6 things servers want you to know

1. Many restaurants have a policy in place that servers share their tips with non-tip receiving employees like hostesses, bussers, and kitchen staff, called a “tip out”

2 This is usually calculated by tipping out a portion of their food sales. Example: A 5% tip out policy means a server tips out $5 for every $100 of food and beverages they sell

3. If a table doesn't leave a tip, servers often still tip out on those food sales, which can leave them owing money they haven't earned

4. Many of Canada's biggest restaurant chains have increased the percentage that servers must tip out since the minimum wage increase

5. Servers say this is used to give raises to non-tip receiving employees, instead of raising their hourly wage

6. Servers in Ontario, Quebec, and B.C. make below minimum wage, under the assumption that tips will top up their earnings