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Incredible Shrinking Products  Comment Icon 82 Broadcast DATE: Friday, January 21, 2011
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Busted: Incredible Shrinking Products

Have you noticed that many of your favourite products — from sauces to sweets — are getting smaller, but the price is not?

It's a marketing technique called "downsizing," a way of passing on a price increase without technically raising the price.

This is why most ice cream packages no longer come in 2 litre sizes, but 1.89 or 1.5 litre sizes. And orange juice, too, which dropped from 2 litre sizing, to 1.89 litres, and now you're likely only going to find 1.75 litre sizes.

Tom Harrington hits the grocery aisle to investigate four popular Incredible Shrinking Products, and tests shoppers to see if they've spotted the changes in size.

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Why is it that all you guys want the government to be involved in regard to pricing? They should stay out of it!! All you people can afford to eat you all make piles of money,be glad you can eat.They are starving in Somalia. Complainers and ungrateful. Start your own business so you can set your own price.

My question is: How does this type manufacturing and supplying less product for the same/similar price affect the consumer price index or the rate of inflation? We may not appear to be paying more at the checkout but the reality is we are because the goods we buy don't go as far. If anyone has noticed, when there is a huge sale on something, check the packaging. This tactic is often used to get us to buy, thinking we're getting a great deal, getting us used to the smaller sizes without noticing, and then not even checking the packaging next time we buy the same size because we're now used to the smaller format. I've noticed this trick used time and again when companies sneek in the snaller sizes.

Ugh, this is so prevalent I'm sure you could easily do another show on the topic. I just bought "honey bunches of oats" cereal and it was basically a small bag of cereal inside a large box. The total amount of actual cereal was just under half the box's total capacity. I called Post foods (north carolina) and was told that they do this for "aesthetic" reasons.

In reply to a comment from Cassandra Bassett

I totally agree. And the real crime is that people who live in a country like Canada, which is safe, where they all have health care and education and a safe supply of food that is very, very cheap so that obesity and over consumption is threatening their health, these people complain about the cost of food going up and the cost of paying taxes. They don't want to have to pay so others can make a living wage or to pay taxes so we all can benefit and maintain a society and environment worth living in. One of the commenters here says he is ready to leave Canada - to go where I ask. This attitude of having so little in such an affluent society sickens me. Maybe some of these people should take a look at what's happening to people in Somalia!

Yep... I work retail part-time and we often (more recently, actually) have to change tags on our products to reflect new sizes -- which are lower, yet retain the same price.

The product runs out quicker for the consumer, therefore they come buying more often, at the same price.

I remember regular family size chip bags used to be 200g, then 190, then 180, then 160, and I see some at 150g now. Same size bag, more air, same price.

I used to point that out when I was younger. Now I avoid the chips for my own waist's good :)

In reply to a comment from Vern

Oh c'mon now - where are you gonna move to? The States? LMAO… their economy is in the tank, and because of more than 30 years of deregulation your more likely to suffer the consequences. BTW the liquidity markets consider Canada and our dollar a safe haven because we haven't overspent like the US, and regulated our banks.

In reply to a comment from Stick

Your govt regulators are probably well aware of it. It is only the consumers who are the last to notice. Until there is a huge outcry by consumers - usually near an election - govt regulators think they like the food companies who finance their election, are immune and consumers will forget over time or shrug their shoulders in apathy like usual.

Remember when tropicanna gave aeorplan? First, it was 25 miles, decreased it to 15, then 10 then 5 now, 0.

I don't mind the price increase - it's a lot more honest than shrinking the products.

The good thing though with shrinking products (assuming people make the same purchases oblivious to the weight difference).........shrinking waistlines.

You know what stays the same though...fruits and vegetables.

internet and car insurance, both have sent me letter saying they are reducing service and increasing my charge.

Well people we live in canada enjoy our high taxes, food, cars, gas as for me im thinking of moveing out of canada, im fed up i can live like a human again.

