Canada’s Dumbest Charge: Ticketmaster fees


Why Lauren thinks that Ticketmaster fees are Canada's Dumbest Charge:
“It feels like this big-time company, who has very little competition whatsoever, can gouge you just because they can.”

Who gets dinged:
On top of the ticket price you pay for an event, Ticketmaster charges a convenience charge and, for customers who order online or by phone, an order processing fee. These fees vary depending on a number of factors including the artist, venue and promoter. Marketplace checked four major concerts in the Toronto area and found convenience fees that ranged from $9 to $17.75.

How the company justifies the fee:
Here’s what Ticketmaster told Marketplace: “We have the most complex ecommerce environment on the planet and our platform is used by venues to manage the ticket inventory on behalf of the team, promoter and/or artist. If a fan prefers, they can purchase tickets from the box office directly or through resale sites and often these purchases come with varying ticket prices and service levels.”

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