ROAD TO RICH DAD | Originally broadcast January 29, 2010 on CBC-TV
Who's getting rich off Rich Dad?
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Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling finance author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, has spun-off his book into a self-help empire of TV shows, board games and investment seminars — a string of which are scheduled across Canada. But rumblings are being heard from the hundreds of hotel ballrooms across North America where Kiyoaski's Rich Dad seminars are staged. The complaints? That initial Rich Dad sessions focus less on education and more on marketing and upselling further sessions that cost up to $45,000.

Marketplace investigates these concerns using hidden camera and reveals the aggressive sales tactics used, where participants are urged to increase their credit card limits after being pressured to spend tens of thousands of dollars on advanced courses.

Erica Johnson asks Kiyosaki directly: what’s really going on? Are Canadians being lured by the Rich Dad name to spend money on weekend workshops that seem really designed to sell them more workshops?
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The problem with Robert Kiyosakis' Rich Dad Education is that it is licensed to be taught through Tigrent Learning who are SHARKS in search of fresh blood! Tigrent Learning is misrepresenting a number of his basic business principals at the dear expense of thier students! Tigrent advocates that your retirement fund is a perfect source for funding their education, while RK strongly disagrees with that premise. RK may be benefiting financially from their disingenuous sales tactics but at the ultimate expense of his reputation!

I often wish there was more followup provided on some of these stories. Having met Robert personally, I was extremely disappointed that someone has taken his concepts of financial literacy and has twisted it so much as to take advantage of people: people who do not do their own sufficient due diligence. Robert indicated that a contract had been entered into with this presenter. Is that contract still in existence? Has Robert allowed it to continue? I've heard that it has been terminated. Can Marketplace followup on that? Would that be good balanced news reporting? There are others out there using Rich Dad material that have not taken advantage of people the way the guy in the show did. It is unfair to paint them all with the same brush. We all benefit from increasing our own financial literacy. Let's take personal responsibility for own financial literacy!

I find it interesting that Robert Kiyosaki says he is not happy with his licensed educational company suggesting that people go out and raise their credit card limits to fund his educational program, when in fact they are going far beyond that by suggesting they withdraw retirement money early as long as they take their Asset Protection & Tax Relief class contracted with Anderson Advisors out of Kent Washington.

I found out the hard way, and now face a huge tax obligation even after following their advice to the letter!

Here in the States, Tigrent aka: Rich Dad has a Better Business Bureau rating of 'F'. This is indicative of their customer service which they claim is their #1 priority. The reality of it is, their #1 priority is getting their greedy hands on your money. They are masters of responding to complaints with a glib self-righteous rebuttal!

I am out nearly $20,000 dollars. At the $500 class, I was told to get my STRS retirement out and with they educational material and guidance I would be set for life. Is there a class action law suit against this organization yet? I want to be part of it. The practices of this organization are wrong and play on the emotions of people who can not effort to lose. I borrowed money to pay for this $6000 class and am still paying for this at a rate of 23% interest. The trainer said not to worry about this because I would be making more then 23% interest with the investments. How do we start a class action law suit??

I am a Rich Dad fan. I read his books to improve my instincts rather than follow the advice literally. I would be surprised that any free seminar would not ask you to spend money.

If one thinks that they need to learn more,get a personal coach (some may even b free) than spend thousands of dollars on courses. Real learning comes doing rather than just listening or reading.

I was mislead by the author's reputation and got scammed!
I hope I get a refund, and I plan to invest in real estate the hard way which takes time and work like anything else that makes you lots of money...
The secret is self discipline, time and hard work! Oh and business savvy that some people who signed up to pay $10K+ lack!

Unfortunately most of you came in at the end.
I was at the beginning.
I spent 22,000 for a college education and got a good job.
I bought a house and got into life time debt.
In 2002 I got my first taste of one of Roberts Books. Not being able to learn by reading i got the books on cd's at the library. By the way, these are free at the Library.
And then I got another and another and then another all for free at the Library.
At this time I realized that the first thing people do is criticize so i made a vow with myself to not criticize for 2 years.
That gave me leeway to learn. I joined his local clubs and
Played the cash flow game for free.
Yes all for free i played over 300 times!!!
Then i went to all our local community colleges and took his
Collage course for only 50 bucks!! What a deal!!
I learned the difference between an investor/employee/self employeed/and business owner. The difference between all their tax stragies. I learned about intelectual property rights and realestate accountants. So as you can see it really upsets me to get feedback from people that are quick to criticize without ever learning or trying things. In less than 22 months i was able to purchase 5 properties, maintain a credit score of 780 and not work for someone. Sorry, but i rather jump on his bus. He's going in my direction.
Jeff in Arizona

The seminars are coming to town(Quesnel) again. flyer's and ads all over.I have emailed,tweeted and facebooked everyone to warn them that this is just a money grab. Thank you for confronting the "rich Dad" himself. I never did like him personally-he always was a conceited egomaniac that thought he knew it all. knew enough to rip alot of people off maybe.

Excellent expose! I am just reading "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and saw there was a "free" seminar coming to my area in a week. While I knew there is no free lunch of a "free" seminar, I was tempted to check it out anyway. After this expose, I am much better off not going.

In his book, I found some relevant points that will help my personal thinking. But the more I look into Kiyosaki and seeing his own infomercials on his various workshop/books pitch on his website, you can clearly see... this is a guy whom is an excellent sales person and just becareful not to blindly follow. Even on his own infomercial videos with Donald Trump, he contradicted himself saying he went though bankruptcy then... in the last video, he said he avoided bankruptcy. I couldn't believe what I heard. I hope people everywhere can see this expose and becareful with gurus touting training courses.

I have just been contacted by one of the "coaches" that was supposedly supposed to help me gain financial independence. After getting to know my background and questions on what I think is preventing me from getting were I want to be,he asked me if I had any savings or a credit card???I was a bit surprised, but went on to answer as honestly as I could. Told me to write down what my "commitments" are.He got to the third one which was "Financial Investment". This was where he told me the price of how much the coaching was going to be £1636!Mind you I had told him I had a family to take care off, and I still have a balance to finish on my credit card. He told me to call the credit card people to raise my limit in order to pay for the course.Guilt is what I felt!

All this happened today. He said he cannot garantee my space if payment is not done by tomorrow!!
He won't hearing from me.......

Hello People.
I feel for you. A suggestion for you all. Call your credit card companies immediately and tell them you would like to dispute the charges. Tell them the seminar company did not provide what you were promised and you attempted to get a refund from the service provider but were denied.

Credit card companies when faced with enough pressure will issue what's known as a 'chargeback' against the vendor of the program. You may get your money credited back to your card or, at the very least, the credit card company may refuse to deal with them if a large enough proportion of the purchases are disputed.

Good Luck.

And lastly, people won't even realize their own life even if it hit them on their own heads! You can degrade anyone, call them scam all you want, but in the end, look at yourself, look at how pathetic you all have become. You will just envy people who took control of their own lives, who invested in the right kind of education to get ahead financially. It's better if you just blame yourselves and your pathetic excuse of a life. Life is meant to be lived in abundance in all aspect! that means invest in learning as what Kiyosaki said. you don't need him to tell you these things. All the grand masters of the past has been saying this, your life, your choice, your reality: take for example Rockefeller, Napoleon hill, Carnegie, Henry Ford, etc. Kiyosaki is only echoing what he learned from them. The truth is the economy now will explode. It's up to you where you want to be.

I'm a big Rich Dad, but Robert made a big mistake with Whitney, but I doubt his ego will ever allow him to admit to it. He allowed the Whitney thugs to taint his brand and his name, it's a crying shame.
But he got impatient, perhaps greedy and willing to cut corners.... and there it is.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Scam. Remember the time we went to one of his seminars?

I attended a recent (Feb) 3-day workshop for $500. ... was our instructor, and I found him to be very knowledgeable and professional. Did I believe every "story" he told us....NO. Did I pick up on the fact that the 3-day workshop was a sales pitch to sell you on further courses...YES. Anyone that thought they were going to reach financial wealth in 3 days is dilusional. I signed up for 2 more courses to the tune of just under $10K. Was it worth it....ABSOLUTELY!! I talked to my lawyers, my accountants, my banker and mortgage broker. They are all familiar with the practises that are taught.
Like anything in life, there's a sucker born every minute, and if you're naive enough to drop a ton of cash after a 3 day lecture, I've got some swamp land for you in Florida! Where are the success stories?

Hi J.P.,

This video of Rich Dad workshops reminds me of a couple of workshops I attended that did the same thing. The difference is the workshops cost me $2000 each, not $500. Same theme, though. Three days of sales pitch for upgraded education, raise your credit card limits and give no real education you can use when you leave to make money. At one event many of us confronted the main speaker about the bait and switch tactics. He got angry and told us to put it in writing. Many of us did and demanded our money back. After a few months, we succeeded. One cost me $7,000 which I did not get back. It seems these companies always originate from Utah. Why is that? Anyway, great video and thanks for posting it to warn the uninformed. I had to learn the hard way. Thanks.

R.C. Moore

My husband and I attended his free workshop and were floored by the sales pitch . We teach business owners how to improve their businesses and increase their wealth and this gives legitimate companies who really do help a bad name. If the free seminar is nothing but a sales pitch, expect more of the same in the rest. Otherwise, if you do actually learn something valuable, then the other training will also be valuable, but be very cost cognizent. It shouldn't cost $45000.00 to learn how to buy property...ever! We never took the further course, it just didn't make any sense. By the way, without their help,we invested and are doing fine.

I will attending a rich dad stock success seminar... from the first free workshop. Most of the stuff is fairly basic. And what he says is 100% true regarding money, stocks, mutual funds and such. BUT the examples... well a little bias, but is very true if you have a bad financial guy.

The information he will be teaching on stocks really should be for someone who already has an idea. To a new person, they probably wont understand anything and will think, oh it's get rich quick... like tomorrow! in theory can happen BUT he keeps saying, you ONLY DO THIS IF YOU KNOW HOW and UNDERSTAND what you're doing.

The only people who complain, in my opinion are those who think these work shops are magical, or have no REAL understanding of what they are teaching.

If his stuff really works...wouldnt we all be rich?

I agree with the majority of comments already posted. I heard of Mr. Kiyosaki's books and hoped that his coarse may have some valuable information that would educate me in other areas of real estate investing. Although I did get some info that was helpful, I do agree that this workshop was mainly to wet your appetite to spend money on more courses.

As the days progressed I became angrier and angrier that this was nothing more than a scam. I hope that some attorney will see this a possible class action lawsuit against this company.

For those wanting to learn about real estate investing, I would suggest you Goggle REIA and see if there is a group in your area. There are some great people in these groups that can help you learn about real estate investing. These groups generally charge around $200.00 a year and you can usually go to 1 or 2 meetings for free.