I noticed downsizing of produsts long ago, have you noticed the size of cereal boxes lately? Ridiculus.

In reply to a comment from Marlene

Data collectors for the CPI record not just price, but weight, quantity, sizes of sheets (paper towels, tissues, etc.) and 'uses' in detergent. Produce is also weighed. They have been recording the changes, before the consumers noticed it and started complaining.

In reply to a comment from Anon Amos

However it should be noted that about a year ago there was an [b]official[/b] notice on the news and news papers that the quantity in products would be lessened to counter the price increase.
Anon thats like when the Province decided to add a little box on your license asking you if you wished to keep the priveledge of your motorcycle license. Not many saw the new addition to the renewal notice and never checked it as a result many including Myself lost the right to drive a motorcycle or skidoo...It translates to being illegal actually as was the war time discrimination of those who had lost certain priveledges due to a clause the governemt added to their acceptance documents ..Maybe all of us who were Screwed by Our government and lost our license priveledge would be recognized in a class action suit Pro Bono by top lawyers who can use a little free publicity...And dont' get Me going about CSST Claimants and the BEM Scam with CSST Dept...Now theres something that needs to be blown wide open...

In reply to a comment from Anon Amos

I agree 900 gram Lancia pasta noodles selling for 99cts at Walmart. Has decreased in size to 750 grams at Super C, IGA, Maxi's, Metro, And Heritage stores...I only buy My pasta at Walmart and have done so since the obvious change. Is the reason because Americans wouldn't stand for this kind of Deception?

How can anyone 'not notice' the size portions of products that they purchase! I have seen experienced so much 'downsizing' - I do not comprehend how anyone else doesn't 'get it'!
The best out there is Tomatoe Soup - at one time you could provide 4 bowls of soup with one can and now we are down to one serving! The price has gone from (this stuff is gold by the way-if ever on the market one might invest in this....)(by the way don't tell anyone where you got this tip!) 25 cents/tim to over a dollar in 30 years!. It is TOMATOE SOUP!
Another goodie is Kraft Dinner! It used to be 19 cents / box (larger box) and now it is over 1.00/box (smaller).
Tinned Milk (carnation)
Stores and wholesalers say that they try to keep prices down - I don't believe this is true - they can't do anything about it! It all stems right from the manufacturer - Government is partially to blame - there aren't any regulations governing price increases - have you seen what Starbucks charges for a pound of coffee - 29.00!!! HELLO!!! If we continue to support this type of ripe off then it will go on and on.
MacDonald's giving smaller portions - go to Five Men Burgers - they are amazing!! Excellent place and healthy burgers (all meat!) - and cheap!
Stop supporting the greed! - I bought a large jug of mile from Superstore the other day (in Canada) and it cost 4.29 - this is a staple food product for children ! There must be a 'milk' meeting because all of the milk with the exception of one brand was same price - the other brand was 1.00 cheaper! (how can this be!)
People have to eat! What do we do???
Cereal is the biggest rip of all - Puffed wheat! You are eating basically 'air' - huge disappointment - cereal boxes are smaller and smaller all the time while pricing increases! Why!

It's a little bit known that those Cadbury Easter eggs continue shrinking, their explanation is that "they're not getting smaller, you've gotten bigger"

In reply to a comment from gilles leblanc

When I can across this site on the Web

In reply to a comment from Laura Fairfield

Real food is what we all need,(diabetes, overweight,health issues come from processed foods, Eat like the ancestor did, nuts,veggies, meat & ban the white,processed,fast food, addicting products, for the sake of our next generations, if they will make it.

In reply to a comment from John

Right on !! I think I'll do the same , or support my local Bakery !!! & screw that packaging, it's just more landfill boxex & plastic anyways.

In reply to a comment from K Ross

You do realize that soybean oil is one of the main ingredients in mayo? In order for soybeans to form the flowers need to be pollinated which is generally done by bees.

