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Spinning A Pill  Comment Icon 141 Broadcast DATE: Friday, January 21, 2011
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Spinning A Pill

A controversial oral contraceptive called Yasmin has become the country's top-selling birth control pill. In the United States more than 4,000 women have taken legal action against the manufacturer, Bayer, and more than 800 in Canada have joined a class-action lawsuit. Co-host Erica Johnson meets young women who have taken Yasmin or its sister drug Yaz and experienced serious health problems, and asks why so many others are unaware of the health risks associated with these pills.

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In reply to a comment from Kevin

My friend got pregnant while using the IUD

In reply to a comment from Aline

Don't be fooled again. When they say "safer" pills they mean for only some of the side effects.

I have been on this pill for 3 years and never had any issues. Any time you go on birth control, your risk of blood clots increases - it's all in the warnings on the book. The question is, is the risk worth the alternative. I take this pill as medication rather than as birth control. It's the only one that has helped my health condition, and for me, the alternative is much worse.

I don't understand why so many young women continue to go on the pill. There are much safer and more reliable methods of birth control, particularly the intrauterine device (IUD). As with everything it comes with risks, but when installed by someone who is skilled (a gynecologist who puts in several a day, not a family doc who puts in 1 or 2 every month) these risks are minimized. Plus, the control you get from the Mirena IUD lasts 7 years and may be good for up to 10. If you want to get pregnant, you just go and get it taken out! Most of Europe is on these devices and they have no idea why you would want to take a pill daily. I'm a medical student and the majority of women in my class have an IUD and couldn't be happier with it.

Does anybody know these so called "safer pills"

It's just so terrifying that girls are pressured by the media, doctors, and peers to go on the pill and are even told they are "stupid" if they don't. the pill is not for everyone and it is a personal choice to consider other methods of preventing pregnancy.
Seriously, despite what society thinks, an unplanned pregnancy is far better than damaging your health forever or dying.
these contraceptive companies are just like other pill makers. They want your money and will give out messages to high pressure girls into jumping on these so-called birth control pills.

What I find even more disturbing (and giving me a better insight to how the medical feild views women and girls.) is that they would NEVER consider lowering male reproductive activity through drugs. They just except the guys to grab a condom and say, "if the chick gets pregnant, thats her fault and her problem now."

In reply to a comment from clb14

I got pregnant on Yasmin too! I also have a three year old. I had been on the pill for years and had no problems. I had recently been switched to Yasmin from a super ancient pill and lo and behold I was pregnant a few months later. Luckily I was in my 30s and in a long term relationship - don't know what I would have done if I was 18 (when I first started taking the pill).

For all of you that are saying the Yaz/Yasmin is dangerous and causing all of these pulmonary embolisms without warning are total crock! When prescribed medication it is the patients duties to READ THE BOOK it comes with. The information booklet that comes with Yasmin explains all the risk factors. No drug is 100% guaranteed to do its intention and definitely not with or without side effects. You cannot blame a company for side effects if you didn’t read the booklet.
The only thin you can blame the drug makers for is hiding information or claiming to do something that it does not do.
All the side effects portrayed in the show are OPEN INFORMATION. If you don’t like it, then don’t take it.
You also can’t blame them for getting pregnant while on the pill. If you were literate and could read the book, the pill is NOT 100% effective. If you get pregnant while on the pill you have nobody else to blame but yourself…just don’t have sex. If that’s not an option, live with the side effects!
Marketplace should have done a summary at the end to state that Yaz/Yasmin has not been found to be a higher risk at this time but there are groups currently trying to determine if this is true or not.

May I offer congratulations to all those involved in the production of "Spinning a Pill".
It is my understanding it was the highest rated Marketplace show over the last SIXTEEN years.
Almost ONE MILLION Canadians watched it.
That is an INCREDIBLE number for a documentary in this country.

March 5, 2011 will be the first anniversary of my daughter's death. She collapsed after a workout while away at University. She was 18, fit and had no other risk factors. She was on Yas for 1 month. She had been complaining of a pain in her back and saw a doctor at a walk in clinic. He told her she had muscle strain. In fact she had blood clots in her lungs. She died instantly when she collapsed. There was no chance to save her. How many women have to get sick or die before they stop prescribing these drugs. Changing the name of the drug doesn't change the fact that it makes women sick. I am so glad Market Place did the show on this pill. I hope the word gets out so no more mothers have to bury their daughters.My life will never be the same.

Yaz/yasmin Marketplace documentary

I also suffered from a massive pulmonary embolism while I was on Yaz. I was misdiagnosed for a over two months with calf pain and chest pain with vein infection and pneumonia. When my mom finally convinced me to go the hospital I was 5 minutes away from a heart attack!

I was never warned that Yaz has a higher risk of blood clots than other types of pills when I was prescribed it. Now I am on warfarin for the rest of my life. I can never take any hormonal treatment again for birth control, or any other illness or medical condition.

I never thought that I might almost die at 32 years old because of something that my doctor prescribed for me. It has taken me over 3 years to mentally get over this and everytime I get a pain in my calf or back I am worried that I have another clot!

I'm a little late watching this episode, but hey I have PVR. Anyway, I too, will go discuss these issues with my doctor...I switched to Yaz, actually my doctor recommended, after I had surgery for an ovarian cyst, Yaz, from what I was told, is to assist with reducing the growths of ovarian cysts greater then other birth control pills, but if the other risks, blood clots, stroke, etc. are also increased, I think I'll take my chances with ovarian cysts as they are part of the menstrual cycle, mine just never went away...It's hard to say to listen to your doctor, because we have to remember that they, doctors, want to push pharmaceuticals, as they do receive some profit, not like homeopathy where they would receive none. Yes, ask your doctor, but take responsibility to and research for yourself.

In reply to a comment from Bogeymama

I actually got pregnant while taking Yasmin and have a three year old.. i had been on yasmin for three years prior to that.. I was very religious with taking it everyday at the same time

In reply to a comment from Donna Ritchey

In my first year of University I broke my ankle and with my parents being on the other side of the country I tried to suck it up and act strong. It sucks having a broken ankle when you live on your own at univisersity. I was also on the birth control pill Yasmin... so when I began having throbbing pain in my left leg (the same as the broken ankle) I asked my doctor if this pain was because I was starting to walk around on my leg as I was in a walking cast now. He siad yes and pushed me out the door as he ran between surgeries. So I went home and about 3 days later collasped at my home because I had a pulmonary embolisim. The clot that had developed in my leg was the source of the throbbing pain and it had just broke free and moved to my lungs. I couldn't breath or think and ended going into cardiac arrest it was the scariest experience of my life. Luckly my roomates were home and called 911 or I may have been a goner just like other women who has been on yasmin. The after math of the whole ordeal lasted up to a year as I was on blood thiners for a long time with frequent trips to the hospital for blood tests. I was also talking anti depressents to manage my anxiety that I had developed from this tramatic experience. This is all not something a first year university student wants to deal with. So for all girls out there go off Yasmin NOW! you will save yourself alot of trouble.