I also paid and attended the 3 day workshop. It was 3 days of sales pitch, pressure selling. I do not have $40K+ for the training. I was shocked when the instructor asked us to raise our credit card limits.

I have read Robert's book which is why I attended this. I am no longer a fan of his because of this shady business practice. Robert should give me back my $500 bucks and pay for the 3 days of work I missed so I can attend his Rip Off Scam.

People should be warned. I wish I saw this CBC marketplace beforehand. It is accurate and I hope no one else gets suckered. The only one laughing to the bank is Rich Dad.

He should be ashamed of this questionable business tactic. I recommend everyone burn his books.

For the last 3 years I dated a employee of this company that Kiyasaki is involved with and I know first hand how these seminars go and the "Target Market" that they prey upon.
The Salespeople are very sincere and seem that they want you to succeed, however...they are SALESPEOPLE. And damn good ones!Bottom line is they have a quota and make anywhere from $100,000.00 to $400,000.00 in a weekend up selling you into more "training".They truly DO NOT CARE as to how you get the money, and they make you feel incredibly guilty and worthless if it should take you longer than a day at a 3-day seminar to figure your finances out. Who doesn't want to succeed in life? But at what price?
Being sold into this relationship, hook,line and sinker as all of the poor unfortunate souls that invested as well, I only wish you great luck and advise you to get Legal Counsel before signing any binding agreement.

Dear Marketplace,
I appreciate your efforts and the manner in which you investigate. About Robert Kyosaki, I would like to think that he would offer more value in the workshops and have less intimidation. Time will tell.

I also watched the one on Herbal Magic. Informative, to say the least.

The episode I was seeking online was the one on mortgage insurance. How do I find that? I'm not sure how to search your website.

thank you, again for providing valuable television viewing.


Something needs to be done for those who cannot help themselves.These seminars are a waste of time and money which the last time I checked were very valuable ASSETS.These seminars are a dead end to nowhere but frustration and dissapointment.I left after day 1 of the 3 day seminar hoping more people did the same.If these seminars were worth it, they would teach you how to get into the real estate game with very little of your own money if that even is a possibility (Doubt it).I hope some people who have seminars in the GTA coming up listen to this warning and not bother going.Trust this advice,your $500 is gone but keep your time and dignity while you still have it.Keep your faith and be strong.Peace.

Four of us from my family went. Yes, it was a hard sales pitch. Yes, we had fun on the 3- day training and were a little overwhelmed. We bought some addition classes and we do not regret any of it. We are learning so much. The instructors and coaches are there to answer questions. The websites are extremely helpful. We are learning, changing, and getting out of the rat race. Yes, I would recommend Tigrent if you can get over the cost, but mostly, you must put into action what you learn.


Im am an advance student of Rich Dad Education here in the UK and have found them to be brilliant. If any would like an accurate review email me ...

You clearly went in with the intention of attacking the company. Having been on one of those 3 day courses I can assure your viewers/readers that everything you have presented here has been twisted and taken well out of context.

Although I didnt like the speaker in the video who I would hope they have dispossed of this not a accurate representation of one of these intensive 3 day events at all.

Unfortuneatly most journalism these days of a similar poor quality. There is no interity in this peice of work.

Matt UK

I went to a Russ Whitney seminar and ended up buying additional courses. Mulitple courses had redundant info and the material provided was good but not worth what I paid for it.
You can find a lot cheaper seminars and training info thru local REI clubs and on the internet all day long.
Stop and don't get caught up in this sales ploy. They play on your emotions that your life will change right away, while all it is really is a big sales pitch.

I have read Robert's books Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Cashflow Quadrant and alot of what he wrote about has value. There is a different mindset about money, assets and being rich, however having attended the 3 day training course, it was clear that it was slick marketing for expensive training with no guarantee for results. As other readers have noted, you can obtain this information through the books through your local public library...

Life is about lessons and if there is anything to be learned from this segment is that the media can twist anything they want into a pathetic, ridicule of anything good. Most people are poor in their thinking,thats why people like Suki are battling being unemployed. The few people that can grow from an experience offered by the ... are open minded Be very careful what information you let into your head. If you listen to Suki you may just end up on the unemployement office, way to go Suki your helping ... of the world just like yourself achieve nothing more that mediocracy.

Kiosaki's works (I read all) just shook my world, changed my onlook on things in real life and let me get rid of every-day office routine. Still I'm not planning to visit any of his paid seminars. True life is the measure of all values. Not just looking at idols - that's the taste of a pudding.

It is too bad. I love the RDPD books. I do not blame RK for licensing his name, but he needs to take some responsibility! After all, that's HIS name on their product. But it is the same thing with the ROBERT ALLEN seminars circling the country. Robert Allen has licensed his name as well! They have a free introduction seminar, big upsell at each of the subsequent seminars, selling you into bigger and more expensive packages each time, coaching, bootcamps, helping you get new credit cards and upping the limits on the others, so you can charge more education, playing on your emotion to want a better life, etc., until you have spent $5000, $15,000, even $50,000 depending on what "level" of "education" you want! And if you don't take all of the bootcamps you have purchased within a year, you lose your money AND the education, left out in the cold. Ask me how I know. Buyer Beware!

Unfortunely my wife and I were taken for well over $20,000 and receive the same treatment. We did not learn principles we could truly go out and make money. I've learn alot more since for a whole lot less. Once we found out that the school wasn't a school that RK set up it was very upsetting. The same tactics were use on us and were coned out of our money. It definitely was a bad investment.

I was reading the Vancouver Sun earlier this year and came across a good article full page article with good investment advice... I have a BCOM from a Canadian University and am an entrepreneur always on the lookout for new ideas. The article started out well and had some good tips and strategies on becoming wealthy but it slowly disintigrated into a sales pitch for a Rich Dad Poor Dad seminar. I then looked at the other half of the page to discover a full page add for a Rich Dad Poor Dad seminar. I was tricked into reading an add. It turns out that this full page article was disguised as a real article but in fact it was part of a 2 page add. The Vancouver Sun should be ashamed of themselves for allowing a ... company to misrepresent themselves as newspaper writers and hurting their reputation in the process all for the advertising buck!

I believe Robert's sincerity and passion for people. There will be times that you made mistakes and this is just one of those mistakes Robert had done because of wrong partnership or business undertakings.

I came to a 3-day event and that was good. The person who conducted the event was not that pushy so I guess it depends on the person conducting the event and Robert may not know of everybody's pitch or personality. I have learned something from that but in order for us to be successful and rich is to continually acquire more education, self development and not just expect from a 3-day seminar to change our financial future. I agree the advanced course is quite a bit expensive compared to other educational courses...

I just saw this video clip, i have been a fan of his teachings from his book for many years. In my opinions I believe here is someone who had good intentions and made a difference and perhaps because of greed became corrupt. It's a good reminder that no one is perfect and "superficial success" can many times bring out the worst in human beings.

Learn and apply what is useful and forget the rest. I dont' believe his teachings in his book are designed to scam anyone. THey have helped me become debt free and get into business dealing where I made a very comfortable living.

The book gives you the seeds, but it's up to you to water it and take care of what is it your trying to grow. Wish everyone a great 2010.

To those of you who think this was done unbiased, think again. To those of you that think it was an outright scam, think again. Unbias in the media is about as rare as truly good deeds in society. Advertising $'s buy all the unbias they need. As for those who think this is a scam... well. I, along with my wife, just attended a 3-day seminar this past weekend in Orange County, CA. I am a rational and realistic person that knew well in advance that you cannot possibly learn even 5% of what you need to know in real state investement in 3 days. And we gleamed what we both thought we needed to in order to get started doing what we both want to do. We both thought the $500 we paid was worth what little we picked up in each topic during the 3 days. BUT, I was also a little miffed that this was billed as the "Learn To Be Rich Training Academy".

Lastly, it's sad these events prey on the 98% of the population expecting an easy, "magic bullet" to getting rich quick with no real work, skill or effort required. IT DOESN'T EXIST.

If you think you can get instantly rich from a FREE seminar...

If you think a 3-day event is going to turn you into a real estate MOGUL...

If you expect Mr. Kiyosaki and his team to "bail you out"...

If you expect someone to "hold your hand" to building wealth...

If you aren't willing to invest the energy, time, and money it takes to take what a free seminar teaches you FURTHER and take INITIATIVE to improve your financial situation...

Then you aren't in the right frame of mind to become wealthy. Go buy a lottery ticket; because clearly that's what you're looking for.

(continued) While there's likely something "off" about the seminar production company in this documentary, it only becomes too easy to point an ignorant finger towards a leader and squarely blame them. Sure, it goes without saying that Mr. Kiyosaki needs to be keeping a close eye on the day-to-day activities taking place inside of his company (and those using his brand) - however, at the same time, common sense says that he can't be held personally responsible for the behavior of every individual that is involved with these companies (e.g. Mr. Mousseau) and that perhaps such questions are better directed to management of the seminar company and/or management that would be better qualified to comment on Mr. Mousseau and the "Learn To Be Rich" seminars personally. Would you expect the CEO of McDonald's to personally be aware of and accountable for the actions of a rude fry cook?

Just a few thoughts..

No argument that the company in question will try to sell you on higher-priced seminars to continue your education at these events. After watching the "bullying" way this is done, I would say that it's certainly not the most ethical way of doing so, but at the end of the day this company is in business to make a profit and selling to existing customers is straight out of Marketing 101. Truth here is that constant and continued education is crucial in anything you do, be it real estate investment investment or otherwise. Think about it for a moment - doctors, lawyers, architects all spent upwards of six figures on their education without thinking about it - with absolutely no guarantee of their future income. The marketplace pays for value; and your SKILL level determines your value.

CBC always have fair and objective coverage that uncovers businesses that take advantage of somewhat desperate people that may be down on their luck. I have learned lots and from watching CBC and by reading lots of financial material have not been taken by any similar poor investment choices. I encourage all people in Canada to expand their financial literacy it will serve you well and save you lots in the long run.

ldI have been to the three day training (with the instructor in the video). I also purchase some of the courses they were selling. I think this is a great course and program. Rich dad poor dad is not....i not a get rich program. You will not get rich overnight! The techniques they teach are real and work...i have tryed a few of them. I was such a skeptic when i signed up for the first three day course....However i had some real estate knowledge going into the course...and based on that i was able to understand many of the brief concepts explained. After taking further rich dad courses, the concepts get explained better...thus making more sense. However if you are not familiar with real estate some of the concepts would not make any sense at all.
As for CBC marketplace, I previously have watched and liked this show...but after this story I am not sure who is more false?

Great program, if companies don't want to be interrogated by the media, then they should stop exploiting obvious loopholes in business laws.

Had colleagues from a while back that believed in this Rich dad crap, couldn't talk them out of it. If something sounds too good to be true, it is.