In reply to a comment from Dave

Not only does that keep "statistical" inflation rate lower, it affects the CPI, the figure used to determine GIS increases. The low income senior is screwed once again.

Does anyone know how I can check with Statistics to find out if any of this size change is considered in the inflationary figures? How sould these figures be considered accurate in any way if the package shrinkage is not factored in with the inflationary rate?

I recently purchased some of LifeStyle Peek Freans at our local Safeway. They were on sale for 2/$6.00. I chose the Cranberry citrus oat crunch and the Banana Chocolate. The box size was exactly the same so I didn't notice until I opened the box at home that the Banana Choclate portions were shorter than the other. I looked at the weight listed on the bottom and noticed that the Banana chocolate is 290 g and the Cranberry citrus oat crunch is 350 g. This is misleading, they chose to keep the box the same I believe in hopes that the consumer me wouldn't notice the difference in the content, unfortunately until I got home. Yes I should have checked the content size but it seems all to clear that manufacturers are finding ways to deceive the average consumer and to keep the box the same is clear evidence that what they are doing has worked as in other products. I will be spreading the news.

Please disregard my previous comment about decaf coffee. Actually, the new size is larger than the previous one ... although the lid is smaller!


Bought decaf coffee at Shoppers Drugmart (Life Brand) "on special" yesterday. I broke the lid at home by accident. When I tried to use the old lid, I realiazed that it was to big. Reason: 326 g instead of 369 g (almost 12% less). What a special !

I think if you maker a product that you have the right to make it any price you want and any quantity you want. Things are getting expensive and so is food. I dont mind as I can choose to not purchase if I dont want to

The company responses are pathetic. And the issue is not just increased cost. Obviously, if the package is smaller, customers must make more trips, in their polluting vehicles, to stores to purchase former amounts. Thus, downsizing containers is bad for the environment.

In reply to a comment from John

I believe the issue being adressed here is not a matter of inflation,but deception- keeping consumers in the dark. Also as noted by others, the grocery stores don't change the weights and labels(i.e. weights and prices). Point in case- why not keep the same size, or offer diffrent sizes to choose from and charge the appropriate market price for the product weight.

I don't buy commercial cereals, but when I came across a pile cereal boxes on the floor that had fallen of a shelf in a Super C store in Montreal, as good Samaritan I picked them up, put on the shelf, only to have them fall again. I realized then that the new big-looking boxes were so thin that they could hardly keep themselves upright on the shelf! Domino cereal boxes.

I showed that to the manager and he pointed his finger at what manufacturers call "keeping the price point." Well, one can just imagine this phrase being tossed around in board rooms all over the country, while members-of-the-board all have a good laugh to the bank.

Shirking of responsibility. As the seller of a fundamental commodity as food, the store manager has direct responsibility to his customers, and as I wrote for the chicken bacteria, a responsibility to Canadian society, to refuse that kind of cargo at the truck entrance behind his store.

Where are our government regulators? I suggest this government learn from India how to protect own its constituents. But then, who are we fooling except ourselves? Do you really think we can depend on a self-serving government, that we have true democracy here? Hell will freeze over.

Congratulations on a great and very useful show.
The particular one about product shrinkage hit one of my beefs which is why so many products which used to be in 500g packages are now in 454g packages simply because that is the equivalent of 1lb. Unfortunatelyly we have been fully absorbed into the much larger US market but without the appropriate price reduction.
You did well to point this out.
Another thing which might even possibly be illegal - certainly unethical - is that most supermarkets and grocery stores show the cost "per lb" in very large bold print whereas the equivalent " per kg " is in very tiny print obviously because this gives the impression of the product being cheaper.
I think you should take this up when you do an update on this story.

In reply to a comment from angela wilson

not a good idea...sounds like you think we live in a democracy or something. Once they see a price revolt...well lets just do that to everything and the sheeple will be greatful once again...

