40 Ontario nursing homes with the highest rates of reported abuse

By Valérie Ouellet, Dexter Brown

A year-long CBC Marketplace investigation called “Crying Out for Care” found that violence is on the rise in Ontario’s nursing homes. Between 2011 and 2016, reported abuse between residents or by caregivers has more than doubled in long-term care facilities.

All nursing homes are required by law to immediately report suspected abuse or neglect cases to the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Once a report is sent, the ministry will investigate, and determine if it turns out to be substantiated. That process can sometimes takes months - or even years.

CBC compiled thousands of these cases to find out which homes reported the most. The numbers provided did not indicate which cases were substantiated.

How did Marketplace compile its abuse rates?

Critical incidents reports are considered public records. But because they aren’t published or posted anywhere on nursing home websites - or even the government’s website - you wouldn’t have been able to find them. Marketplace obtained them through the Freedom of Information Act and compiled the numbers to make them publicly accessible. CBC worked with two statisticians to analyze and calculate abuse rates per 100 beds from the raw data.

Marketplace reached out to each home on these lists. Most explained their rates by saying they have a “zero tolerance policy for any kind of abuse” and train their staff to “report all types of abuse, regardless of the severity of the reported incident”.

Homes also noted that the ministry’s definition of abuse is “much broader than in any other health care setting”, because it includes verbal and emotional abuse or neglect. Several wrote that verbal abuse can include “calling a resident "dearie" because it is considered belittling language”.

Almost half of the homes pointed out that seniors suffering from dementia or cognitive impairment can demonstrate aggressive behaviour - resulting in more violence between residents. According to Ontario’s Long-Term Care Association, approximately 90 per cent of nursing home residents have some level of cognitive impairment.


20 Ontario nursing homes with the highest-reported rates of abuse between residents (2016)

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Home City Beds 1 Reports 2 Rate per 100 beds
Birchwood Terrace Kenora 96 38 39.58
Caressant Care Bourget Bourget 56 16 28.57
Craigwiel Gardens Ailsa Craig 83 22 26.51
Tyndall Seniors Village Mississauga 151 40 26.49
Sandalwood Park Brampton 120 30 25.00
Victoria Manor Lindsay 166 39 23.49
Banwell Gardens Windsor 142 33 23.24
Sunnycrest Nursing Home
(No Statement Received)
Whitby 136 31 22.79
Maplewood Brighton 49 11 22.45
Hastings Centennial Manor Bancroft 110 24 21.82
Chartwell Lancaster Lancaster 60 11 18.33
Bella Senior Care Niagara Falls 161 28 17.39
Chartwell Wynfield Oshawa 172 29 16.86
Hastings Manor Belleville 253 42 16.60
Centennial Place Millbrook 128 21 16.41
Moira Place Tweed 128 21 16.41
Mill Creek Barrie 160 26 16.25
Garden Terrace Kanata 160 26 16.25
Garden City Manor St. Catharines 200 32 16.00
Fountain View Toronto 158 25 15.82

20 Ontario nursing home with the highest-reported rates of staff-to-resident abuse (2016)

Click on a home's name to view their response.

Home City Beds 1 Reports 2 Rate per 100 beds
Earls Court Village London 128 57 44.53
Birchwood Terrace Kenora 96 17 17.71
Lakehead Manor Thunder Bay 122 20 16.39
Orchard Terrace Stoney Creek 45 7 15.56
Hastings Manor Belleville 253 39 15.42
North Renfrew Deep River 20 3 15.00
Chartwell Woodhaven Markham 192 25 13.02
Chartwell Elmira Elmira 48 6 12.50
Lady Dunn Wawa 16 2 12.50
Bay Ridges Pickering 124 15 12.10
Chartwell Ballycliffe Ajax 100 12 12.00
Glen Hill Marnwood Bowmanville 60 7 11.67
Orchard Villa Pickering 233 26 11.16
Lakeland Parry Sound 90 10 11.11
Midland Gardens Scarborough 299 33 11.04
St. Joseph's Manor
(No Statement Received)
Elliot Lake 64 7 10.94
Manoir Marochel Ottawa 64 7 10.94
Extendicare Maple View Sault Ste. Marie 256 26 10.16
Extendicare New Orchard Lodge Ottawa 111 11 9.91
Middlesex Terrace Delaware 104 10 9.62

1) Abuse rates were calculated using the approximate number of long-term stay beds by nursing home on the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the home's official websites. Only long-term care beds were included. Major mergers, expansions, closures and openings were considered. Some homes might have under-reported or failed to report abuse during the time period we analyzed. Our analysis couldn’t consider staffing ratios, as the province doesn’t track them.

2) CBC compiled all abuse and neglect reports involving caregivers and residents submitted by nursing homes through the ministry's critical incidents system (CIS) between 2011 and 2016. Some of these reports have been found to be unsubstantiated upon investigation. The ministry's definition of abuse includes physical, sexual, verbal and emotional abuse.