For those defending this Rich dad crap, stop embarrassing yourself, ya sound like those Fen Qing (paid/unpaid) on youtube. People have the right to complain, they paid for your salary and got nothing.

Other scams to watch out for:

Pyramid scheme
Facebook 3rd party data mining/credit card stealing apps (no, the internet is never safe)
Real Estate investment scams (Richmond B.C.)

Was te Road to Rich Dad recorded? How an I listen to it?

why is those people put in jail yet? in this recession they can make you get rich in one week, i guess they have the support of the politicians.

If you think you're going to get rich from a get rich quick scheme (and that's every plan out there that tells you they will show you how to be successful), then you're a fool and you and your money will be parted.

I'm always dissapointed with the bias of Marketplace, a company in business to make money, shocking! I probably would pay more attention to the show if they were a little more balanced, or slightly less anti-corporate. Corporations make many important things possible or more efficient (e.g. I like pinapples, but don't live in Hawaii, a corporation allows me to purchase pineapples for a reasonable price all year long, but if I had to find an individual pineapple seller and buy them through long distance it would take forever and cost a fortune)

Great report by CBC. MAybe they can help some of the dummies avoid the loss of their entire savings and credit.

PT Barnum's words ring as true now as they did in his day
"A Sucker is born every minute"

Dummies will always hand over their money to Bernie Madoffs and the like.

Why ? because it is inherent in human nature that some of us will endure and achieve fiscal independence thru reasonable means, work and conservative education and others will want to lose 10lbs in 25 hours eating twinkies.

God bless the dummies , they need it.

On another note, where is the protective government agencies ? Why aren't they doing their job and protect the Dummies ?

Wow, I can't say that I am shocked the reviews on the numerous books on variations of the same subject is basically part sales pitch part get rich basic tips.

I spent $500 on this seminar in South Florida in 2008. I would never have done it if it wasn't a Kiyosaki seminar. I read many of his books and they gave me the courage to quit my job and start a successful business.

The seminar in 2008 is the exact same seminar shown in the clip - even down to the bogus trailer park example and the CC limit game. Kiyosaki should be sued for tricking people into going to Russ Whitney's seminars.

I want my money back. It was a classic bait and switch.

And, his partner, as he writes in RD PD is usually his cat. Those darn felines are always getting people into contracts that they can't break.

What a load of crap!

While I have never been to any of his seminars (and am very skeptical of seminars in general), I have read the books and did enjoy them. In my opinion, it taught me a lot of the basics of finance that should have been taught to me in high school. It also gave me the courage to seek out more information and to start my own business.

That said, there is a lot of stuff in those books that I would not feel comfortable doing - such as laddering real estate like you do a CD. But in reading it critically and not taking it as gospel, I still feel I got a lot out of the book even if I didn't agree with 100% of what he said.

Some of his earlier content for the books is OK but there's no advice this man can give that is worth paying thousands or even hundreads of dollars.

Anything that can be said can be written. Go to a library at worst...

His material is also used by MLM scams to get people in.

In terms of calling the economy well plenty knew the crash was coming. Peter Schiff, Bill Gross, Meridith Whitney and even nutjob lyndon larrouse! It really isn't saying much in saying that someone called the recession.

As an American I apologize about this trash export to Canada.

only people that struggle 2 find a way 2 make money out of rich dad teachings will olwys comlain .. quit hatin' .. um 17 and olredy made a million in my country thanx to rich dads teachings.. make your own plan and apply teachings to it ,, do not follow procedure..

The comments supporting the workshops - COOKIE CUTTER - please for the love of God if you're going to argue that the workshops are the pinnacle of enlightenment, can you A) use proper language (punctuation and capitalization are not optional) and B) try to at least fool the folks by sounding like different people? Thank you in advance.
If this group of people really wanted everyone to be rich, the whole course would be available free of charge.Very few working class families can afford to blow $500 - $45,000 on "training" that might not get you anywhere because you don't have the liquidity on hand to begin the purchasing spiral required to bring about the high yield returns that only come with properly balanced risk taking. There that sounded "catchy". If you want more info on your future wealth pay me and I'll grabble more jargon at you too.

Read the books, play the game if you get the chance, skip the workshops. I speak from experience. The concepts outlined in "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and successive books are valid and powerful but they are only the beginning. The workshops will not help. You must learn from experience and you WILL make mistakes.

I have a rule: "Never invest what you cannot afford to lose."

This keeps you cognizant of the possibility of loss and helps you limit your risk.

If you are looking for the real information on Kiyosaki's real estate teachings, it's obvious his best advice comes from the books. I honestly think this seminar scheme was pure greed. There's really no way around it. Kiyosaki knew what he was getting into. If the "program" is not followed as he laid out in the contract, he could get out of it - it's just making him too much money to really care. P.S. I am a Kiyosaki fan. I think his books offer great advice and help you to think outside the box. It doesn't mean I'm a fan of him as a person.

Tony said:
"I when to this one seminar SCAM!, I was 19 there where hundreds of other success seekers, the majority of us signed up. It was a 2 to 3 year training. Costing $40K. What a ripoff, and waste of time. That training got me a job at the Gap making $12 bucks a hour. That seminar was called York University.

Last year I went to Rich Dad Training and after a year I own three properties and work part time on my realestate business. That was a one year 20K investment, to get $2000 a month income."


So let me get this straight...You spent $60,000.00 (40k for uni + 20k for seminar) so that you could end up making a whopping $24,000.00 per year? That works out to $11.54 per hour.

You should have stayed at the Gap, man. You'd probably be a manager right now (and making more than $24k). LOL @ you.

I’m astounded that a smart, ethical, wealthy man like Robert Kiyosaki would associate with companies like Whitney Information Network and Tigrent

Any good reading list on increasing weath should include:
Wealthy Barber (David Chilton), Rich Dad Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosaki), The One Minute Millionaire (Mark Victor Hansen), Real Estate Investing in Canada (Don Campbell) and Multiple Streams of Income (Robert Allen).

Best of Luck!

Use credit cards to purchase a house. Ever try that? It won’t happen, lenders want to see that you have some skin (AKA: $$) in the game. A down payment MUST be actual equity not another loan (at a VERY high rate). A previous poster makes a good point…investigate HELOC, LOC or personal loans first.

My other advice would be to FULLY educate yourself by reading and researching with a CRITICAL eye, ask critical questions. Real estate is a marathon not a sprint.

The info in Kiyosaki’s books is more inspirational than informative. There are MANY places to get valuable real estate information including books, TV, networking, research, etc...

Wow I can't believe how many negative comments the CBC managed to get from this hidden camera investigation. I guess they can always manipulate whatever they want when they want.Most of the comments come from the people that expect they can get rich from a 3 day seminar. If you want out of the rat race you need to educate yourself to achieve it duhhh!! My wife and have trained under Marc Mousseau and his fellow colleagues. What we learned enabled us to purchase and create some major lake development projects.We would not have achieved this without the education we invested in through the Rich Dad Courses. The trailer park deal that Marc referred to was one they were working on and they did not pursue it do to certain expansions at a local major manufacturer that were put on hold. Obviously that was omitted in the CBC's footage. It was used as an example of the potential of profits.

Words of comfort for those who paid $500 and more:
Rich Dad always liked unconventional lessons, so consider your seminar to be the one.
The moral is that the free cheese is in the mouse trap, and if one day you will happen to be a millionaire the same lesson will cost you much more.
So read Roberts’ book again.

Peculiar how people who complain about or laugh at others who have worked hard to learn how to be successful, will say 'Oh sounds like a get rich quick scam', still invest their money into lottery tickets hoping to get rich quick themselves.

Anyone who's read his books knows that how these individuals operate is not how the Rich Dad system works. Anytime you don't hear straight from the horses mouth, you will loose the message. A bad licensing deal for Robert means he will learn from this and improve. Just like he always does. It's good that CBC called him on it, but a little low of them to knock down a great system on gaining wealth.

My question to all the people who got scammed is. When the instructors said if you don't agree you can leave, WHY DIDN'T YOU? An empty room on your own accord communicates to everyone in the room a lot more than trying to stay, argue and get kicked out.

CBC your homework is to actually read what Robert teaches in his books before you belittle his teachings.

uh.. This show has the looks of a scam show that makes anything look good or bad by superior editing and script. I've seen so many news shows in Japan like this one, they can't get ratings up for normal shows so they make things look a bit exaggerated to keep viewers interested. I'm sure some facts of their show might be true, but I highly doubt anyone should watch this show as a reliable source of information.
And I don't think the Indian guy on this show that got kicked out from the seminar was a fan of Kiyosaki's and neither was his $500. I'm pretty sure he was paid by the show to go to the seminar and try to tick off the instructor. That's what I'd do if I was the director.
So much for "Give me my $500 back." I'm sure you got paid more than that for your sorry acting.

I hope Canadians don't get tricked into seeing these types of shows thinking that it's good information.

Kiyosaki is a former military helicopter pilot who would NEVER have accepted such a lame excuse as: "It is all my parter's fault". In his writings, he states that it is always the mission that is paramount, i.e. YOUR mission as a B quadrant company owner. His mission for Rich Dad is FINANCIAL EDUCATION. THis is not education, it is an obvious con job. Is he rich? If so, stand up, tell the crowd that the seminar is over, apologize, refund money, fire Whitney International publically, and have his lawyers back him up. But of course, this assumes he *really* sees a problem here vs. just trying to duck the camera. I doubt he sees a problem, as his Rich Dad coaching staff try a similar approach telling people credit card money is the "cheapest form of money", to entice people to sign up for big $$$. Good job, MarketPlace!

Fundamentals of finance and investing are easy to learn at the public library. I found it valuable to read about the disasters, which are increasingly frequent, because these are times in which large sums of money are lost, and those who left near the top were in a position to make a lot of money. March 2010 is a good example of such a time.

The type of person who affords themselves $500 for such friviolity can't expect the world.

Especially when one considers that this is the 10th year of a bear market, with a long bull run after the 1999-2000 tech crash.
The Dow is only slightly higher than it was in 1999; from Dec. 31, 1998 to Dec. 31, 2009, your average annual return would have been around 4%, without accounting for inflation!

Sorry to have heard about all of those who were subjected to "The Whitney" experience. We know that Robert Kiyosaki has severed business relations with both the partner he mentions and the Eli Whitney company.

What we learned at the 3 day course (not taught by the Eli Whitney group) yielded an opportunity on a commercial development deal and to be mentored for free by a seasoned developer. I think the credit card exercise was taken out of context. The purpose is to teach people how to seek out financing outside of conventional means. We are saddened that so many people did not have the experience we had with WIA.

Yes, we did take additional training and it has paid off. While new to Real Estate Investing, we are well on our way to achieving our 12 month financial goal. Our choice to apply earnest effort and be coachable using what we have learned has paid off.