For many years now I have noticed that cookie packaging has a new filler in it.The inside package has smaller rows and the cookies are much more smaller as well we stop buying store bought cookies and we now make our own .At lest we know what we are getting now

In the past ten years this has been happening like crazy. Cheese is a good example, blocks have went from 700, to 600, to 520 and now 500 grams, while the price has went from 4 dollars to 8. I miss the days when you could get a 10 pound block of cheese for 10 bucks.

Bottom line - always shop for the biggest liter you can find....!

The sneakiest example I've ever seen was when pocket Kleenex packages started appearing with the loud proclamation NEW! emblazoned on it. What exactly was "NEW" about it? Three things: 1. higher price; 2. less sheets in a package, and 3. The word NEW" on the package. Yes! There's one born every minute.

Geez, and when I was a kid a bag of chips cost a quarter, and now they are half the weight and cost $1.50, it's called inflation, and the products are sized based on the price people will pay for them, Is the market economy something new to Marketplace?

Happens everythere, dog food is no exception. Size was dropped with a slight decrease in cost then 2 months later the cost is more that it was before the size reduction. It's a marketing ploy and we let them get away with it, same as we let the Cons take this country to the dump.

Oh yes, I have noticed the "incredible shrinking products and inflated prices" for quite some time and I simply refuse to purchase those products. If everyone did that then maybe the producer would have to re-evaluate their strategy.

Commodity prices ARE going up, sharply. This is a way to move this "inflation" on without shocking the consumer. Soon, it will be homeopathic foods, arrarrr..

BTW, Frank Dusome is right on the money as to why its happening.

In reply to a comment from Anne

It's all about the corporations and not the consumer!
How can anyone stop any of it anyhow?
We don't even protest anything in Canada do we?
We just take a good kick in the ass and say thank you for it!
Then we say again again!

Call this unbridled, greedy Capitalism without any controls by the government, aka hose the consumers. We call this democracy!@$#@ In India, there are better regulations for things like this. The companies are prohibited from downsizing their packaging, and ALL packaged products have an all taxes inclusive price printed on it. So whether you buy it from a corner small shop or from a big fancy department store, you pay the same price printed on the package. In Canada and US, the govts are only for the corporations' benefit. I have been noticing these shrinking products for the last 15 years. Chips bag used to be 200g, now 140g or less. Dang!!

This is nothing new to me, it's been going on for years now and not only in grocery items. Someone here must have noticed their deodorants, shampoos, toothpaste, beauty products also being downsized, but the price remains the same.

Just last week I noticed a large can of coffee, used to be 1 kg, now 930 grams...same price, frozen vegies used to be 1 kg, now 750 grams, same price....and keep an eye because those same items that have been reduced in size, will keep going up in price....I emailed Loblaws about some of these things as they were their store brand products...Big surprise: I got no response.

There's a great way to avoid these kind of price increases. Buy unprocessed, real food.

We are being scam.The purpose is to get us back to the store every week to by the same product. The price on these shrink item should be price less. The product last one week in small packageing. The ceral I am buying in a shrink box last a week. That mean more money to the company.It is a trick and a rip off to the comsumer. 1/2 gallon of milk last one week in a smaller size. A lot of people are living on small income. Can,t afford to get every time. There should be a law aginst this of smaller package and a same price. It is dishonist and not fair to us comsumers.

Let's not forget the greed of the Grocers and the Government(s), not just the manufacturers. Retailers have the latitude to raise or lower prices depending on how much profit they want. They use all the front-end scanning data and adjust pricing WEEKLY to determine how much the market will bear. The consumer apparently hasn't become screwed enough, yet. Check out shelf prices of the same products in different neighbourhoods in the same city to see how elaborate and insidious this practice is. Government also can intervene at ANY time, but CHOOSES not to. Why? Who do you suppose funds campaigns, or is part of the old-boys network?
GREED, GREED, GREED and the further creation of a rich/ poor dichotomy. Jesus wept.

Yes, the consumer is getting screwed again. I wish someone would do a show on why self-serve gasoline pumps don't really eject anything from the hose until the pump has at least $0.65 on the dial. Yet they sure shut off the flow real quick.