Thanks for your interesting examine! Pleased New Year and keep up the incredibly get the job done in 2011!

In reply to a comment from Bailey

Bailey, I don't what your physician's specialty was in Med School but it sure wasn't epidemiology.
The two independent, non-industry-sponsored studies done in Europe clearly show the incidence of major clotting events to be nearly twice as high with Yasmin than with earlier "second generation" OCP medications.
Incidence is measured per 100,000 so the size of the base is less relavent than you'd think.
In fact,when certain "methodological problems" are corrected for in these studies, the disparity to the detriment of "Yasmin" is likely to be higher,not lower,as claimed by the manufacturer and their enablers, like your Doctor.
Indeed,when the first North American studies from Boston are released later this year, I am willing to wager right now they will reveal an even greater disparity than that.
Please take the bet.
I need the money.

In reply to a comment from Christine Hatvani

It terrifies me that you just aired your daughter's personal business (with her full legal name) on a public website. Shame on you.

In reply to a comment from marielle

I'm not sure if it aired during the show, but I am pretty sure that I saw the Beyaz commercial air during the same segment as the CBC marketplace commercials. Money well spent!

I found this episode really interesting. It really makes you think twice about the medications you are prescribed and to always ask questions. It will be interesting to see the new studies that are coming out for the 'safer' pills with levonorgestrel. It will also be interesting to see if Bayer continues to promote Beyaz - which also contains drospirenone.

In reply to a comment from Dawn

Oh yeah, I practically freaked out when I found out about the problems with using Yasmin and I have polycystic ovarian disease. I'm going to a doctor and I am getting a lower risk pill or I'm doing without it and just taking my metaformin.

I was recently to the doctor to get a refill on my Yaz prescription. He explained that Yaz is so controversial because percentage wise, there are more people taking it than any other birth control pill therefore it seems like the health issues are worse. If you look at the pill:problem ratio, it is no higher than that of any other birth control. Again, it just seems higher due to the percentage of people taking it.

I took birth control pills for about 21 years. OK subtract two years for when I had my two kids. I didn't take Yaz. I think I had 3 different brands of pills over the years. The package inserts list the possible side effects. All birth control pills have long lists of side effects. According to Marketplace, Yaz has more potential problems than others.
I had this really annoying over-active bladder, which was listed as a side effect, but my doc said it wasn't from the pill. Other than that, no side effects and no unwanted pregnancy.

In reply to a comment from Lisa

I am in agreement with you. I only started taking Yasmin 5 years ago and had never been on b/c ever before, because I didn't want to put anything foreign into my body. After ending up in Emergency with a PE due to birtcontol I've decided I will not go on anymore synthetic body will go through whatever it has to go through naturally.

In reply to a comment from Tanya

minovral is the best pill. It is a higher dosage of estrogen than alesse, but it has been around the longest. Both my sister and I have been on minovral for 7-8 years and have had no problems. Minovral has a great history

In reply to a comment from Bogeymama

they actually did mention it..

I am surprised the homeopaths haven't come up with a pill, but then again water, sugar and an ancedote do not make a birth control pill.

The lack of their postings on this subject speaks volumes to their cures.

Homepathic Birth Control: one sugar and water pill daily plus completely abstaining from all sexual activity.

I'm curious how many women think that birth control in general is a health risk? I've avoided taking it for years because it seemed so un-natural then I decided to give Yaz a try which is apparently the worst brand. I'm not convinced that Yaz is the only birthcontrol with problems. How are synthetic hormones made? I'm tired of pumping myself with hormones and the side effects that go along with it.

My Daughter Andrea Hatvani is on Yasmin birth control and had her gallbladder taken out on January 3, 2011 at York Central Hospital. My daughter has been on Yasmin for about a year now.

Andrea has also lost a lot of weight as well. I have now contact her doctor and have made an appointment to also have her check for blood clots as well.

I have contact the law firm that is involved with this case but I have not as yet received a call back from them.

While it is interesting to read the stories on this board and I will ask my doctor about this, it is important to remember that you should discuss all medications with your doctor. Personally, I've been on Yasmin for years (can't remember exactly how long, but at least 5 so far). I haven't had any problems that can be attributed to this drug. I like it because I tend to take the pill steadily 2-3 months before having a period, and this pill has been the best for that (Yes, I've spoken with several doctors about whether this is a problem or not and they have all said no, it is not a problem). There are millions of women who are satisfied with this pill as well.

I never thought twice about taking birth control....until October 2010. I wasn't taking Yaz,however I was on the Ortho Evra patch. I used it for 3 weeks and ALL of my hair fell out. I went to my doctor and was told I couldn't do anything but wait until my hair grows back! So I had to purchase a $300 wig, and draw on eyebrows for another 8 months or so. I was also told not to go on any birth control until my hair does come back. Can't find a lawsuit in Canada, but there are all kinds in the states for the Ortho Evra patch.........

In reply to a comment from Autumn

You know what though? The program failed to mention that the risks for cardiovascular problems are higher in pregnancy than on any birth control pill. So anyone contemplating stopping Yaz, wait until you have another pill or another method of birth control lined up.

I wonder how many pregnancies will result from the airing of this program?

In reply to a comment from metricboy

Best. Comment. Ever.

And good point too! Where are those homeopathic birth control pills???

I went on Yasmin on the advice of my doctor. Being on Ortho for many years, I was always suffering from moderate acne and bloating. My doctor said this 'new' pill has shown to help with these problems. I received three months of free samples - it helped, and I was able to maintain my weight easier. After being on Yasmin for three years, I noticed a strange pigmentation problem occurring on my face in the last year, I fainted a few times in the shower, and my heart felt like it was racing every so often. I went off Yasmin a year ago...acne has slowly returned, I have a serious and very visible pigmentation problem on my face which is permanent, and gained 10 pounds right after stopping Yasmin. There's pros and cons to every story, right? I should have stayed on Ortho.

Is it true that a commercial for "Beyaz" aired during this show?