I took the 3 day seminar in Ottawa in January 2010. I can see how people could feel misled. On the other hand, I think there was definate value to the seminar if you paid close attention to the broad picture being painted rather than focusing on the smaller details. As an intermediate real estate investor, I did learn a bit and in this business, even a little bit of information can prove to be worth thousands of dollars. That being said, I don't think this is the sort of seminar a novice should take.

This show Marketplace is not a credited show. Tell me one POSITIVE thing they say about any company. This show just exploits business to make money. So low. I bed this isn't even going to be posted.

Posted by Latifa Makhtar

oh please. it isn't RBTV.
businesses that exploit consumers are what the show covers. who else is doing it? tell me one negative thing any other private tv station says about any other private company/potential advertiser without it already being in the news. you can't.
if anything, selling ad time on a consumer advocacy show must the hardest ad time to sell on cbc tv. what company would buy ads for that time slot knowing that one day they might end up being the subject?
mrktplace was the only commercial-free, consumer-advocacy show on cdn tv and has only been forced to include commercials on its network broadcast as a result of pressure from budgets cuts across cbc

Robert Kiyosaki just ignored the investigatve program of Erika Johnson's Marketplace. They are again having a series of money collection seminars around Canada. The management of Rich Dad would like to extend their gratitude for the effective advertising campaign that MarketPlace has provided them.

...These people will be in Saskatoon, Regina & Winnipeg Feb. 22-26th. There should be a public protest and anyone ever ripped off by any Rich Dad product (Real Estate or Stock)should go to this seminar and tell them what crooks they are. I purchased the $500 stock class and it was the worse training I have ever attended - nothing but sales about other classes. No real training what-so-ever. I don't think the instructor had a clue about the stock market and could not even answer basic questions about trading. CBC should contact the U.S. based news progams and have them also run an expose on this nonsense. They are doing real estate and stock seminars all over Canada, the U.S. and Europe! Two of Whitney's stock instructors were just convicted in U.S. Federal Court (Virginia - Teach Me To Trade) GOOGLE IT!!!

Would like to now more about Fast Track To Cash Flow based out of St Albert Alberta.Their Marketing and sales pitch is similar to Robert Kiosaki but is called the Canadian Rich Dad version. They promote seminars across Canada( some free and some cost$) They sell lots of courses and sell real estate investments in Canada, US,Costa Rica and Honduras. Any feedback on their performance?

How does Tigrent and Rich Dad explain this:

Based on BBB files, Tigrent Inc. has a BBB Rating of F on a scale from A+ to F.

Reasons for this rating include:
122 complaints filed against business
8 complaints filed against business that were not resolved.
4 serious complaints filed against business.
Government action(s) against business.

The BBB has received complaints concerning sales practices, refund disputes and unsatisfactory business performance.

Many of the individuals who signed up for Whitney's classes were elderly or retired couples on fixed incomes who were persuaded that using Whitney's "proven" methods, they could gain financial independence and live the lifestyle they desired without the investment of a lot of money or time.

Please see complete BBB rating for Tigren...

First, the Rich Dad seminars are now branching out into the Stock Market and trading. My friend and I attended both the free 2 hours presentation and then signed up for the $500 3-day seminar.

I would like to tell everyone that this is a complete scam. We were not given any 'education' during the 3 days. It was a sales pitch for their additional courses raning from $6,000-$40,000.

There is a technical analysis course at the Canadian Securities Institute (recognized professional designations in the Canadian Financial Services Industry - Canadian Securities Course, Canadian Investment Fund Course and the Canadian Insurance Course). The Tech ... course is $640 for 60 hours of real education. I am not affiliated with CSI, but merely point out that there is other avenues.

This is too funny....If I had the secret recipe to make money do you think I would sell it?

I don't think Colonel Sanders sold his secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices for K-Fry.

If you want to be rich it takes hard work, a unique product or service and you need to be tenacious....and invest money you are prepared to lose....

Like Howard Hughes once said......"making my first million was really hard....after that it came easy"

Please,there is no get rich quick scheme.

Events and decision making criteria are changing daily.

Educate yourself and take responsiblity on your own hands.
Do not blame others. Learn from your mistakes.

Before getting rich, you have to plan your household finance first.

Otherwise, you are hoping and dreaming that others will help you out. Good luck and it will not happen.

Beware of recent stock market. "It is always rise in the long run."

Take a look at Japan for last 20 years and S&P for last 10 years.

The equity market is a place to capitalize money for corporation to do business. Even you have invested, you are not running the business. How do you ensure that it will do better in the coming years and decades?
Be smart. Do listen to professionals. Those people are just hanging on there jobs.

Mr. Kiyosaki's been debunked since 1999... Oh and @Tony I'm curious as to what 3 year program you took at York for $40k when you were 19. My 5 year engineering degree at Waterloo cost me about $44k, of which about $37k I made back in co-op. Heck, my 3 year law degree at Queen's (where you would have to be extremely talented to get in when your 19) will be about $33k, of which I got back $20k in my summer law position and will get another $69k back in my articling position. And I'm not even an average student in my class. Maybe you're an international student?

I love all the comments here that are defending Rich Dad!

People are always eager to complain, but its rare to see the public defend anything, especially a potential scam. I bet you that those comments are posted by employees of Rich Dad.

If you're putting your name on something, then you're openly endorsing the company that is promoting your name.

Mr. Kiyosaki needs to get a lawyer and sue Whitney Information Network.

Thank you marketplace for this story. I went to one of these get rich seminars in Calgary and then wrote about it in one of my articles. I've heard from numerous people that attended and felt it was a scam and a constant sales pitch. Word needs to get out and people need to make decisions based on research as opposed to high pressure sales tactics. I support education especially financial education but what I saw in this segment was not education. It was rude, arrogant, obnoxious and belligerent. It does not take more than common sense to see the difference between selling and education.

I was thinking about buying a 6 unit industrial building and it was a good thing I spent some money learning how to do it, Thanks to Whitney and the education i took I figured out how to do it RIGHT!! By the way I sold it last year in September for a 74K profit. Not bad for me as I only make 14.50 per hr at my job!!

The Rich Dad-Whitney documents are posted on SEC Edgar:

Rich Dad Education, LLC is jointly owned by one of Kiyosaki’s companies and Whitney Information Network.

The Trademark License very clearly gave Rich Dad control over what went on at the seminars. It requires prior approval by Rich Dad of seminar curriculum, seminar materials and any product or service promoted or offered at the seminar. Kiyosaki could terminate for a breach that "tends to impair" the goodwill associated with the trademarks. Why didn't he do that?

Kiyosaki said something about having to "get rid of his partner" over the Whitney contract. What a crock. You can get the real story from the documents filed in the District Court in Clark County Nevada (Civ A549886) when his partner sued him in 2007.

The original Rich Dad message was valid. However, my opinion: Kiyosaki is a far cry from Rich Dad

I also have been to a rich dad seminar - totally unlike the one that you chose to air. On the contrary the trainer was informative, and friendly. I do agree that they presented many ideas in the seminar that would require further exposure or training. As for your lawyer who calls sellers "stupid" who would consider a lease option deal - I would like to point out that I would not have been such a "stupid" seller if I had sold my Calgary home based on a "lease option" 2 years ago. It was worth 20 - 30% more then, thing is I had never heard of a "lease option". There are many terms that I had not heard of prior to the "Rich Dad" seminar, even though I have completed university. Maybe Market Place can now expose where Canadians can learn things like asset protection, finance options, real estate law, developing market opportunities, and more - For Free!!

I have been interested in Real Estate for years now. I went to his 3 day seminar for the $500. I learned some things and, as any thinking human being, knew that there was no way that I would learn everything about Real Estate in 3 days. I did buy the courses, only 4, and have taken them. My experience with each of them is NOTHING like the video shown. I am quite surprised and dissapointed in Marc for what was shown, but I have taken courses where he was the instructor and have never seen him act like this. I have now met and spoken with hundreds of students and have never heard something negative as this. I wish MarketPlace were serious reporting agency and actually showed the other side of the coin. I don't know why Marc spoke the way he did because we don't see all the footage, but there are hundreds who are happy and successful thanks to the training. I am one of them.

Worst one sided media i have ever seen. If the 3 days was purely to sell you on the next seminar why would anyone go to day 2 or day 3. I can take clips of a football game and show all a quarter backs mistakes and you will think he is a horrible athlete or i can do the opposite and show you every good play. I have been to a seminar and they absolutely mentioned additional OPTIONAL training. CBC and the reporter who did this should be dealt with for slander and manipulation of video. Only people more stupid than the ones who made this show are the ones who listen to it. Go for yourselves and make your own opinion. Here's a news flash. CBC creates stories to.... make money!! They should do a show on themselves and the scam they run. And they advertise their next show to get you to watch to....make more money!!! Oh boy, scam alert...

I feel sad for 'Robert Kiyosaki'. His books has good concepts, but it seems he is going to go ... and making cash from whatever way possible. Thank you very much for this program.

The clear bias displayed by this program was a travesty to the idea of the media as an unbiased source of information. We were profiled in the December issue of Canadian Real Estate Magazine as successful Real Estate Investors and that would never have been possible without our Whitney education. In fact, we are working towards the day when my husband can retire from his job as an engineer and join me in our Real Estate Investment Company. Happily, we estimate that day will come in less than 2 years and we will only be 36 years old. The $30k we invested in our education repaid itself within 6 months. It hasn’t been easy, we’ve worked very hard, but we also didn’t take the courses expecting to get ‘get rich quick’, with no investment of time, energy or money. Where is the accountability for having reasonable expectations?

Marketplace, Media
It is truly a shame that people "stuck" in their rat race of mind set are eager to grab hold and pull back anyone and everyone that stives to better their lives. To stay as "you are" stuck and wanting to "expose" every opportunity to change as a scam. Maybe it is You who has been scammed, what is the next politation, or special intrest You endorse going to be your agenda. It is what is is Robert K outlines that you need education in fianance to change. When was that free! I paid for collage and my parents through taxes paid for my public education. My teachers and Professors were honorable and educated people none of which were successful entrapuniers. You get what you pay for and you are rewarded by taking action on that knowledge. Go ahead steal other peoples dreams for a true change in their lives for you are robbed of yours, let your misery accompany you.

Thank you for your very accurate exposure of this highly unethical Rich Dad scheme! I, too, had been a fan of Robert Kiyosaki after reading his books. I was interested in learning more about real estate, and based on his reputation, signed up for the course. I learned virtually nothing, and was appalled at their high-pressure sales tactics and psychological manipulation. On the morning of the 3rd day, I asked for my money back and left the course. I documented my experience in a letter to Amex, and received a full refund. If you have been likewise ripped off, fight back! If you paid via credit card, ask for your money back, because you did not receive the advertised education! Contact your local attorney general, and the managers of hotels at which future courses are scheduled, and make them aware that this is a scam designed to put people into debt!

tony- "I when to this one seminar SCAM!, I was 19 there where hundreds of other success seekers, the majority of us signed up. It was a 2 to 3 year training. Costing $40K."