I believe Nutri Source Premium Dog Food is shrinking this pet food isn't available at general stores such as Wal-Mart but instead at pet stores. This brand promises to be organic and natural with no animal by products and had been getting smaller and smaller with the same price. Nutri Source is a division of FeedRite

In reply to a comment from George Dyson

Duh - you're paying the same price, or more, for less product. That's the whole point of the documentary ...

In reply to a comment from Daniel

If the price of goods is going up then we will have to pay more.
Shrinking the size does not keep the product price down - you just have to buy more of it. You logic is faulty.

Whenever this happens to me for a product I buy, I email the company letting them know I find this practice deplorable and that I will no longer buy their product. I would much prefer that they just increase the price.
I can only hope that if enough people did the same we might affect this practice of stealth price increases.


As always a good show.

However it should be noted that about a year ago there was an [b]official[/b] notice on the news and news papers that the quantity in products would be lessened to counter the price increase. Mostly due to the higher price of fuel.

I agree that it is a rip off on many items.

However the reduction in product quantity was already publicly stated over a year ago.

I also noticed a few things on price increases and qty in product.

Based on a product that is produced only in one place and in Quebec. The grocery stores such as Loblaws and their affiliates increased the prices on said product. However Walmart, & Zellers decreased the price on the same product and the qty in the product has not changed (verified).

Same order quantities as well.

If this was a "Made in China" product then i would allow for fluctuations.

However since the product has a limited distribution channel.

The price increase is far from justified.

This included same store & same region stores as well as stores at 500KM+ distances between.

In reply to a comment from shannon

I thought you were not allowed to combine a cupon with a sale item. I never tried that. My pet peev is the "good until" dates put on cupon.

In reply to a comment from EM

This is the first correct answer I've seen so far. I've seen this shady practice many times and I wish I'd have kept track of prices so I could pass the information on. We should all be doing this and just stop buying the products as well as pass the information on to friends, etc. The worst case I've seen so far was Nestle ice cream and I have the old and new contariners to prove it. I won't buy any Nestle products anymore.

I get around a lot of this by combining coupons with the sales. Its the only way we can afford to feed our family.....diaper prices anyone? We use cloth as a cost saver...

I'm very glad that we have Marketplace to keep us up to date on these issues.
If we know what the various companies are doing, then we're OK. Compliments (IGA)brand juices are 1 Litre, and right next to those on the shelf are Oasis juices, which are maybe 946ml? The Compliments, which contains more, is 20 cents
Also, I was at a nutrician workshop at the YMCA and the lady giving the talk says that a serving of orange juice should be 4 ounces. She said that juice, like salted nuts, is addictive and you want more and more.
I think the big companies are scamming us, but in some cases they may be helping us eat a little less and pay more attention to nutrition??? What do you think?

What I think is really going on is that the product is getting smaller and remaining the same price.Then the government can say statistically there is no inflation.

I've seen the same thing happen with vending machines. Packages remains somewhat the same, contents are reduced and more air is put into the packing. I think in this case, if they increase the cost, less people would be spending. If I only have a loonie, and the price is $1.05, I'm not going to purchase it because I'm short a nickel. Eventually the prices will have to go up as they can only reduce the contents by so much.

This whole issue has been frustrating me for some time. It is self serving trickery by the manufacturers, pure and simple. Peak Freans used to sell their cookies in 400gram packages. Now the packages are 350grams. The price never changed. There are also other insidious practices similar to downsizing. I have been using Palmolive dish washing detergent for years. They now have umpteen varieties but also sell the "original", except that all of them, including the original, wash far, far less dishes than before. I suspect they have about 50% less detergent in them. Another rip off. Who protects the public from these predatory practices? At the very least the companies that do this deserve exposing, and Marketplace has done a good job at just that. Don't let up though. Keep the exposure going. Why do these companies value their reputation so little? Perhaps they are being run by bankers.

