Company statements: Pump Fiction

We asked some of Canada's biggest gas retailers to talk to us about premium gas. Click on the company name to jump to the corresponding statement.



While we appreciate the offer, we do not believe we are the best source of information for your story.

Esso's perspective on premium fuel is closely aligned with that of ExxonMobil Corp., our majority shareholder.

A summary of this can be found here.

Imperial Oil encourages customers to use the fuel recommended by their vehicle manufacturer as described in their owner's manual.

"(Esso) cannot substantiate or comment on the claims you are making about comments to customers by 'Esso gas station employees.


In response to your questions... as each engine is different, we recommend that car owners refer to the manufacturers recommendations in their manual when determining whether to purchase premium fuel.

There is additional information in the Q&A on our web site.


Husky offers customers a choice of fuel grades. We recommend drivers consult the owner's manual for their vehicle.

At Shell, our customers have three grades of gasoline to choose from - all of which include the unique, patented, exclusive to Shell Nitrogen Enriched Cleaning System. Shell V-Power Premium is Shell's most advanced gasoline containing five times the cleaning agents required by government standards, and is designed to provide maximum protection for optimum performance...Should be considered if a vehicle owner's manual requires or recommends a high Octane fuel.

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