You went to school for 2 to 3 years and it cost you $40K? Then you went and signed up for the Rich Dad scam? Not knowing how long you were at school for, spending $40,000 on possibly a 2 year program.... I think you're exactly the type of person the Rich Dad program is looking for.

I read the books years ago and played the game. Be wise. Don't over extend yourself! We helped our son buy a house when he was 18. He rented out a room and made a legal apartment. Three years later, he had a credit rating, the mortgage was paid by the renters and he had a downpayment on a farm and paid his parents back. These books helped open our eyes to opportunities and mindsets. Yes we are cautious investors, have bought and sold twice and made money. Quick rich schemes fail due to greed. The turtle won the race. I recommend The Wealthy Barber book as a good compliment to Rich Dad books. Play monopoly. Remember - you can lose your properties if you can't pay the taxes.

It's funny that there are so many similar positive comments about these seminars: "my net worth has tripled." "Greatest seminar ever!" Hmmm.. I wonder if Kiosaki could influence a few shareholders to get on here and make a few comments... I wonder...

Kiosaki also publicly supported Quixtar, another form of the old Amway scam. Buy some cleaning products you don't need. After that,come and pay for one of my seminars that is basically a sales pitch to rob you the same way the guy selling you the cleaning products does. Genius. These seminars would be a good way to learn to sell your morals for profit. Keep on earning brother, hell ain't half full.

I have visited many real estate seminars from many different companies out there (seminar junkie) and they do a lot of the same techniques as this company. You should be doing more reasearch before pointing fingers Marketplace. This show is not being fair at all.. BADDDDDDDD Marketplace BADDD

This is one sided!!!

Next time find a happy customer to compare. Don't try to ruin a company because one presenter appears to be a jerk!!!

I went to the seminar in 2009. I have already made my first profitable deal and am on my way to making many more. I never could have done it without the information I learned from the Rich Dad courses. Everyone needs to make their own decisions. The key to success with these courses is that you must take action yourself. Many will not and will fail. It is hard work. If anyone wants to make money without hard work, then good luck. Yes, the courses are very expensive and I would recommend the $500 course and maybe one other. However, I wouldn't recommend buying into the full deal for 12-45 thousand.

I went to a free real estate seminar in Winnipeg hosted by
Darren Weeks and I noticed when explaining their investment properties they rushed their pitch at the end. Some folks had confused looks on their faces because the information was too much to process near the end. It seems Darren was trying to do this to avoid the difficult questions.

At one point in the presentation they had a gentlemen explained that he went to school as an engineer and changed career paths to join the rich dad brand. It all seemed very contrived. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt maybe he is telling the truth but it didn't seem real. He joined the rich dad to work under Darren, but i don't suggest that's a realistic move for anyone who's invested that much time into a career unless a good contacts within the real estate industry.

This is the most biased show I've ever had the misfortunate to watch. The education that happens during the 3 days is fabulous. I learned more in the three days than years in University. It wasn't a three day upsale, they taught a lot during those three days and mentioned their was more training for those who wished to pursue more knowledge about investing in real estate.


I profoundly commend Marketplace on exposing this despicable scam artist.

I to attended this work shop and was very disappointed at the outcome on day three! Mark the so called instructor was very kind until he learned he would not make a sale of the further training!!!!!! That's when his true colours came out!!! I told my son i was sorry about the $500 he wasted and also his time, but he said it was time spent with his dad!! and that as for the money it was only $500. His take on this is that there will be a judgment day and that they will have to answer to the altimate Rich Dad!!! Proud of you son!!! Dad

Okay for all those people here that that think there's nothing wrong with the seminar. Let me get this straight, you would run over and call the bank to raise your credit card limit to $100k no questions asked?. Why would you NOT FIRST exhaust all other avenues of raising capital, ie a bank loan, line of credit, refinancing? Am I naive to think that no one knows the interest rates for credit cards? Holy freaking Moly. I can see why Kiosaki is a RICH DAD because he know's the kind of people that's out there.

Let me start by saying i am a Rich Dad follower. That coupled with plain common sense saying that our present finsncial system cannot not go on as it is leads me to the fact we have to educate ourselves because there is no such thing as financial education in our school system and i believe this is by design.
Marketplace did an excellent job of exposing this scam and that is expected of a program designed to explore only the negative and thats OK and thats why they hardly scratched the surface of tha RichDad philosophy.IF a followup is done in time i am sure that Kiyousaki will have this fixed and will distance himself from this situation.
We should always remember there is no quick fix or easy way for the situations we get ourselves into and more importantly there is no one who will do it for you.

In the past I have taken the entire Whitney Canada program.
It is because of what I learned during their courses and by my taking consistent action that I have been successful in real estate investing. All the instructors, including Marc, were experts in their fields and very willing to share everything they knew.
I knew from the beginning that one cannot learn all there is to know about the real estate game in a mere 3 days. How can one think that this is true?? We can all try to blame others for our own short comings and for not doing what it takes.
I have never been and am not associated with Whitney Canada.
As for Market Place, why did you only show the negative side of the program...because this is what your ratings are all about.
Why not air some of the positive about the program...because the negative is where the ratings come from. HOW SAD!!!

"No money down."
All over again.

I when to this one seminar SCAM!, I was 19 there where hundreds of other success seekers, the majority of us signed up. It was a 2 to 3 year training. Costing $40K. What a ripoff, and waste of time. That training got me a job at the Gap and my friend was lucky he got a nice position as a manager at a Telus kiosk, making $12 bucks a hour. That seminar was called York University.

Last year I went to Rich Dad Training and after a year I own three properties and work part time on my realestate business. That was a one year 20K investment, to get $2000 a month income.

Most of these post are from people who never took the training. I mean doing more that spending $500 on a intro training and chickening out when offered a 12K to 45K proven training program.

I am disappointed with CBC, this is bad one sided journalism. Never once did you interview a positive students experience.

I am a student and am very satisfied with my investment in the training.

I truly feel Robert is focused on helping people succeed. It is a business YES, does he make money YES. Do people learn and become successful YES!

I have to many friends who have spend thousands on a university degree only to find it of no use.

The education is of the highest quality once you have actually invested into it. Shame on you CBC for not interviewing a graduate. You have done fellow over worked under payed Canadians no service here by discouraging them in financial education.

The bottom line_____To get the other side of the story read some of the monthly articles about student sucsesses in
“ canadian realestate magazine ”

I watched your program last night on CBC. I have attended the 3 day infomercial type seminar and was intrigued enough to purchase some of the advanced training courses. Compared to the money I spent over six years at university becoming a Veterinarian my Rich Dad education has had a much higher return. Canadian real estate magazine often profiles successful students of this program try interviewing some of them. As for your depiction of Mark Mousseau maybe you could have mentioned some of his charity work. Is it possible his trailer park development is on hold while there is a down turn in the Pot Ash industry? Erica needs to do her due dilligence. This isn't the first time I have observed Marketplaces biased journalism(I'm a veterinarian remember). I had to check the guide on my T.V. to make sure I wasn't watching Fox News or possibly Al Jazeera. You could do a much better job.

I agree that Robert should not let his name be dragged through the mud. But I took the same weekend seminar and it was WELL worth 500$.
I wouldn't buy more than that, but if you're complaining about $500, you're still thinking like a poor person. The problem is not that the info given is incorrect, its that some of its american, not canadian.
And there's well over $500 of information in everything you get. One of my rental properties gives me $500 profit in ONE MONTH! I think Kiyosaki will straighten out the "wealth itelligence academy", but if you can cut through the sales pitch, you will get your money's worth.
And who is that real estate laywer you talked to? I do lease options all the time. You need to talk to someone in investment real estate, not a lawyer for only residential homes. Do better research marketplace.

To anyone who has recently paid for a workshop with Rich Dad, they must by law give you 10 days to change your mind. You may call them and get your money back. But keep and read the books, unlike the workshop, they are informative!

My wife and I have been to a lot of real estate investment seminars offered by Fast Track to Cashflow. All of the principals taught to invest are based on Robert Kiosakis principals which we have also read in 3 of his books we purchased. Fast Track Capital provides a lot of free seminars some including free lunch or dinner and show the average person a thing or two on how to increase their financial IQ. When it comes to these overpriced seminars which can be found practically everywhere it does have one wonder who is making all the money by having you invest your hard earned dollars for these courses. After all most of these companies target the average blue collar crowd and yes ones you've parted with your money most will never remember you. Take all the FREE advise you can get from people you know that have done well with their finances but do NOT pay for these courses. BUYER BEWARE.

In 2007 I took the course you discussed in your recent episode from the same presenter you 'exposed'. I'm sorry you didn't get the kind of information from the $500 course that I did. I cannot understand how you or your interviewees got such a negative message from the $500 course. After participating in the Rich Dad $500 course I was able to succesfully evaluate potential investment properties and currently own two that will help me retire in comfort.

I now know to take your program as pure entertainment. Based on my experience, your program's depiction of the Rich Dad Education courses have no basis in reality. It's not possible to squeeze 3 days of education into a 20 minute clandestine-expose-style television format without losing most of the key points of the seminar.

Life is about lessons and if there is anything to be learned from this segment is that the media can twist anything they want into a pathetic, ridicule of anything good. Most people are poor in their thinking,thats why people like Suki are battling being unemployed. The few people that can grow from an experience offered by the ... are open minded Be very careful what information you let into your head. If you listen to Suki you may just end up on the unemployement office, way to go Suki your helping losers of the world just like yourself achieve nothing more that mediocracy.

Success is there you gotta reach
Parker Bennett
Kamloops BC

Well done once again, every friday i sit down and say 'Get em'. Once again youve exposed these ...for what they are.

If you paid $500 for the 3 days workshop then you definitely learn something and that is you are STUPID to not see the scam while attending the free seminar because a light bulb should lit up and telling you no one can get rich with a 3 days lesson well except for the people that scam $500 out of you. If you continue to pay $45,0000 for an advance course then there is no cure for your Stupidity because with that kind of money you can pay for a post secondary education that you can use if school is not for you then you can use those money for a down payment of a nice house to live in or to rent out for some real income! Then again you probably too stupid to know that given you continue to give your money to a scam artist.

I Watched your program on TV today and am so happy that you brought the truth. These people are actually stealing money from people and there is no one out there who looks after the interest of the public.

A big thank you to the host who was brave to ask great questions to these scam artists.

Please keep up the good work and thank you for not letting these scam artists brain wash the public of canada!

Go canada GO!

Thank you Marketplace, for doing what you do.

It pains me very much because I used to be a Kiyosaki fan. Bought all the books, attended the three day workshop, and never really realized that he doesn't care at all about helping anyone but himself.

Kiyosaki should know exactly what is going on in his seminars. NO EXCUSES.

