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Company Statements
We approached all three companies that were named Canada's worst for customer service for an on-camera interview. Walmart agreed to speak with us, but Zellers and Canadian Tire responded via written statements:

Statement from Zellers, via Tiffany Bourré, external communications manager, Hudson's Bay Company:

"We are disappointed in our performance with respect to the Marketplace customer satisfaction survey.

"Zellers takes customer service very seriously and we have made significant improvements in areas where our customers have historically rated us below their expectations.

"We have prioritised customer service improvement based on the areas most important to our customers. Our improvement in being in-stock and providing customers with a better shopping experience through our new store formats have been our key focus.

"We appreciate the feedback provided through this survey and will make the appropriate changes to our internal procedures and areas of focus."

Statement from Canadian Tire, via Glenn Butt, executive vice president of customer experience and automotive:

"Thank you for your request to appear on CBC Marketplace to discuss customer service at Canadian Tire.

"In reviewing the Marketplace show format and previous episodes, we don't believe your show lends itself to a fair and balanced discussion of the issues you raise. It's clear that you establish a story you wish to tell and are selective in the company responses you choose to air. We are one of the most-shopped retailers in the country with 180 million transactions per year, so we have no doubt that you can find a bad story if you're determined to find one.

"Although the CBC spoke to just a few hundred or few thousand customers, we engage more than 30,000 customers every month in detailed customer feedback to improve our customer service. We know directly from our customers that we are one of their favourite stores - that we have made tremendous improvements to their shopping experience - that they love the changes we have made to our store layout - that they have noticed the impact of extensive staff training across the country - and that there are still areas where we can do better. For example, we know we need to do a better job improving the complete customer experience around returning products to our stores.

"We deeply value our customers and wake up every day with the commitment to make their experience in our stores better. We will continue to directly communicate with our customers about the many ways we are improving their shopping experience."
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Broadcast Date: January 6, 2012
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