Company and government statements: Expedia and the Competition Bureau

From Expedia

It’s an industry standard for different policies to apply to local renters and we do include that information, when applicable, in our terms and conditions. We are reviewing on our end how we display mileage details as well as exploring how we can better inform travellers about exceptions to unlimited mileage.

When it comes to the concerns around insurance, it is customary for suppliers to require a credit card deposit (the amount of which varies by supplier and car type) for customers who do not elect the supplier’s insurance. We are not aware of any incidents where Economy Rent-A-Car has charged a fee to customers who decline the insurance. If we are made aware of a particular case, our team will follow-up directly with the partner and advocate on behalf of the customer.

At Expedia, we are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience and are specifically focused on an initiative to make information about service levels even more prominent. As mentioned, we require supply partners to provide us with accurate terms and conditions, so our customers have all of the information needed to make informed choices that best suit their needs. If we learn there is information that is not accurate, we will work with the supply partner to ensure this is corrected.

A positive customer experience is very important to us, and we apologize for any frustration travellers may have encountered.

From the Competition Bureau

Thank you for bringing this information to our attention. We thoroughly review all complaints and information brought to us by the public.

The Bureau has resolved a number of issues related to advertisements of unattainable prices in the car rental industry in Canada over the past years, and there have been improvements as a result of our actions.

The Bureau continues to examine similar conduct in the online marketplace, and we will take action if we find evidence of false or misleading advertising.

Generally speaking, hiding or obscuring costs significantly affects consumers’ ability to make well-informed decisions and has a negative impact on the marketplace. Ensuring consumers obtain the information they need to confidently take part in the digital economy is a key priority for the Bureau. Businesses with an online presence should also make sure that their terms and conditions do not raise concerns under the Competition Act.

We encourage those who believe they have been misled to file a complaint with the Competition Bureau at 1-800-348-5358 or through our website at