I am very angry at the man I used to consider a mentor.

This guy and many others prey on the kind of gullible person, that is present at his semimar and buys his books

His books are not aweful, just another play on financial rubbish, which many are exposed to.

Auyone who thinks his ways are right is just stupid,

The CBC expose of his ways shows just how slimey he and all the rest really are... total confidence tricksters.

MAny many people are making money out of telling people how to make money, in the end tis all rubbish, just learn to stay out of debt and you will be very rich...
We are all victims of the capitalist system which favors the establishment only.. not Joe Average

This is just like the movie "Glengarry Glen Ross" - a must see. Overall it is sad how an average consumer can be manipulated

Twenty years ago there was an infomercial hyping a real estate "guru", TOM VU
who would reveal his "secrets" on how to become the next Donald Trump. The infomercial was truly slick showing fancy cars, homes, yachts, along with bikini clad women and Tom Vu telling you how this could all be yours. Just come to his "intro" session.

The into sessions were also slick, but revealed NOTHING. For that you had to attend a 5 hour course that would cost $1000.00. (20 years ago).

I never went to the actual class, but friends of mine who did were upset. The "course" was identical to that that could be given in any junior college and little more. There was absolutely nothing there that was evenly remotely close to explaining how you can succeed in real estate.

Some things never change.

I am a person who has read "Rich dad, Poor dad".
I enjoyed the book and believe there are many good points (although the stories used to convey it may not be true")
However, I am terribly disappointed at the fact that Robert's workshop are like this.

People...I will sum it up in a few words.

"Robert's book is amazing, it has some real genuine teachings that can be VERY helpful in your quest to wealth.
However from this video, his workshops are HORRIBLE and can be labeled as "scam".

As a result, I'm very disappointed at Robert, I used to be a fan.

Hi, after viewing the Fast Track to Cash eposode, I felt very disturbed, I feel it was very one sided, and didn't focus on the positives of the education. I signed up for the advanced trainings(approx $40k) and in the last two years I have increased my networth by over $300K. Iam only 25yrs old. I have met numerous people who have done very well with their education through Whitney/Richdad. I will continue using the education i have gained and will be a success. I'd like to thank Robert Kiyosaki for providing all the tools and knowledge i will use to build my wealth.


The book Rich Dad Poor Dad is a jr high level financial educational book that is a must read if you weren't taught anything about finances growing up. The government doesn't teach us a thing about how to manage our money and how to make money work for us. Who lost money 2 years ago? The uneducated! Robert Kiyosaki is an action taking entrepreneur that has grown into a very wise and wealthy businessmen. Props! If you would read his literature, you will learn the basics to have money work for you and also that the rules are unfair. Few people take control and take action, some do but need guidance from experienced people and that does cost money. There's an 8 year old boy from Ontario that read Rich Dad Poor Dad and to date has a net worth of $900,000 from implementing Robert's tactics. Who wants to play Cashflow?

cbc is the worst site to watch video on that I have come across in my many years of internet use. cbc really needs to fix there many video shortcomings. you would think they would be more of a leader in the industry. good luck trying to watch any cbc video you want because i have never had any,

Interview a happy customer, go to a good seminar...!!!!

The seminar we went to was "Absolute Genius! It was professional an extremely well run!! worht thousands and was an absolutely positive learnign experience!!
Pamela Elliott

After watching the CBC marketplace last night, what advice would someone take if he/she has already paid for the 3 days seminar. Is there anyway out?

The problem is simply this. If people expect another human being to be perfectly altruistic and lead them to the promised land, they are deceiving themselves.
Robert Kiyosaki, has parlayed an education in wealth accumulation into an empire. He does'nt promise that YOU will become rich. Instaed he says "What will YOU DO?".
Jack Canfield says "What will YOU DO?". Tim Ferris says "What will YOU DO?".
Stop waiting to be handed the 'keys to the kingdom', by a mere man.
If you want to be successful, YOU have to find that power within yourself. Kiyosaki isn't God. Ferris isn't God! YOU aren't God! But There is a God, and that God has ALL your interests in mind. Get connected to the place within yourself where God reveals Himself, discover the awesome potential each of us possess to DO ANYTHING, and follow YOUR dream.
Stop complaining about your human gurus.
What will YOU DO?

I signed up for the Real Estate Mentoring Course in late 2005 and paid $3500. I worked with a coach but could call the coaching hotline with any questions. All I could find were deals that had negative cash flow. I called the coaching hotline with one of them, and that coach said 'if it doesn't cash flow, don't do it.' That was the BEST advice I have ever gotten. It did cost me $3500 to get that advice, but that advice saved me a heck of alot more than $3500 by not doing any of those deals. Now I am just working on my first deal, because it DOES cash flow.

Robert Kiyosaki is not believeable at all in the lame excuses he tried put forward at the end of the broadcast. Anyone can see how he first tried to deny anything was wrong, then tried to pretend he didn't know what was going on. When that didn't work, he moved to blaming others, like his former partner and a licensing deal.
Now of course those are all simply attempts at spin-control, to try and keep the millions coming in.

None of this is new news by the way, for a complete analysis of Robert Kiyosaki, just search Google for the webpage by John T. Reed...

For those of you who think Robert Kiosaki is a victim here, all I can say is "Your a Fool". If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck then guess what? Its probably a duck. Hello people, get a grip, this guy knows exactly whats going on.

People who have been to a seminar free or paid, quite simply are reluctant to say how they feel (ripped off)
I thought I was the only one feeling this way after spending $500.
The presenters look for dollar signs in each and every seminar's attendee.
When questions are too complicated ie. how do I come up with a down payment when I live paycheque to paycheque in this moment? THAT IS A FAIR QUESTION!
It is true that mingling with other attendees is NOT encouraged. Attendees are quite reluctant to talk about their opinion so as not to be overheard ...
I hope you will reimburse those people who really feel they were cheated and pay them back in some way.
Lets all face it, when it was easy to get credit nobody got worked up about $500bucks.
I am embarrassed to say I wasted $500

To all the people that say this course is legit and others have it wrong. Explain to me, someone that is considering going to this, why did they lie about the 32 Million dollar trailer park deal?

For those of you who read the book, the most important piece he gives is, "Pay yourself first..." It does not seem like that principle is being applied here.

And for those of you who say that this course helped you, think of like this, 1000 people go to the course and some go out and invest, some will do well and others won't. The real question is, without the course, would you have achieved the same results? It is at all possible that had you not attended this seminar, that your results would have been the same? Or were you so uneducated, that for 500 you learned the fundamentals, that you could have obtained for free by simply chatting with a real estate agent?

There are always going to be disappointed people for every product. You can't please everyone. There are people who have been successful. The challenge with this type of show they always show the one side because that's how they get ratings. Bring the happy clients on too.

Excellent excellent program Marketplace! Seminar junkies are so gullible. They don't even know they have been had after they have shelled out mega bucks only to be upsold for even more money. That's the oldest trick in the marketers bag of tricks. Do yourself a favor and G search "rich dad education scam". In particular read John T. Reeds expose on the matter. $500 will buy just about every real estate book available at your local bookstore. If after reading all those books you haven't figured out how to make some money with real estate then your probably ripe to get ripped off by some real estate guru. The people posting positive spins sadly do not realize who the real smart rich guy is. PS I am a very wealthy real estate investor but would never give my hard earned money to fast talking hucksters. Do your research before giving anyone your hard earned money!

Think about it. If the program works, we should have a lot of millionairs by now. Billionair Warren Buffet shows you how to invest his way for free and you pay money to learn from a millionair from selling books and siminars. Go figure!

I have attended some of the Fast Track to Cash Flow seminars (which is the Canadian version of the Rich Dad brand) run by Darren Weeks, and while they "aspire" to be educational in nature, their purpose is clearly to grow business. The seminars had an arrogant wannabe business school feel, which may appeal to a certain demographic, but not the "average mom or dad Canadian" they claim their focus is.

I tried to speak to Mr. Weeks after his event, like I'd chat with my banker or accountant, but apparently the Brick Breaker high-score on his Blackberry was more important then my questions as an average Canadian. Truthfully, they don't want to have anything to do with "average" Canadians, other then taking our money... I'm not even saying their investments are a scam, but they're certainly not approachable, and why would you trust your money to someone who isn't approachable?

This story reminds of a similiar company called "Stores Online" that uses similiar practices - with a slick marketing scheme, getting you in the door for free, tho' this time it was a free dinner promising you to learn how to get rich online.

And then they aggressively upsell you to a paid seminar on how to make money online with their grossly over-priced website pkgs-deal. Once in the door, you're asked to fill out and sign a loan form and they check your credit rating within the first hour of being there.

If you qualify like we did, they're all over to buy the highest priced package throughout the whole day's workshop. If you ask questions, they continue to badger you to buy giving every excuse and lie in the book. We were not impressed by their tactic whatsoever - very sleazy - prowling on low-income folk's dreams.

Don't fall for it - Do your research first!

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS....due your due diligence. When it comes to investing, your best friend should be your lawyer and your accountant.

If you are unwilling to spend money on a PROFESSIONAL opinion backed by the laws, regulations, and yes even the loop holes of your country, why would you take the word of someone who says "you can be just like me, if you only..."

I have great insights into this rich dad poor dad seminars as I have attended many preview free smeinars and did enrol the 3 day weekend seminar. I am a seminar junkee and have to been to many various types of these getrich quick seminars. I could share so much powerful info with you would at what lengths they go through to get your money. I have been to the Russ Whitney.Trump,RichDad,Ebay,storesonline and seem to get many mailings from al of them even though I never buy into what they are trying to sell me.

I hope this show is ran again as I am sorry I missed it.

I liked rich dads books, and his thoughts on financial literacy. I signed up for his 'mentorship' program, and when they asked me for $1800, I said goodbye.

I am glad the CBC did this. It lets me know that this program of his is garbage, and I will share that others that I know.

I am a fan of Robert Kiyosaki and his philosophies on money. I have never been to one of his own seminars but I have read many of his books. My net worth today is a direct result of reading his first book "Rich Dad Poor Dad". I find it disturbing that Robert is in this position of all this negative press but I am certain and believe that his concern is sincere and these issues will be dealt with promptly. It is unfortunate that some people got taken for some of their hard earned dollars. I have to say get over it. Hopefully it was only five hundred dollars but what ever the amount, consider it a lesson and get on with your life. Yes I have been burned as well, but if you can't handle losing some money from time to time, maybe investing is not really for you.

Thank you for this terrific expose. I was not at all surprised by your findings as a friend and I attended a three day workshop in Victoria in early November 2009. It was called 'Fast Track to Cash Flow', follwed by 'Fast Track to Paradise' and 'Save taxes Fight Aids'. Robert Kyosaki was frequently mentioned and we, too were encouraged to attend more expensive advanced courses. We paid $47.00 for a paperwork/training manual and were advised to do our due diligence homework. Mine included talking to an investment tax preparer, who advised me strongly against them, and taught me about Revenue Canada's GAAR. (General Anti-Avoidance Rules), which means that Revenue Canada will indeed shut them down eventually, but that it is us, the working stiffs who try this, who get dinged, and not these seminar professionals we gave our money to.