I'm on yaz for a year now and I admit I have no problem. It was a little scary to see... I went to my pharmasist today. She was unaware of the studies and the second effect of Yaz. I hope she will check it out. I will have to go see my doctor to change pill.

When will the onus of birth control be placed on debunking the machismo attitude of the drug companies?

This is very scary - not only to the young women who use these pills as contraceptives...

But to those who have POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN SYNDROME who need to take the pill in order to help prevent cysts from forming on their ovaries.

I just made an appointment to get off Yaz and go on to another pill after reading these comments and watching the story.

In reply to a comment from Sarah

i'm with one of the Sarah's - IUDs have come a long way since our mothers' era. I had mine for 9 years straight, never a single moment of problem, no side effects, one $40 payment, years of worry-free hassle-free contraception.

Its unconscionable the way pharma companies operate and manipulate our medical system. I am convinced they are the reason we have no widespread cures for so-called incurable diseases. Heaven forbid their profits start to fall because people are staying or getting healthy.

This is one of the worst pills i have ever taken. I have been on BC pills since i was 18, i'm now 25 and took Yasmin for 3 months in the summer.

I have never had such horrible side effects in my life, it gave me the worst acne of my life, HUGE cystic acne all over (and i normally have very mild acne, one pimple a month tops.) But this pill cause my hormones to go crazy, i got pimples all over my checks and jawline (which is a new location and very embarrassing). I also noticed my hair was thinning, and friends and family were commenting on me losing weight, and basically being skin and bones. Prior to the pill i was 5'4 and 110 pounds and a size 0.

Now months later the side effects are starting to slowly go away, although i'm still quite thin, and my hair is def still thinned out. The acne, and acne scars are finally starting to go away.

This pill almost ruined my life, i can't imagine what would have happened if i continued with it.
My doctor said i must have had an allergic reaction, but once i looked it up on the internet i realized tons of women had the same problems with it, and that it is only suppose to be marketed to women with severe acne, as with my case and many others with a normal skin type it actually caused them to have severe acne. I also find the blood clot stories horrifying, this should be pulled off the market ASAP. As well i have taken Diane 35, but it is not nearly as dangerous as this pill is, as the hormones you are totally different.

PLEASE if you know someone taking this, ask them to review it online and take into account the dangerous and serious side effects it causes.

Thank you Marketplace, so happy someone finally touched upon this topic.

As a health care provider and a female who has taken birth control pills for over a decade, I was saddened to see this story. I urge females who are currently taking Yasmin or YAZ to seek change immediately. There are MANY types of birth control pills on the market. I have witnessed first hand how dangerous this drug can be to normally healthy young females. If you suffer from anxiety and/or depression, there are better medication choices for you. True, there are risks with all medications, however in this case, the risk is much higher. People have died taking this drug, and you only have one life.

my niece had an AVC 2 years ago at 24years old and the doctor told her that was her birth control pills the problem...she was taking yasmin since 2 weeks only....she is well now but went to learn to walk again

In reply to a comment from Judy

It is called Nova-T

I've been on it for three years now and have experienced all of these symptoms, included increasing pain breathing, lightheadedness, nausea and lose of consciousness. I'll be booking an appointment with my doctor as soon as possible after seeing this. I'm sick of being sick.

Having a doctor who says his daughter is on Yasmin vouch for the pill guarantees nothing. When I was in high school (quite a few years ago) one of my classmate's father was the top psychiatrist at a large city hospital. He encouraged his daughters to smoke socially. At the time there wasn't all the information there is now on the dangers of smoking.

I was shocked and full of fear for my daughter who is using Yasmin. Could anyone tell me a safer alernative as I want to go to our doctor and demand what is safe as I don't have the confidence in him that I once had.

This is disgusting. Just one more reason to nationalize the world-wide pharmaceutical industry. Take it out of the hands of private enterprise.

im on this pill and have cramps and headaches was told it would help with cramps.As i watched your show i would like to have the number for lawsuit going on.

In reply to a comment from Sarah

Please be wary about positive posts regarding this BC pill. Please understand that companies like Bayer hire Public Relations firms to spike online discussions such as this one with positive remarks.

Please Google "Astroturfing" and "Sock Puppetry" !!!

Once you understand what corporations are doing it should be fairly easy to spot these comments...

In reply to a comment from Sarah

This is prob a post from a PR firm for Bayer... Just to let people know/understand that a lot of online forum and posts are FAKE as in it's not a real person but a PR firm using various techniques like "astroturfing" and "meatpuppetry".

Google Astroturfing and meatpuppet !!!

and WAKE UP!!!

I would really love to see the tips sheet but it is not available anymore?

Your show was very interesting. My daughter was prescired Yasmin for birth control. She ended up in Emergency with a blood clot in her lung. It was a very frightening time. - She was put on Warfarin and went for frequent blood tests for the next year. Fortunately her blood clot dissolved, but experience was very traumatic.

Any avail info regarding the action taken against yasmin? I thought it was the best pill ever until i felt 'different'. doctors would say its just your hormones, youre a new mom, paranoid. I was the advocate for my own health and did not give up until one doc fianly belived me. 2 years of me doing online research and the process of elimination i brought it down to 2 possible theories. then a great doc, 2 years of meds, specialists, MRI's, CTC's,ultrasounds etc. Tumours in my liver and gallbladder kept growing. Depression sets in aside from the usual ailments. I've since the had an IUD and take a holistic approach with life. MRI's are only 2 a year now to monitor liver/gallbladder. YASMIN - CAN I HAVE MY HEALTH BACK! HOURS/DAYS & PAY MISSED FROM WORK? TME WITH MY DAUGHTER. CARE TO EXPLAIN THAT I WASNT IMAGINING MY PAIN!?

I have been on Yaz for a year to help the horrible cramps I get with endometriosis and it is wonderful. None of the other pills did anything. I am thankful that my gynecologist prescribed me Yaz.

the CBC always has the best shows.Very informative and usually timely.Wendy is on a roll, keep up the fine work.I'll be watching your scam crushing reporting and appreciating all your bravery.Thanks,Wendy+crew.

This is all very shocking. I've been on Yasmin for about a year and my doctor wanted to switch me to Yaz when I go back for my check-up. I'll definitely be switching to something else and NOT Yaz! Thank you Marketplace for sharing this!

Hi there, I have been on Yasmin for the past 4 years without major side effects, but recently I have been diagnosed with Graves Disease. Thyroid problems do run in my family but not Graves. I'm not sure if taking Yasmin has contributed to my illness. Has anyone had this experience? I also have Thyroid Eye disease.

