Company responses: Rice products

Baby Gourmet
Baby Gourmet complies with Canadian Food Inspection Agency regulations for the products we sell in Canada.  The CFIA has not established standards related to arsenic in rice cereal products.  Our team is currently reviewing the new information provided to us by CBC Marketplace as the standards used in some countries around the world, differ from the Canadian guidelines we follow.  As a proudly Canadian company, we're committed to working alongside industry experts and the CFIA to ensure the highest Canadian food standards are created for all products.

President’s Choice
We can assure customers our products are absolutely safe for children. President’s Choice is trusted by millions of Canadians, and we take every precaution to protect that trust. We are aware that arsenic, a natural element found in soil and water, can be found in crops at trace levels. These extremely low levels – measured in parts per billion – are not believed to pose a health risk. Though Canada does not have limits or standards for rice products, we are working with our suppliers to minimize these trace levels, and will use European standards as our guide.

Kraft Heinz
Kraft Heinz takes the quality and food safety of its products very seriously. To ensure that our products are safe, the rice flour used in Heinz infant cereals is tested routinely as part of our quality assurance programs.  The results must comply with our stringent product specifications before it is approved for use in production. The results obtained by CBC Marketplace for Heinz rice cereals are consistent with prevailing food safety guidelines. While the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has not established its own maximum levels for arsenic in rice, we adhere to the guidelines put forth by the EU and the U.S. FDA action level. These results are not considered a health risk by either the European Commission or the U.S. FDA.

Arsenic is a chemical element present in the environment from both natural and human sources, including erosion of arsenic-containing rocks, volcanic eruptions, and previous or current use of arsenic-containing pesticides. It is found throughout the environment—in water, air and soil. For that reason, it is inevitably found in some foods and beverages, and the geographical regions where rice is grown can therefore have an impact on the crop. Rice comes from all over the world and is grown very differently from region to region, which may influence the levels of arsenic within the same kind of product. Regardless, our products are routinely tested to ensure that they are of top quality and safe for our consumers.

Nestle Gerber Canada

We can not comment directly on your independent lab testing, however, we would like to reassure you that at Nestlé Canada, we place the health and well-being of babies and toddlers above all else and that our products meet Health Canada guidelines.

Since many elements occur naturally in our environment, it’s possible that trace amounts of arsenic may get into fruits, vegetables and grains as they grow. We are confident in the safety of every package of Nestlé Gerber baby cereal. Because arsenic can be present naturally in grains and produce grown in soil and water, we’ve worked closely with our trusted rice supplier and their growers as well as researchers from agricultural universities to achieve levels of arsenic that are among the lowest.

All our foods for babies and toddlers meet our rigorous safety and quality standards, which are often stricter than government requirements. We regularly test our ingredients, periodically test finished foods and work closely with our suppliers and growers to achieve a very high quality product.

If any parents have questions regarding our products, we welcome them to contact us at 1-800-387-4636.

Baby Mum-Mum
Our company has been making rice crackers for over 50 years and we have adopted the most stringent standards and comprehensive trailing systems for the inspection of raw materials and ingredients in order to ensure food safety and quality control. In addition, all our products are in compliance with CFIA, FDA, and EU standards pertaining to arsenic and heavy metals. We are confident that our products are safe for baby and toddlers that our management team and employees provide these products to their children for personal consumption as well.

Love Child
Love Child Organics is committed to accountability and transparency in everything we do, and fully support the role of investigative journalism to accurately and responsibly educate Canadian consumers on topics that matter to them. We know that trust is of the utmost importance to our consumers and is why, in the absence of limits for arsenic in food for young children from Health Canada, Love Child Organics have adopted the higher EU standard of 100 ppb for routine inorganic arsenic testing for our products. Love Child Organics stands firmly behind the safety and quality of all of our products.

Parent’s Choice
Walmart is committed to ensuring the safety and quality of our products. Walmart Canada products adhere to all applicable guidelines set by Health Canada. As your testing shows, the Parent’s Choice products you’ve identified meet EU standards.