The whole increasing you credit card limit bit is a good idea if your planning on investing in to real estate. Even if your not investing and are just buying a home to live in no money lenders, or banks will approve you if you are maxed out of you low credit card limits. Most of the rich guys I see at the bank have many different credit cards and high credit limits. They might be doing something right.

This is amazing, this show is a an absolute waste of time... i have gone through roberts advance classes and can tell you that i would never look back and make my decision differently... they provide you with all the tools u need to succeed.... i have a portfolio over one million now and all that thanks to rober and my hard work.

Thanks, CBC, for the helpful show. I actually registered the seminar for coming week. Now I am going to have to cancel it now. I expect they will do some selling on their product and more seminar, but didn't expect ALL they do is pressure you into more seminars. I guess there is no magic show will turn you into a millionaire. I was expecting they will give you some pointers so I can go do more research and practice myself. The lady in the show said it well, it Roberts seems to be helpful in his books, but seems that he just rip off your money in seminars. I am not so good with resisting pressure, I can imagine myself being pressuring into spending ton of money.

This show Marketplace is not a credited show. Tell me one POSITIVE thing they say about any company. This show just exploits business to make money. So low. I bed this isn't even going to be posted.

Ive been a fan of Rich dad for a few years now. Read the books, Took a couple of the courses, also got a coach. The best 4-5000 dollars I have ever spent! None of our courses told us we would get rich quick or it would be easy! This broadcast was very entertaining, even for me ( a rich dad fan)! Probably because the hard work story would be boring. It was very one sided. I am a success story in the making, have two properties that cashflow 1000 dollars combined, and got them leveraging money...

Funny how this show Marketplace exploits business out there that are geared towards helping people and guiding people. Of course there is a cost for everything. If you truly are interested in your financial future, and see yourself working on real estate and stock then this is for you. For all the others out there that believe that its just a get quick scam then its not for you because that is not what it is. Why don't you guys at Marketplace hunt down the students who went through the program, "hidden camera" and all and try to exploit them. That is what this show really needs. I think this program was bias, and that there are 2 sides to every story. I've known a friend who has been through one of these programs to to tell you the truth, they have nothing negative to say. They back up what they are selling and there is value to the classes. Goodluck exploiting Herbal Magic next week!

There once was a town on a seldom travelled road. A group of people approached a man standing on the road to the town, and asked him what the people in the town were like.
The man asked the group "what were the people like in the town you just came from"? Oh, they answered, "They were mean spirited, petty, greedy, and selfish". The guide said to them, "I'm afraid you will find the people in the town up ahead are also mean spirited, petty, greedy and selfish". They glumy headed down the road.

Soon another group approached the lone figure, and likewise asked him to describe the character of the citizens in the town ahead. He again asked "what were the folks like in the town you just came from."? Oh, they were kind, and considerate, friendly, and hated to see us leave."
Well the lone guide told them, you'll be pleased to know the people in the town ahead are exactly like that.
see it?

Hmmmmm... these guys made $32 million on a non-existent trailer park in Saskatchewan ... $32 million is a lot of money ... what are they doing running a small-time (only $500) operation?

Kiosaki appeared to me to be somewhat evasive in his responses. Step one: Follow the money.

Given the seriousness of the actions of the parties involved I would certainly feel uncomfortable if I were in a position of supporting this "venture". It seems several of the parties involved on the selling side are occupying a potentially actionable position.

Richey Rich are you a Rich Global insider trying to fan the flames? Who is Cashflow Technologies Inc but a Robert-owned entity? And why feel sorry for Robert and Kim when they are making mega-millions off the seminar deal. Save your pity for the right folks - the consumers and employees who are caught up in the tangled web Rich Dad weaves.

You can just FEEL the "plants" from this company trying to salvage their BS. Spend less, Save More. You'll be rich,

Send ME $500.

My husband and I attended that seminar that was shown on this episode,we appear in it periodically,without our consent.We had a really good time,and walked away feeling as if we had found out some information that we otherwise wouldn't have known.Marc was a wonderful presenter,who NEVER once told us we could not leave the room.His staff were very professional,and very helpful when asked any questions.I truly resent the fact that this show gave Suki a voice,and allowed him to have his ill-gotten 15 minutes of fame.He was late the first day of the seminar,so he missed when Marc asked us if we agreed with the timetable that he proposed,so we could end early the 3rd day.Instead,he threw a fit when Marc decided to stop teaching.I realize it wouldn't make good t.v. to show people having a good time at this seminar,but I think it was definately a 1 sided deal.

I'm on the fence on this one. I've attending the 3 day weekend seminar. I am in the real estate business and I knew a lot of the info. I was worried about the people that weren't familiar with the terminology. The seminar was probably worth $500. However, i certainly wasn't expecting to be given the super hard sell to attend other seminars in a different province at a cost of about $5000 to $20,000.

You could spend 4 years of your life in university and spend roughly $20,000 and not be guaranteed you will make any money by getting a job. Or you could try the Rich Dad plan. While they try to get people that have limited resources to invest everything they have, you really should have $20,000 to $30,000 spare cash to actually be able to afford to put a few real estate deals together...

I have to say, I really feel sorry for Kiyosaki. This seminar company is really destroying his image. To find out he got screwed on his licensing deal is very unfortunate. Now, I'm not surprised because the presentation of tigrents courses lack integrity.

I went to the stock success seminar & paid $250 because I partnered with someone else I met at the 1st seminar. At our 3 day seminar we had instructor ... who was a very good speaker and teacher.

For my $250 I received 3 books: Increase your financial IQ, who moved my cheese & prophecy. I was also given a course textbook. I took notes and got a summary book at the end to reinforce them.

I was very much displeased with to additional marketing for the later courses. I was stressed out from the event.

I stand behind Kiyosaki. I will not be taking the education classes unless they are run by Cashflow Technologies Inc

Rich Dad is not the only real estate guru who offers investment seminars that teach you how to put together real estate transactions for a fee. There are other organisations in Canada that do so for similar fees per course as Rich Dad.

Maybe they don't go through the exaggerated sales pitch but their fees are in line with those of Rich Dad. They may not ask you to spend it all at once but if you take the courses you will spend as much if you take a similar number of courses.

I signed up for the advanced courses and so far I am not disappointed. I am only disappointed by the insinuation that people are being ripped off. There are obviously bad instructors out there as the video shows, but they are not all like that.

The Rich Dad seminar I attended included a portion advertising a charitable donation tax scheme whereby you donate $100 and get a tax receipt worth something like $300.

The advertisements for the seminar say that they will provide you with advice that your accountant won't.

Let's see ... someone who is promising me something that might look too good to be true ... and an independent professional probably wouldn't recommend doing it.

They exploit the jealousy, laziness, and gullibility of people to make themselves rich.


About two years ago I attended a free Rich Dad workshop. Not long into it I realized that it was basically a big sales pitch for another seminar, which I would have to pay for. Anyways it still sounded like it made sense so I signed up for the three day workshop. I thought for sure that over the course of three days I would leave with some very valuable knowledge,that was not the case. Basically the speaker just had us do these very standard exersizes based ideas you would already be aware of had you read at least one of Kiyosaki's books, and at best introduced different areas of realestate investing no real strategies were shared. The worst part of it was that it didnt end at this point, they were trying to get us to sign up for more workshops which cost thousands of dollars. I didnt need to spend that time and money only to be told that the real information was somewhere else.

The information leared through these seminars and his books are worth much more than any University education that leaves students with thousands in debt. Small cost for a very valuable education. But there are always bad apples out there and people who expect to just be handed their fortune without work.

When I first heard his ads on radio, I felt something is wrong. I read his book before. All he is talking about is buy house and use the rent to buy another house. If he keeps doing this these years. I can imagine he is in big trouble now. So I can understand why he is doing this to ruin his reputation. But he is obviously doing very good. When I google his name I can find almost no negative news about him. I applause CBC marketplace for bring this to public.

I think that with most seminars may it be rich dad or poor dad, Millionaire Mind... etc. you have to go in and turn your spam filter on.
Yes it is a lot of sales pitch and pressure marketing. However I found having attended the Millionaire Mind program that i came out on top. I am not rich nor wealthy but have a better control over my spending.
I have to say though the rich dad poor dad seminars do seem to get a lot of bad wrap. Kiosaki In my opinion blows me away though, he licenses his name out to third party companies and thinks he is not to blame if they rip the public off? "That is not fair, That is not fair, That is not fair." is he kidding me?
He just deprives people of their well earned money and then has his subsidiary, or licensee companies give advice that can if not correctly used plummet them into financial ruin.
Be careful for what you pay for, get the books you learn more

These seminars are a JOKE! My friend talked me into going and told me how great Kiyosaki was for real estate advice. PUH-lease. The seminars are nothing but a hard-sell scam to get you to sign up. The free one claims to give you tips to make millons - it doesn't offer one useful peace of advice.

I love the planted people in the audience though who run up like dogs to beg for a free book or sign up for whatever! hhaha would be fun to join in with them and be super enthusiastic :P

Scam rating 5/5 Avoid at all costs. The books are similarly 'useless' offering common sense advice - nothing revolutionary there.

I wonder why anyone would consider the stock trading seminar a scam. You pay $500 dollars to learn about stock trading, that's what you get. You obviously don't become a professional trader in a weekend, but did you really expect that. You are taught some upper level concepts that require an understanding of math and psychology. I think if you grasp those concepts and wish to continue on with your education to learn how to apply those concepts you can. I think that if you did grasp the concepts and are not just greedy, you would understand there is no guarantee on performance. I wonder why market place isn't doing a investigation on the university scam. How many young people have a $40000 debt and a piece of paper saying they have a bunch of useless information they can't apply or aren't applying? Knowledge is nothing unless applied, don't blame others for your inabilities.

(Part 2 of my post)

The interesting thing here is that Erica Johnson is forgetting the cardinal rule of good Journalism; to give an unbiased, impartial and objective view of the topic. Why did she not speak to all the success stories of Robert's? Notice how she focuses on the allegedly bad aspects and ignores people like myself! Poor form, Erica. Ask yourself a question: would you spend $45,000 in exchange for $1,500,000? Of course you would! But the real story is that I have never heard of this $45k course ever, and I only spent about $1k in total for all my Kiyosaki education!