If this type of science came about concerning a natural remedy it would be pulled in 2 seconds flat. These pharmaceutica people should be in jail! They know exactly what their product does and skew their research to make it look like something safe. Shameful!!

I have been on Yasmin for over a year for acne and it has worked wonders. I have experienced no adverse side-effects. However, now learning about the higher risk conferred by Yasmin and Yaz, I am going finish my pack and go off Yasmin. If my acne comes back, I am going to switch to another, less-risky pill. It's just not worth the risk.

I have stopped as of today taking the Yasmin BC pill..This evidence is absolutely crazy, we all know a chance of clotting is possible...just not a 60% more chance on this pill..... it's like playing Russian Roulette with a woman's well being!

In reply to a comment from Will

How many incidents does it take to stop being anecdotal to be an obvious trend?

As usual, your last episode was very informative and should be a real eye-opener for women. I have passed on the information and your website to as many girls/women as possible. As with all prescriptions, if one causes a complication you are treated with another. Doctors have a huge list of "Wonder Drugs". I am sure that most patients, including myself, trust that their doctor is well informed and are well aware of any complications and impact of the drugs they are prescribing. Who is responsible the drug company, the doctor or the patient?

Thank you very much for this video ! I almonst died this week, taking YAZ.... Does anybody know how to joint the class-action lawsuit?

My leg is currently swollen because of a large blood clot in my leg. Two weeks ago I was rushed to the emergency room because my leg turned purple and I was in intense pain. I was told I have DVT and taken off Yaz right away. I am really upset that I was prescribed this medication in August when there were already questions about it.

Since being popularized in the 1970's,the use of Oral contraceptives has been shown by reputable sources to have risks associated . Upon watching the show I remain unchanged in my views on the pill as a healthy lifestyle choice. The risks and benefits are readily available and easily accessible from a large range of sources: from mainstream medical to alternate.
It appears to me the show highlights a more disturbing problem. Mainly the misdiagnosis of symptoms at emergency rooms and clinics. Must accurate diagnosis be such a crap shoot.

In reply to a comment from Judy

This was a story on medicine. They had only ONE expert medical opinion. An OBGYN and Prof at Queens. Very respectable. He prescribes it, trusts it, and puts his daughter on it. He also referred to two studies that were not flawed and proved Yasmine/Yaz to be as safe as any other oral contraception. So come on everyone. This is gossip/biased news at best. Think about it, if this drug wasn't safe would it be still on the market? It has become the best because it obviously is. Trust the experts not the reporters.

I found this to be very one-sided. I have been on Yasmin for 4 or 5 years and I have never had any problems. The reason I started it was because I was suffering from depresson and my doctor told me that my birth control pills might be part of the problem (I was on Alesse and then Marvelon). He told me Yasmin could help with PMS symptoms so it might help with my depression, and as soon as I switched to Yasmin my depression went away completely, saving me from potentially having to go on antidepressants. I felt that Marketplace just dismissed the claim that it could help with PMS as a marketing tool and nothing more, and didn't investigate it to see whether or not it was true. From my experience I think it might be, at least for some women. It does concern me to hear about a potential increased risk for blood clots, but it sounds like there is not clear evidence yet. Most of the women seemed to have problems after only a short time of being on Yasmin. Should I still worry if I've been on it for a few years and have never had any problems? I wonder if it's worth the risk or not.

In reply to a comment from Sarah

I was on Alesse 21 for approximately 2 years. I ended up in the hospital last August with severe blood clots in my lungs. I also got diagnosed with ITP (low platelets, cause unknown) in November 2008 and now come to find out that my low platelets could have been caused by the pill. I've been off the pill for 6 months now (3 with IUD, no hormones) and my platelets are slowly coming back up. I will never ever recommend any pills to anyone. I can't say that I like the IUD, but I just got it and it's uncomfortable.. But I'd rather do that, then be dead..

it's good to know that i'm not the only one that went through this. I had some of the same side effects as the girls shown, and then some. I thought it was just me because my sister is now on the pill and she has not had any issues with the pill.

part of the problem is that Doctors are not recognizing the side effects. I was taking Celebrex and getting very serious symptoms/side effects, but doctor after doctor said that the drug could not be causing them. After I stopped taking the drug, my "symptoms" mostly disappeared within a couple of months. Doctors need to be more informed and open about what effects these drugs may be having on their patients. Perhaps the drug companies are not adequately educating doctors on recognizing the adverse effects that can happen.

In reply to a comment from Mahyar

I agree with Beth. All the testing in the world will not cover for the fact that a select few will have an adverse effect from any kind of medication.Scientist and pharmaceutical companies use people as quinea pigs when it comes to new drugs on the market. Remember thalidimide.Didnt pharmaceutical companies say it was safe for pregnant women to take for nausea. We all know the results of that drug.

Considering the time constraints, i found this story to be quite balanced. It certainly put the lie to those people who complained in posts about the homeopathy story last week that Erica is biased or favours the pharmaceutical companies!

When I began to experience intense abdominal pain several years ago, ultrasound tests showed that I had developed fluid filled cysts on my left ovary. They would come, grow, burst and they cycle would repeat. My doctor referred me to a specialist who prescribed Yasmin. I felt results and have not had the pains or cysts since then. However, a different doctor questioned WHY a 48 year old woman would be on a BCPill??? I have been unable to get an answer from the doctors but was even more disturbed by the alternative that was suggested to me. The doctor was suggesting I should try Mirena. I researched the internet and was horrified with the side effects listed. Needless to say I did not agree with his choice. Just who do we believe???

In reply to a comment from Bogeymama

So why no advocates for homeopathic birth control pills which would surely be as effective homeopathic vaccinations?

Now I know why my wife refused to take BC pills all these years. The show presented a frightened stats for Yasmin, more than doubled the acceptable(?) rate of other bc pills. If you look at the stats another way, 50/100,000 is not that big of a difference than 90/100,000. That's a whole lot smaller than the acceptable variance of a regular political poll.

Now I know why my wife refused to take BC pills all these years. The show presented a frightened stats for Yasmin, more than doubled the acceptable(?) rate of other bc pills. If you look at the stats another way, 50/100,000 is not that big of a difference than 90/100,000. That's a whole lot smaller than the acceptable variance of a regular political poll.

