there is always room for improvement and we are constantly looking for opportunities to improve. 

I would like to take this opportunity to present the company’s position about the issues and complaints documented in your letter. Thank you for pointing out the number of complaints we have received. When we step back and look at the bigger picture, statistically, of the number of complaints Check Point has received, the number of complaints compared to the more then 15000 customers we have helped over the past years, represents a fraction of a percent of unhappy customers. We do look into each and every complaint individually and try to resolve these complaints when they arise. As much as we want to provide great service, and are committed to constant training, unfortunately we have not found a way to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

As for the price, our company policy is that we do not start any work prior to stating the full amount for the job and obtaining a customer agreement. If for whatever reason the customer is unhappy with the quoted price the customer pays only $15. This amount barely covers the employees’ costs, such as gas and travel time, and places little to no risk or investment for both parties.

As for the mock test Marketplace performed on our company, we did listen to your initial booking call and you are correct that our dispatcher did in fact mistakenly provide you with the price of $50-100. Our company policy, in terms of pricing over the phone, is to provide a starting price for a job and to then inform the customer that prices are subject to change depending on the extent of the job. Unfortunately, it was the dispatcher’s first week of work. He was provided additional training to ensure these errors would not be repeated.

We updated our processes and procedures to ensure all customers are checked and verified, with no exceptions, and to inspect the locks way more carefully before opening.

We would like to thank you for your work and what you do and for pointing out those areas for improvement. Rest assured that we have taken the necessary actions to improve our services.

In regards to the customer with the complaint on Marketplace’s broadcast:

In reviewing our client records, I was able to locate this client and what occurred. We take full responsibility  for what occurred. The professionalism and the way the lock was installed doesn't look good and there is no excuse for that. This is not the way a job should be done. We are committed to these jobs being clean and handled professionally at all times.

Having said that we do take full responsibility for the fact that the job wasn't done properly and the technician failed to do his due diligence. The contractor who performed this job is no longer with our company given his poor performance.

As a courtesy to this client, we are willing to cover the additional expenses this customer had.
Once again thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Locksmith Experts Corp.

We have been in the business of providing Locksmith services across the GTA for several years. The vast majority of our clients are happy with our services as demonstrated by our 4.6 rating and overall positive reviews on Google.

We are a locksmith company first and foremost. We also supply other local locksmith businesses with locks and associated products.

Locksmith Experts Corp. acts as a subcontractor for many locksmith companies including FC Locksmith. Nevertheless, once we receive a job the customer receives our superior service and warranty.

With regards to our ratings across various platforms:

The unfortunate reality is that most happy customers do not feel the need to leave reviews. What motivates most people to leave a review is a perceived bad experience. Unfortunately, out of the thousands of customers we serve, there will be those who are unsatisfied. 

Our goal is to give the best customer service and customer experience to every single one of our customers, as you can see from the 100+ positive reviews on our business page on Google. The 143 reviews of our services on Google is a reliable sample size and reflective of the generally positive experience our customers have with our services,

This is to be contrasted with the only 9 reviews on Yelp and 11 complaints on the BBB websites out of the thousands of customers we have served. We would suggest that this relatively low level of dissatisfaction is consistent with or less than industry standards.

It should also be noted that the BBB is an advertising company and they score companies by how much they are willing to pay them.

Under the circumstances it would be wrong for you to suggest that there exists a pattern of complaints against our company. Similarly, for you to broadcast the anecdotal experience of a statistically small number of unhappy customers will create an inaccurate and unfair picture of, and cause unjustified harm to our small business.

We do always encourage customers to leave a review, though it is strictly against company policy to encourage a positive review in exchange for a discount or at all. If this occurred, it would have been an isolated incident. We have taken steps to remind all of our staff of our policies in this regard.

Your suggestion that we have created multiple business listings under different names, and have calls to them routed to Locksmith Experts Corp. is a false [sic]. If you have information that suggests otherwise please disclose it so that we may correct your misunderstanding.

Locksmith Experts Corp. later clarified further:

None of the websites that you mention are owned or operated by Locksmith Experts Corp. The phone numbers on those websites are not owned or operated by us.  We do however accept subcontracted service requests from a number of other locksmiths for whom we are not responsible.

FC Locksmith

Marketplace contacted FC Locksmith several weeks before broadcast with details of all the fake locksmith locations that say they were linked to FC Locksmith. We also sent evidence of a fake FC Locksmith review. FC Locksmith declined our interview request and referred us to their lawyer, Jonathan Weingarten.

FC Locksmith has been bluntly denied proper and fair disclosure of the allegations against its business affairs by CBC Market place and thereby left with no choice but respond in writing instead of an on camera interview during which allegations would have been presented for first time without any fair opportunity to check in advance those allegations. FC Locksmith treats CBC Market Place with all due respect and considers the refusal to provide full disclosure of all the allegations as breach of basic rules of fairness and impartial reporting as well as breach of CBC self imposed Journalistic Standards and Practices.

Notwithstanding,  FC locksmith denies any allegations of fake reviews or locations. It is well known to the public that fake reviews may be easily posted by any person or entity from any cell phone or computer, including by competitors in any named profession in order to damage a business reputation. It is of wide public knowledge that business promotion and marketing is done through professional outsourced companies. FC Locksmith, with very little knowledge about advertising methods, has hired external expert companies to promote its business through online websites and will immediately check into any allegations of fake locations advertised without its knowledge and consent, to remedy this matter.

FC Locksmith with extensive outstanding positive reviews on most website platforms, including the reputable HomeStars.com platform, has always treated its customers with full respect through its own technicians and customer service. Some customers may have been referred to Locksmith Expert which has its own independent customers. FC Locksmith has accommodated any complaint of its customers with full refund or other satisfactory solution to the customers.


We are deeply committed to helping people connect with local businesses and services on Google Maps.

It’s important that we make it easy for legitimate businesses to get their profiles on Google, and at the same time, ensure that business information is accurate and helpful. More than 99 percent of the businesses people find on Google Maps are legitimate and we’re working hard to detect and remove the small number of fraudulent listings that have been posted by bad actors.

We’ve implemented strict policies against fake listings and have created tools that enable people to flag any policy-violating content. It’s a constant balancing act and we’re continually working on new and better ways to fight these scams using a variety of ever-evolving manual and automated systems. There’s ongoing work to do and we are committed to doing better.

In response to the issue reported to us, we are auditing all locksmith listings created in Canada and are in the process of removing any that we find to be fraudulent. We are investigating how these listings were added to the map to improve our protections going forward.