I attended the 3 day real estate seminar in the summer of 2008. I've read all the posted comments above and would have to summarize most of them us short-sighted. The rich-dad information follows all basic rules of money and wealth. Education is the foundation of skill, and as an introduction seminar to real estate investing, the price and material covered were both appropriate and extremely useful. The advanced trainings each included value far beyond the price, including thousands of dollars in customized legal forms. Real estate investing is simple in concept, but its not effortless. Just like learning to drive, investment vehicles require starting the car and stepping on the gas at a pace you can handle. I didn't find anything pushy about the seminars to continue purchasing, but you'd be a fool to attend without expecting to be asked to buy more. Welcome to commerce.

To quote a VERY rich man, Jay-Z: "Men lie, women lie, numbers don't". From 2003-2007 (4 years), I went from a broke student (-$10k owing in loans), to over $1.5M net worth, solely using Kiyosaki's strategies for wealth building after I read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", back in '03.

I truly believe that part of the inertia behind this "story" is coming from the banking industry, who no doubt feel threatened by Kiyosaki's philosophy. Think about it: if all Canadians woke up, realized they are being raped by the Legal Ponzi Scheme that is the banking industry, then they would take out all their mutual funds, RRSP's and GIC's. What would happen to the banker's income? I think you can guess.

The interesting thing here is that Erica Johnson is forgetting the cardinal rule of good Journalism; to give an unbiased, impartial and objective view of the topic. Poor form Erica!

I have read Robert's books Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Cashflow Quadrant and alot of what he wrote about has value. There is a different mindset about money, assets and being rich, however having attended the 3 day training course, it was clear that it was slick marketing for expensive training with no guarantee for results. As other readers have noted, you can obtain this information through the books through your local public library.

People always easy to forget the fundamentals of market: find the needs! Kiosaki knows you want to get rich quick, so you are in this trap!

I've been to his Seminar. Complete SCAM! (This is American Greed at it's best).

First, your email will get professionally bombarded with very smart SPAMmers (I'm 100% they sell you as a lead to these marketing groups).

Then you'll sit in a 2 day commercial to upsell you $30k - $50k in Real estate training. (yes they drop some good content in the seminar - but only teasers, and I'm sure as a tactic to make you feel like you got some knowledge, but more so to make you buy into the real hidden agenda).

On day 1, they actually had the nerve to get everyone in the room to call their bank and credit card companies to increase their balance, and negotiate a better rate (during the coffee break) – They were making room on your credit card for you to be able to buy their services!

Don’t be gullible people – stay away from these types (I smelled this scam from a mile)

Its too bad b/c I did enjoy the original book but I've lost a lot of respect for a person who will sell out his image so easily.

The commercials sounded sleazy when they were being played in my area and were obviously capitalizing on the economic downturn and Robert K's "prediction" that it would happen. Thanks Marketplace for checking it out.

PS - i predict the market will eventually go up and then it will eventually crash. I hope you find this impressive.

I found Kiosaki's book Rich Dad, Poor Dad to be a de-tax bible, which explains why so many anti-tax promoters worship the book. I found that most of what the book said was based on US tax law and was aggressive or offensive from a Canadian tax law standpoint.
The Cash Flow concepts are either common knowledge or based on MLM schemes that Weeks promotes

I listened to the radio broadcast this morning and found much to agree with in the criticisms of the seminars. I attended with a friend in London, ON. It is absolutely correct to point out how delegates are discouraged from networking and talking during the few breaks. My friend and I constantly challenged and questioned the presenter as he continually avoided answering direct questions: "We'll cover that tomorrow" or "Wait and I'll get to that in a minute" - he never did. If the intention is to sell training, why not be up front about that? Why pretend that everyone is going to get rich when it is quite clear that the only ones benefitting are the presenters? The presentation 'team' were dressed in suits to give an illusion of respectability. In truth, once they spoke, it became apparent they were no different from the confidence tricksters one sees one a street corner.

I've enjoyed reading Kiyosaki's books. They've motivated me, included interesting tips and strategies, and have really helped me think about and find other business opportunities. $500 courses can teach a person plenty in three days. I've boosted my career at several stages spending about that amount of money here and there. I would expect no less from a course like this (although I admit that I wouldn't spend it on this one. We can all read several of his books for free from the library you know!).

It's disappointing to hear that these "workshops" are nothing more than sales pitches licensed by a Canadian company with a bad rep. I hope that Kiyosaki personally repairs the situation. Not only should he be open about the flaws in the workshop and the companies he partners with, but I would expect him to keep his audience up to date about its changes and improvements. I'd expect no less.

I first read rich dad poor dad in 2001, I liked the book, bought the game cash flow, i liked the storey, the content and the idealogy behind cashflow.

I continued on my entreprenurial path for 6 years when I rediscovered Robert Kiyosaki with Donald Trump, I bought into the coaching program ($10,000 US) after 5 or 6 session I started to get concerned with the quality of my coach, I kept saying to my wife, "does this guy even review our homework before these sessions?"

I finally tried to get a credit to attend another expensive siminar, in Arizona, in exchange for the difference on coaching program, no dice, that will be another $5000 US. And you can fire up your coaching when your ready to finish, which I tried this fall, but recieved no reply from my coach. I just chalk it up to learning. truly no hard feelings.

It's true you have to get out there and make mistakes to learn!

Kiyosaki real secret is that he gets rich from book sales and seminars. Like mutual companies get rich off commissions and fees. They both sell you the idea you can get rich by gambling your money but whether you win or lose, they win. Good work if you can get it actually.

I have read some of the books and I think the message of investing in your own wealthy future through passive income is a wise message. Working full time for someone else is just as risky as anything else. I am not convinced that Robert's stories are so valid. I mean, is there any proof that his father was a "poor" superintendent? Did "rich dad" really own a variety of restaurants after being homeschooled? Why have we never heard from him or any of his descendents? I think that much of Robert's advice is worth considering, but I am not convinced I would just jump in and invest tens of thousands of dollars in his program. Yes, "fear" does hold me back, but it is a just fear. What have I got to lose if his advice should fail me? A lot!

I am not sure why people just don't get it....if people like Robert Kiosaki really knew how to get rich in the stock market or real estate would they really share it with you? He is getting rich $500 at a time convincing you to attend his seminars.

Think about it.....if you knew the store that was going to sell the winning lottery ticket would you tell everyone?
I think not....

When are people going to realize corporations, governments and other people do not have your best interest at heart....they just want your money!!!!!!!!!!

Wake up!

Seems that people are looking for that "get rich quick" plan. It doesn't exist ppl, slow and steady is the only way! Remember our Grandparents saying; "save your pennies", they were right. Back to basics is the only way to true wealth, no seminars, video's etc... Sad to see ppl willing to waste $500. My close relatives tought me the way to a wealthy life for free. There are no secrets to wealth, just spend less and save more, that will be $500 pls.

The methods of investing work, but you don't need to pay thousands (or even hundreds) of dollars to learn them.

If you can read, you can go to the library and learn far more than what these semenars teach.

The individuals who attend these semenars don't want to do their own research and would prefer somebody to hold their hand. If you want somebody to babysit you, then you have to understand that that will cost money.

How did my wife and I become mortgage-free millionaires in our 30s? We read books that are available from the library and bookstore. That's it. Paying $500 for less information that can be found in a free library book is just silly.

I was channel surfing when i caught your piece on Rich Dad poor Dad. i have just came form a seminar on the Fast track to cash flow and fight aids save taxes event. all about investment opportunies and save on taxes. i was this close to investing my money but decieded to do more reseach on line investment scams goverment tax sight/tax shelter etc. i could not find anything. Will the truth be revealed or do we kiss or money good-bye. Set me free

I attended one of these in St. John's. While I expected SOME degree of up-sell, I was staggered by the degree manipulation and hard sell by our Rich Dad facilitator. We were urged 9 times (!!) to participate in the $500 seminar to be held in Nov. And all along the seminar - they kept ratcheting up the pressure.
I saw a lot of people in that room who went to the back and paid $500 for the upcoming course. I saw a lot of people in that room who went to the back and paid $500 for the upcoming course. One should judge a book by its cover I know - but there was a number who certainly didn't look like they could afford it. But the message during that entire seminar was: You are stupid if you don't take this opportunity kicking in your door. Unlike weight loss ad - this one did not have a "Results Not Typical" mentioned ONCE during the presentation.
Shame on these people.

I like Robert Kiosaki's books entitled "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and also "Cashflow Quadrant." I can feel that he is very sincere and simple in his belief that business and investment are the way to riches and not employment.

However, over the years he has been subcontracting his name to businesses, who are misusing it for personal gain. The three day real estate seminar has little mention about what Kiosaki teaches; it is just a sales promotion for a much bigger legal rip-off training, where the few selected victims are deprived of thousands of dollars. Now Mr. Kiosaki is no less than Tom Vu who has his eyes on your wallet and not your welfare.

Powerful but shallow sales techniques are used to "build castles in the air." WHERE IS THE HONESTY?

Can we say Russ Whitney take 2?

There's a bigger story here. Literally thousands of investors have been burned in Canada, yet the seminars continue. The promise of riches and simple methods on how to do it.

I was one of those victims. 1000 characters wont cover it. Kiyosaki needed an active training seminar service and Russ Whitney was more than happy to re-brand his entire system to the new "Rich Dad" real estate investing seminars.

New name. Popular best selling author. New excited victims. Increased prices.

The name was changed to protect the guilty...err innocent.

Major court case pending for fraud in Canada.

Ha! CBC Marketplace out to protect the greedy from being exploited by the greedy.

The last 20 years Ive done seminars and conferences for a living, as a back stage tech. I've seen them all and worked with them all. You CANNOT spend $5000 or $10000 in a weekend chat and expect to learn tricks in real estate or how to play the stockmarket. You will get killed in the real world. He is what you will learn ... buy .30c stocks that used to be $30.00. Buy property that the rent will cover morgage and taxes, then it is an asset.

Now you can all send me $5000 for that information.


I've attend Rich Dad's 3 day seminar and was very disappointed. I basically paid $500 to listen to a 2 day commercial. I didn't attend the 3rd day because at the end of the 2nd day, they had the nerve to tell you that you would have to pay about $50,000 in order to learn the Rich Dad Poor Dad ways of making money. I think that it's a scam and would recommend that no one waste their time and money like I did.

I once was a big fan of Robert Kiosaki. I have a number of his books in my library and I have given out quite a number of copies of Rich Dad Poor Dad.

I think he has sold out ... promoting real estate investments (much like a mutual fund) to the public while at the same time suggesting that such pooled investments are wrong.

I get the feeling his real estate projects are running out of money and need a cash infusion from investors.Too bad the public does not really understand the risk involved in these projects.

Cash flow is a great concept ... but now it is lost in an attempt to make money off the people that trusted his advice in his books.

I cant wait to see this show. Ive been trying to find out more about this "Fast Track to Cash" and cant find much. How legit are these people? Who's really the one getting rich? Personally I think these guys learnt how to fly under the radar so Im really curious to see what they are all about. Thankyou Marketplace for bring this to air.

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