I found the show balanced and professionally-rendered.
The coupling of a rigorous review of ALL the epidemiological science with several compelling individual stories made for excellent television, in my opinion.
Indeed, the overwhelming impression left after viewing it was that bodies like those representing the obstetricians and gynecologists in Canada,by over-relying on Bayer-sponsored data, are setting themselves up to be named as CO-DEFENDANTS with Bayer, if not in the class-action lawsuit, then in several individual cases.

this is a totally convincing change in my birth control..they told me that i had asthma..yet this is the first time in 23yrs that i have ever had it and stomach pains and i am definitely switching. I have had symptoms of stomach pain, asthma, dizziness, and is shocked to hear those womens stories plus talk about FALSE advertising even thought they tried to hide it..

People need to talk to their Dr & pharmacist before taking ANY medication OTC or Rx. Most people don't do this. There are options other than pills & with any oral contraceptive smoking is NOT allowed because of clots. I know this because I work in a pharmacy. Be a smart patient as Dr Oz says. Read the info you get with your prescriptions!

In reply to a comment from Catherine

Please send me the firms name ASAP and any other facts you can send me. Thank you

I need more information for my daughter she has been very ill. The doctors have been checking her for Galbladder, ulcers, hernia, headaches, depression, major pain in abdominal area. They still haven't found the cause. She has been on this yasmin birth control for several months now. I need a contact # for facts and what to do to help my daughter recover from this damage. Desperate & concerned Mom, investigating on behalf of my daughter's health.

you should all read this article

Do not condemn Marketplace for bringing information that could save even ONE could be yours or your daughter's. Just like the info pamphlets you get with your prescriptions, it lists EVERY symptom that was experienced in the research of that drug, Marketplace is presenting this small percentage but life-threatening side effect. To the people who are in there 20's and are taking any kind of BC pill, be grateful you have not experienced this life threatening side effect! If you are in your 30's and on the BC pill, PLEASE PLEASE discontinue using it immediately!! No one, absolutely no one in their 30's should be on a BC pill, no matter if your using it for PMS or fibroids etc. There are alternatives for these problems.

It blows me away why so many doctors push birth control pills as if they are the only option.

For birth control, I can't recommend the copper IUD enough and have used them for over 12 years. (5 + 7). Zero side effect, no cost beyond the $50 to have it painlessly inserted. No hormones, no drugs.

Thank you CBC for an excellent report on Yasmin. It's important that women (and their doctors!) know that this particular pill may have an increased risk of serious life-threatening side effects, so they can then make informed decision about whether it is right for them. Also, it's important to be aware of the potential problems that may be experienced while on Yasmin (such as pulmonary embolism), so that if a woman starts to experience these symptoms, she will know to present herself to the emergency room and be treated as soon as possible.
There are a number of OCPs that seem to be lower risk, and it only makes sense for doctors to prescribe the alternatives until more research has made sense of these contradictory studies. At the very least, there should be clear warnings about the possible increased risk of these adverse side effects, and doctors should discuss these with their patients when prescribing Yasmin.

When a doctor is prescribing a medication, they always weigh the risks and benefits. Every medication has potentially life-threatening complications but these are extremely rare. Much more common are so-called "nuissance" side effects. For many young adults with inconsistent condom use, some irritability and weight gain is better than getting pregnant. And condoms are only 90% effective with perfect use, so even with consistent condom use, being on the pill has its benefits. Pregnancy is a BIG deal -- that's why doctors push the pill so much.

This forum is obviously a biased sample of Yaz/Yasmin users - people are more likely to post a comment if they have had bad side effects. If the millions who have no issues posted comments, the tone of this forum would certainly be different.

it really concerns me how people watched this show looking for more information about a product they are, or could potentially end up consuming, only to be watching what is essentially a scare tactic to get ratings. not once did i hear anything concrete that said that the drug could cause adverse side effects that are worse than any other birth control pill. not to mention that the booklet that comes with the pill contains warnings for all of the side effects mentioned. in your "search for the truth" all you came up with was "might have"s and "could"s. not a single piece of concrete evidence.
and sadly, consumers are so willing to trust a show claiming to be providing in depth information that they wont research any further, and will berate bayer for being a drug company like any other. do your jobs. stop sensationalizing. you're taking advantage of peoples ignorance just as much as drug companies are.

Your going to see people starting to blame the pill for every illness or condition they have.

The only thing questionned is "Is Yasmine less safe or as safe as other pills", not "The pill is dangerous and can harm you".

You will see all sort of anecdotes and people blaming the pill for all those anecdotes.

Remember, there is probably a homeopathic birth control pill out for all those terrified about Yaz.

Your program on the birth control pill Yasmin was a real eye opener. It's amazing how "clever advertisement" can make this product so appealing to young women. I have daughters who are presently using this product and I wonder if they were informed of these greater risks before taking these pills. I shall definitely look into this further. Thank you.

I received a call from my parents telling me about this birth control pill causing blood clots. When he told me the name, my heart went to my throat. This was the pill that my daughter was on for the last 9 months for menstrual cramps. I never put two and two together until now! My daughter has been vomiting for a few months now everyday, we have gone to the Emergency for severe abdominal pain as well. Were we sent home with a prescription for heartburn!
I am now in total shock, I will definitely be taking her off this pill.
When I was 19 years old, my gall bladder ruptured and had to have emergency surgery. I had been having abdominal pains for years, doctors kept saying that it was growing pains, gas, heartburn, anxiety. Could their have been other pills in the 80's doing the same thing. Why would a 19 year old have gall bladder disease, I didn't even weigh 90 pounds at the time I had my gall bladder removed! This was supposed to be a disease that effected women over the age of 40 who were overweight.

Quite a contrast to last week's episode. Homeopaths and homeopathic companies seem to be able to make any health claim they want about their remedies, even though they're not supposed to, and they seem to be able to just shrug it off. They say no one gets hurt by it, but those whose disease progresses due to lack of proper treatment are harmed by those claims.

A "Big Pharma" company gets a class action lawsuit thrown at them if they try it.

Direct harm vs indirect harm, I suppose. Too bad we can't hold "Big Placebo" accountable. I'd love to see a class action knock a few billion out of Boiron's pockets.

For two years doctors couldn’t explain why I had developed symptoms similar to having a parasite or Ciliac disease at times: extreme diarrhea, nausea, fatigue, horrible cramping, pain in stomach, weight increase, etc. I finally had enough of no explanations and figured that something trigged all these symptoms so I finally put two and two together. My pharmacist pulled my records up and we noticed the same time I started to take Yasmin is when my symptoms appeared. I went off the pill immediently and was even more shocked that ALL my symptoms disappeared within a month. Before this piece aired I was convinced that Yasmin was making me sick but was told this drug was safe. Now I know my instincts were correct and am thankfuly for someone finally speaking out.