I have watched your episode on the shrinking product,this has been happening for years now but really prevalent now with the higher price on commodities..Maybe you could do a follow up on how this also disguises real inflation instead of pricing the product more they just give you less..I know that the government will be happy to tell you that there,s no worry about inflation if the companies just keep giving us less product.

" Food costs will soar as a result of the massive Bee Die-offs... The chemicals that cause the dieoffs have been introduced gradually, maliciously..."

Talk about living on another planet? What do dead bees have to do with price of mayonnaise? Holee. Talk about checking your facts.

"...the reason is price inflation due to monetary inflation by government..." -- oh pfft, don't give me that. The reason is greed! The essence of private enterprise. Don't give me that crap about blaming government; inflation is barely 1-2% nowadays. If you really did work in the business as you say, you know damn well it's greed.

Here's a good laugh...

The makers of Ziplock sandwich bags, the SC Johnson company (laughably call themselves "A Family Company" pulled this same crap with the Ziplock sandwich bags.

For years I could fit a sandwich made from an average size loaf of bread into one bag. Then one day after buying a new box of bags I found my same bread wouldn't fit into the bags. I checked the size and compared it with the old box (I still have it)..the old size was 18cm X 15cm and the new size was 16.5 cm X 14.9cm.....the result: I had to cut the sandwiches in half and use two bags!!!....figure it out...less product forced me to use twice as much, about a 125 percent increase in price.

I called the "Family Company" and they couldn't explain why they would put big signs over the Ziplock display..."WOW!!! NEW!!!! ZIPLOCK BAGS NOW OFFERS LESS FOR MORE"..

Yes the consumer is getting screwed!!!

Thanks for the exposure CBC.

Go back a few years when the Canadian dollar surpassed the US dollar and the outcry was that Canadian prices didn't reflect the dollar being at par. The biggest outcry was around books and magazine, mainly because both prices were printed on the cover.
A number of bookstores responded either by offering discounts or honoring the US price.
I recall one magazine I subscribed to in October had a cover price of US$4.95 and C$5.95. Their answer? The November edition removed the dual prices and showed only a single "Canada" price of $6.95
Oh, and the magazine? None other than Consumer Reports.

o my god somebody finally noticed what i have been so mad about for the past couple of years i thought i was the only person on earth to see this rip off we have been putting up with i just saw your program on tv and was on the edge of my seat for all of it somebody needs to bring this rip off out in the open and get ALL of these companies doing this out in the open you need to check many other kinds of food and you will see that they ALL do it less product for more money cookies chocolate bars chips ect ect..check weight then and now you will be stunned on how bad it is they are hiding what they do and hope no one will notice this is a much bigger problem that your program showed but you had the guts to open this problem to the world evrybody should know this and i cant beilive that finally somebody noticed cause i have been fustrated that nobody knew or cared that we are being riped off. thank you for showing this program hope more will come of it and companies might stop this and start being more honest with all of us times are hard why are they doing this now,to help us or themself.

This is Fiesta Farms in Toronto, is it not?

This is the perfect example of what is taking place in today's world of big business. Prices keep increasing to support the bigger and bigger pensions, bonuses and salaries for the executives at our expense! So I must say, don't go blaming the everyday consumer for your greed! Shame on you!

This type of move by these companies so makes me disgusted. As a consumer the one thing I can do is to refuse to buy these products from here in and I intend to do this even if I have to do without. Time to send a message to these boardroom scumbags to stop the underhanded and deceptive tactics that are fueled by one simple thing... Greed. No more Tropicana on my table ever again. I also sent a comment to to tell them the same thing. Consumers wake up.

It is about time someone exposed this "shrinking product" issue. Way to go and please do more on this. Also check out how many times Royale brand toilet paper has reduce the number of sheets in a regular role while the price remained the same. It is now down to 140 sheets per roll where at one time I believe it was 196 sheets per roll (almost as much as their so-called "double roll" is today) !! I think all product manufacturers who do this along with the product, should be listed on an easy access site where consumers could get the information and make more informed purchasing decisions.

