Company Statements: Duped at the door?

From Bell:

Bell has delivered the most innovative communications services to Canadian households since 1880. We invest approximately $4 billion a year in building advanced broadband networks and developing the most innovative TV, Internet and wireless services, far more than any other Canadian communications company.

We think we have the best communications services in Canada and we proudly offer them to consumers at retail stores, online, by phone and through door to door sales. Offering our residential services at the doorstep is a convenient way for homeowners to learn about new products, network enhancements, and special offers they may be interested in. Other communications companies offer similar sales choices, including door to door marketing, in a competitive marketplace.

Our partner responsible for neighbourhood marketing receives direct training from Bell experts to ensure all sales procedures are conducted in accordance with Bell’s strict quality standards. Our neighbourhood marketing policies include mandatory standards to ensure customers are always provided with complete information when making purchases:

· Neighbourhood marketing agents are required to accurately convey all details and pricing of any offer to the customer while promoting only those products and services a customer may want or need.
· All customer orders are actually placed by the customer during a phone conversation with a call centre agent who is required to convey all details of the order including applicable terms and conditions. This process ensures customers have complete information about their purchase and that the order is placed by a representative not paid by commission.
· All customers are offered the opportunity to receive an email after an order is placed that again verifies all details of the order.
· The customer is free to cancel without any fees until after installation of the services is complete.

Bell’s neighbourhood marketing agents are bound by a Code of Conduct to ensure that providing excellent customer service is their first priority. As part of their commitment, all agents must:

· Comply with all Bell policies and procedures. ·Present pricing offers clearly and accurately.
· Treat all consumers with respect and honesty.
· Offer customers only the products and services that are appropriate for them.
· Not disparage competitive services.

The examples of the sales practices you provided are in no way aligned with Bell’s commitment to providing the best customer experience possible.

Bell has served notice to our supplier about the seriousness of some of its sales practices and implemented an immediate corrective training and compliance action that we have and will continue to monitor closely. Our supplier has also severed its relationship with a subcontractor responsible for breaches of Bell’s policies.

We apologize to anyone who may have been adversely affected by this conduct. Customers with concerns can contact us anytime at 310-BELL.

Bell continues to make significant investments in customer service to deliver a better customer experience at every level. The most recent annual report of the Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services (CCTS) shows that Bell’s overall share of the complaints made by communications customers nationally continues to decline each year.

We appreciate the opportunity to respond to the issues you have raised. We assume our statement above will be presented in full as part of your coverage.


We confirm that Mox1 is no longer selling Bell services, or working with Cydcor.

We have no further comments.