Everyone keeps mentioning safer brands of birth control pills but no one ever says the names... is there a list somewhere???

I am a 34 year old and have been on bcp fir the last 20 years due to 8-10 day periods when I was 14. I have been on Yasmin 21 for about the last 6-7 years in which I have had breathing problems like tightness on my chest where I have to take a deep breath to catch my breath. I also experience heart palpitations fast and slow. A couple months back I started to get s different kind of palpitation where it was pounding, I could feel it in my throat it felting my heart was going to stop. I went to the dr and was sent for a stress test and had to wear a halter monitor. They diagnosed me with PVCS and said my heart skips a beat. They said they could put me on a beta blocker and I told them I would just deal with it with my breathing. After reading everyones stories I'm going to finish off my pack and go to the dr to get off of it.

In reply to a comment from ada

Prior to her stroke, my daughter was having severe headaches and loss of vision. Although she went to doctors and had an MRI, no one thought to look at the birth control until it was too late.

Thank you for this excellent report on Yaz. I'm certain this is a wake up call for many women who would happily use a safer alternative! Hopefully the doctors and gynaecologists learn from this as well.

In reply to a comment from Beth

Clearly some people would rather keep doing what they are doing rather than take responsibility for the risk. Women have been shown not to have risk factors, and yet still end up end up dead from using the drug. Seems like a gamble to me when there are safer alternatives. Especially shocking that it's prescribed to women of all ages who don't need an oral contraceptive. The real question is, whose side is the gynaecologist on?

In reply to a comment from Mahyar

If you follow the science, yes it's true that studies were methodologically off; but when an expert reviewed how the studies could have been more accurate, it was felt that if the study were done again it would reveal an even higher risk. So the drug company can hide behind poor methodology, but is not right to make us assume that means it is SAFER.

I watched your program on bith control pills Yaz or Yazim .You interviewed the OB GYN Dr , of course he would agree to the pill , because drug companys have percks for Dr.s
I thank you for your report , very informative.

Was prescribed Yaz for water retention and acne even though I don't need an oral contraceptive. Very disappointing that our gynaecologists are so easily tricked by the drug companies. Very disappointing!

I never thought this pill was causing all of the symptoms that my young daugher was having. I thought the pain was constipation, the sadness was just the teenage stuff, the cramps, acne weight gain even though she eats healthy and exercises but now with the aura migrains...ok enough is enough ... we will be looking into another safer form of birth control. When the researcher says she would not put her daughter on this pill.... and the saleswoman says the head office trained her to pump up the selling points... well, they got me listening . My daughters health and life are not for sale

In reply to a comment from Matt Baer

Thanks Matt, I contacted that firm earlier this afternoon.

In reply to a comment from Christine

That is the silliest,most irresponsible advise this forum.

I have been on Yaz for 4 years. Ive been taking BC for 15 years and this by far has been the best pill. I feel great!!!!

Birth Control pills are dangerous. I tried several brands until the risk of blood clots put me off them forever. I've had a Flex T (NON-hormonal) IUD for 7 years. I've never had any side-effects, and a one-time $60 charge. (Sometimes you can get it for free!)

Tonights storyline sounded frighteningly familiar. The same pharmaceutical reaction is akin to that of Tysabri - a drug that is issued to those with M.S. Whats is more frightening is that these companies have become so powerful that they can possibly have an influence on governmental decisions

OMG! This is scary. I have been prescribed Yaz. I have been on it for a few months. I was presribed it to help control my time of the month...I was having it for 2 weeks long because of I see this....

I had a stroke when I was 14 due to the "lower risk" birth control I was on at the time. My gyno switched me to Yazmin and for 5 years I had to drive across the border to obtain my prescription before it was available in Canada. I have now been on Yazmin for over 10 years and have had no problems. This marketplace was very one sided. It is one thing to want to warn people about risks, but all birth control have risks and it depends on the health history of the patient that determines if the patient is at risk.

Because the hormone in the other birth control caused my stroke, the hormone variant in Yazmin has been a life saver. Just do your own research and seek professional medical opinions before you blindly believe a television story.

In reply to a comment from Susan

Can I ask what is the name of the copper IUD that you use or is there a name? I want to get my daughter off YAZ...thank you

My sister passed away on April 28th 1995 from a pulmonary embolism. The doctors suspect that it was the birth control pill that caused the clots.
She has developped clots in her leg about one year prior but they went away...then about a year passed, and she passed out waiting outside for the bus. She was sent to emerg and was given a lung scan where they found clots in her lungs. They took her off of the bc pill rightaway and immediately started treatment,but that evening, she got up from her hospital bed and collasped and died. She was 19.
In april of 2009, my leg swelled and turned blue. I went to emerge and they found a clot in my left groin. I was referred to the Ottawa Thrombosis Unit and I had to inject myself with Lovenox for 2 weeks twice daily, and then started taking warfarin, which I have been on since. (I need to lose weight in order to get off of the thinners)They have done all genetic tests to see if I am predisposed to clotting, but all results were negative. They do not know why I developped a clot. I have never taken bc pills.

This doesnt surprise me, after the birth of my second child, I decided to go back on birth control pills, my doc suggested YAZ, it was not the one I had always been on , but since it was a newer one I thought I would give it a try, I only stayed on it for a week and a half, I felt aweful and like I had morning sickness all over again, day and night (an no I am not Pregnant) it was horriable, I felt miserable and had never experieced that before with other types of pills, I call the doc ASAP and had my older pill perscribed and went back on that one, and feel so much better

I am a healthy 45 year old woman who used the NuvaRing for one year, until I got a blood clot. The OBGYN told me there is a 'problem' with blood clots and birth control - Yaz is not the only problem. The relevant question is how many women/girls that are using hormone/birth control are getting blood clots period - and what is being determined as 'acceptable levels'. When considering my next method of birth control I was prescribed Mirena, but it too has hormones. I did my research, and insisted that I would not use this (because of risk of blood clot and the other side effects - ex. >10% ovarian cysts), especially knowing that an IUD exists without hormones - but had to fight with my doctor, OBGYN and pharmacist to not take the hormone IUD... Only side effect of the copper IUD was increased flow - I'm good with that, no more blood clots, no cysts for me - please and thank you

Looking forward to this episode - I'm hopeful that it'll be balanced, after last week's triumph on homeopathy!