Price rules in the world of (average)food consumers. As soon as a food price increases, many consumers stop purchasing it. Food companies know this; primary food producers, like myself also know this.

If there were no "incredible shrinking products" farmers and food factory workers would never get pay increases. The average North American would be happy with that scenario which is why most of our food has to come from "third world" countries where workers can still be exploited beyond our imaginations.

Shame on you for trying to make people feel they're being "ripped off." The ones really being ripped off are farmers,farm workers and food factory workers.

I have been a farmer in Canada for 34 years and have never earned the basic income tax deduction (without off-farm income); and that has nothing to do with my expertise. According to the last census report, the average Canadian farmer nets 5% of their gross ( i.e, to earn that basic income tax deduction of $14,00, I would have to gross $280,000.)and I do a helluva lot better than that. Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

Why not spend some of your time exposing this reality instead of "busting" consumer rip-offs that don't actually exist?

Funny...I recenty treated myself to a REESES peanut cup chocolat bar and couldn't beleive how much the cups inside have shrank...looking at it without openning it, you wouldn't have known! How dare they mess with my chocolat!!!!!!!

In reply to a comment from Maddie

Yogurt is the biggest criminal. The cups used to be three times bigger. The cup now is a tease.

The biggest crime is Yogurt. Remember how one good sized container filled and satisfied? It seems to take three cups now, and I'm skinnier.

Are any in your research department doing their jobs?? Has anyone read the news in the real World in the last week... Yesterday, Thursday, there were food price increase riots in 4 (four) countries... Spain, Greece, Pakistan, Nigeria,.... shall I go on?? This is the time to make relationships with people with arable land for vegetables and preserves... Food costs will soar as a result of the massive Bee Die-offs... The chemicals that cause the dieoffs have been introduced gradually, maliciously, over the past 6 years around the World and are being touted as Bee-Friendly Pesticides.. see: for some truths... The dieoffs are almost total in my area.. Just google "95% bee dieoffs" and see what areas are listed.. Pick a spot in the World and it will be listed if there are chemically-managed (Pesticide/Herbicide) crops in the ares listed...

You're right, i don't know how they can still call it a Quarterpounder.

Yoplait did this years ago, switching the 750ml container of yoghurt to a 625ml one. Same price though. How frustrating.

You do know the price of them making the product is going up? Stuff is expencive but if you want stuff to stay cheap are you wolling to buy cheaper goods. wouldn't you rather have quality than quantity for certain things?

In reply to a comment from Frank Dusome

I think McDonalds hamburgers got smaller again. Even their french fry containers are starting to look pretty puny.

Funny I have been burning mad about toilet paper. Running accommodation having to fill the rolls was a daily exercise. We used double rolls which were 1000 sheets of 2 ply. Now a double roll is sometimes 176 sheets more often in the 250 sheet range.. How is this not fraudulent advertising. Your current double roll puts a singe roll at less than 100 sheets.. it's disgusting, shameful and I believe should go to court. We have tons of trees in Canada... this is a necessary commodity. Used to be a single roll was close to 300 sheets at least.. talk about shrinking product. I hate changing the rolls every day !

I am an ex-grocery store manager and I am very familiar with this practice. It was a real nuisance as product sizes got smaller and customers got angry. The reason is price inflation due to monetary inflation by government. Print more money, those dollars are worth less compared to real goods like groceries, then it takes more dollars to produce and sell those groceries. It's supply and demand 101. Therefore, to try to avoid actual price increases directly on the shelves, store chains have used various methods such product downsizing instead. Soon prices will have to increase regardless of product downsizing. The store chains will have no other options. This trickery is becoming exposed as well as the monetary inflation issue. The party is over for consumption and cheap goods. We have literally bought ourselves out of the market. Regards, Mr Frank Dusome

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