I'm sure this will be mentioned in the episode, but the SOGC has issued a formal statement about Yaz / Yasmin. This group are the experts, and are the one who would see the most complicated patients. They are also the most qualified to interpret the science. Based on what the statement says (I won't spoil it here), this lawsuit smells like hungry lawyers to me.

The risks with all birth control pills have been well-publicized and are clearly written with each package. I had gall stones in my late 20's, and was on the pill at the time. Do I blame the pill? NO! These things happen. I had no other risk factors. And Yaz wasn't even available back then. Hmmmm.....makes you wonder....

I think physicians (especially on campuses) push the pill way to much. Every time I would visit the health center I would be asked "Are you on the pill? no? want a prescription?"

Refusing to refill my prescription for the pill (not Yaz) was the best thing my GP did for me. I had no idea how much of an effect it had on my life: weight gain, mood swings, low energy levels, headaches... I tried a few different brands with same result, but I've never been on Yaz.

We've heard this before a few years ago. This happens whenever something new and possibly better comes on the market. Many people switch to it or try it and there is a wave of increased use because of a new and potentially better produce... and unfortunately based on stats alone, a wave of women will have side effects - This is a poorly researched piece and is very one sided and does not give the true facts. We shouldn't rely on TV or newspapers or media for medical information....... after all - what is media selling - ads and wanting more viewers. Ps. I don't have stock nor do I work for a drug company... I'm just a well-read person.

In reply to a comment from Catherine

Catherine, the allegation in the class action is that using Yasmin or Yaz puts women at a significantly increased risk of developing pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, stroke, heart problems, and/or gallbladder disease/removal compared to using other types of safer oral contraceptives.

All types of oral contraceptives increase the risk of developing these types of oral contraceptives, but the allegation in the class action is that there is a significant greater risk with Yasmin/Yaz then with other safer types of oral contraceptives but that the warning given with respect to Yasmin and Yaz is that the risk of developing these seroius side effects is the same as with other types of oral contraceptives.

It is important that people be warned about the true known risks of products so that they and their doctors can make informed decisions about which treatment to use. Many people would choose a treatment that they knew had significantly increased risks compared to another type of treatment.

For more information on the class action, go to and/or go to the facebook page for updates

To reason with anything one must first know and understand the true reason!

Like a water droplet defying gravity on a vertical surface, the sperm, when in contact with the egg, changes the orbiting nuclei direction of the egg. Now instead of repelling the aura of surrounding cells, it is attracted to, and sticks to the wall of the womb.

To better explain: take two pieces of bread, toast one and place them on a plate. The crumbs from the bread are easily removed whereas it will require a good washing to remove the crumbs of the toast. Heat has changed molecule orbit direction and cell packing is taking place between the plate and the toast.

Orbiting info cells in the sperm give the same directional orbit to chaotic info cells of the egg. This produces two poles to the egg instigating cell division.

The egg, in a chaotic state, repels and will not stick to the womb and will be flushed with the cycle. A fertilized egg is attracted and sticks to the wall of the womb.

quote -- With my discovery this summer that birds were having multiple batches of chicks I associate this with the recent discovery that women now ovulate more than once a month leaving the twenty eight day cycle obsolete.

What really scares me about this is the birth control pill people scrambling to stay in business. Really scary Stuff. bruce voigt

Hello, can someone please post information in regards to this class action lawsuit. I have suffered some side effects because of this drug.

I was prescribed yaz to control uncontrollable bleeding. Other than headaches, I didn't really experience any side effects, but it certainly didn't help the bleeding either. Just made it a lot worse. I've switched pills recently and am doing a lot better.

My daughter was on this pill until this past week. Her moods were off the chart. In insisted she come off that pill and as already shown signs of improvement in her mood and personality.

In reply to a comment from Ashley Davidson

Ashley, information on the class action is available at and/or check out the Take Your Body Back facebook page at

It is EXTREMELY important to get the word out to women that if they are experiencing racing heartbeats, it is almost certainly being caused by Yaz/Yasmin. Don't let the doctors tell you that you are starting menopause, or that you need anxiety medication. And I don't care what your scientific evidence says - it's the anecdotal evidence that will save a woman's life when she hears the stories of others and gets off these Pills!

In reply to a comment from Mahyar

Are you kidding me, a balanced story? This will be heavily one sided. The science behind a product does not matter to a show like this, because that makes boring TV. Similar stories have come up in the past about other blockbuster Oral Contraceptives which were number one at one point as well.

I think the problem is that a select sample has problems with a medication, files a class action and then people with no problems end up suffering. I used to be on Diane 35 and it worked fine for me. But other people had problems, and I get taken off my pill. I went to another pill, it was a disaster with mood swings and mild side effects, so I switched pills again and I'm on Yasmin. And it works. And I'm fine.

I don't smoke, I'm active, I follow the instructions on how/when to take it, and things are fine. If they weren't, I would switch my pill again. No medication is applicable to absolutely everyone and finding one that works for you should be an open dialogue between you and your doctor.

Anecdotal or scientific, any evidence of adverse and dangerous side effects is important to relay.
I've started experiencing uncommon symptoms involving my heart, and I believe it's attributed to my taking Yaz for the past 9 months - I've never been on medication and have been healthy all my life. Programs such as these, as well as talking to my dr. and other healthcare professionals will aide me in making an informed decision on whether to continue.

Look at that ... a scientist asking for focus on the scientific evidence. When one of your loved ones becomes negatively affected by a drug and you can't get scientific proof for it, yet their body has never been the same since coming OFF the drug (a reaction to change in hormomes etc) ... try crying scientific proof then.

For more information on the Canadian Yasmin/Yaz class action, go to:
A facebook page has also been developed where updates are posted:

In reply to a comment from Beth

Anecdotal evidence is hearsay by definition and is useless in forming fact, policy or law

after watching american tv. commercials on the --if you have experienced any of these side effects. and the list was very long. it scared me to death to know that my 19yr old daughter was on this birth control pill. We have a history of heart problems on both sides of family. and we need to know more, and not be treated like a third world country,and be passed the surplus dangerous drugs the usa doesnt want or cant sell.

I took this pill as well and began experiencing having intense heart paplitations. I would be sitting in bed reading a book and suddenly my heart would be leaping out of my chest uncontrollably. I was in good health otherwise and only 24 years old. I went to my doctor and told her I thought it was due to Yasmin birth control. She told me I was wrong and there was no evidence for such allegations. I started looking on the internet and found out I was not alone, I learned that a lot of young women were experiencing the same thing. I stopped taking the birth control, and stopped having the problem. Thank god I listened to my intuition and not my doctor.

In reply to a comment from Mahyar

If the promos on "Newsworld" and the "National" reflect the tenure of the whole "Marketplace" story, you will get your wish, Doctor.
All of the evidence produced by epidemiological science, including the most recent and objective, are to be cited, and not just industry-sponsored one by Bayer.

In reply to a comment from Mahyar

In response to Mahyar - do you know of any well grounded scientific studies that provide evidence against the use of Yasmin or Yaz? I prefer not to rely on media hype and anecdotal evidence to make my health care decisions. I wasn't aware that the side effects of this particular pill were any more dangerous (blood clots, increased risk of some cancers) than others on the market and clearly nor was my family physician who renewed the prescription 2 months ago.

In reply to a comment from Mahyar

Anecdotal evidence? As an actual person whom has taken this pill, I can tell you that it has serious side effects that shouldn't be ignored. If I was not mature, I would not have realized that I was having having serious psychological side effects for _months_ from this drug. It'll make you depressed and severely irritated. After realizing that I could just talk to my doctor and he would change my prescription, I took another BCP and felt like my usual self again. I've dubbed it the relationship killer, because if you're not in a loving, supportive relationship, your mate won't understand why you throw the bath puff on the shower room floor and storm off to the another bathroom to finish your shower. And neither will you. Until you realize it's Yasmin... not you. And if other women have more serious side effects than this, it should be pulled from the market as there are plenty of superior brands available.

I was on this pill like 3 or 4 years ago and i never had any health issues with it. And it was before I ever heard of anyone else having problems. But now I have a new docter and he just prescribed yasmin for me again. If it's so bad, shouldn't docters stop prescribing it? cause now I'm a little scared to get my prescription filled.

I was on yasmin brand oral contraceptives for almost 4 years. Over a month ago, I began to suffer from severe headaches. The walk-in clinic I went to prescribed a painkiller (codene and aspirin). Nothing seemed to help, and when I began vomiting, I finally decided to go to the Emergency room.
On December 2nd, 2010 I was admitted to the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal after a CAT scan determined that I had three blood clots in my brain (Venous Sinuous Thrombosis). I spent the next 12 days in pain undergoing treatment and testing and would eventually be moved to The Neurological institute in Montreal.
I’m 26 years old, I have never smoked, barely drink, and keep a healthy and active lifestyle. I don’t have a history of clotting or of miscarriages in my family.
Ultimately, while there is always a risk of clotting with any birth control, clots in the brain are especially unusual (especially in the veins). Following this experience, I heard about the many problems with Yaz and Yasmin contraceptives and was disgusted to find that I wasn’t the only one with this diagnosis.
It’s now been three weeks since I was released from the hospital. I am constantly fatigued and still suffer from residual headaches. The doctors have told me that I’m lucky to be alive, and with little research on Venous Sinuous Thrombosis, the doctors have yet to determine how long I’ll be on Coumadin (blood thinner) and what the long term effects will be.

Hi I was on the pill but got off so how do i joine all these other woman and i know other girls who were on it also

In reply to a comment from Mahyar

I for one can't wait to see this episode. My daughter was fine until starting the Yaz pill about two years ago. Since than she's been having breathing problems and a racing heart. We took her to emergency before christmas with a heartrate of 227. Since then we've switched her pill and she is now seeing a cardiologist. Yes this show will be very interesting indeed.

As someone who ended up in emergency while taking Yaz, I am very interested to watch this show. From my very first month on it, I ended up developing random health problems - migranes, hives, sharp mood swings (to name a few) and eventually started having trouble breathing and my heart would race. Over a few months, I think I ended up being prescribed 5 different medications from the health clinic to treat all of these new health issues - and they weren't going away. One night I really started to have trouble breathing/developed a crazy cough and ended up in emergency. I googled Yaz and learned that I wasn't alone. I stopped taking Yaz and within a short period of time these problems cleared up - clearly there was a link. To be fair, I feel I should add that two of my friends are on Yaz or Yasmin and have not experienced any side effects; however, for me, it was a scary experience.
Angie, Halifax NS

While science is an excellent tool, it does not measure how individual bodies, which are all unique, may react to new drugs. Women who use hormones are intelligent and intuitive enough to understand how their bodies respond to hormone therapies. Anecdotal evidence helps us with a broader picture and gives us different types of evidence. This is particularly helpful when there have been contradictory scientific studies. Men who have never ingested a variety of hormonal medications will be less likely to understand the usefulness of anecdotal evidence.

In reply to a comment from Mahyar

As somebody who has suffered side effects from this drug, I can assure you that the side effects are very real. Within 6 months of going on this pill I experienced 1 - 2 hours or arrhythmia each night and within 11 months I had suffered three episodes of syncope the third was a sudden cardiac arrest. My heart stopped for 3 minutes and I was lucky to be revived with CPR. I ended up with a cardiac defibrillator implanted in my chest. While in the hospital I stopped taking this pill since I did not have it with me. I had no idea of any of the reports of side effects at that time. Nor did my doctors. A year has passed since this event and I have undergone extensive cardiac testing and I am constantly monitored by my implant. My arrhythmia all but disappeared within weeks of ceasing the medication. All of my testing - genetic, MRI, echocardiagram, stress test, blood work shows me as one of the healthiest patients my cardiologist has ever seen. I am a long distance runner who has always taken excellent care of my health and have never had any serious health issues before going on this drug. By the way, when I ended up in emergency after my cardiac arrest I had my history taken at least 10 times by different people. When I was asked what medication I was on I told them only the birth control pill. Nobody asked which one! Dr's are sadly unaware of the problems with Yasmin and your comment suggests that you are trying to write off the serious issues involved with this drug. The FDA has sent out 3 warning letters to Bayer about misleading claims it is making about this drug. There have been studies done in the Netherlands and the UK that have conclusively demonstrated that this pill is much less safe than the alternatives. Drug companies go out of their way to cover up adverse events and it is difficult for the public to get this information. This is not a safe drug and it is time Doctors get educated about its very real risks. Patients have a right to be warned about these side effects. There are plenty of other safe pills to choose from. It would be nice to think you could trust your Doctor to give good advice. By the way, do you have any conflicts with Bayer - are you receiving research funding, have you given talks for them or have you been given any trips to conferences by them? Full disclosure is important.

I hope that your story on this drug is balanced and focuses on the scientific evidence rather than anecdotal evidence with respect to the adverse events linked to this drug
Mahyar Etminan, Assistant Professor, Medicine, UBC

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