MIRACLE MAKERS OR MONEY TAKERS? | Originally broadcast Jan. 30, 2009 on CBC-TV
Why are Canadians hanging their hopes on this machine?
Arrow FEB. 27/09 UPDATE: Is the EPFX still allowed to be sold in Canada?

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The Electro Physiological Feedback Xrroid (EPFX) machine
When you're sick, you'll do anything to get better. For those suffering with a serious illness, they are desperate for a miracle cure.

Ailing Canadians are spending up to $200 a session in clinics and even buying the $20,000 "miracle" machine called the EPFX for home use. It's name is as intriguing as its health claims.

The EPFX -- which stands for Electro Physiological Feedback Xrroid -- claims to help everything from stress to Alzheimer's. The device is hooked up to a patient with straps that wrap around the ankles, wrists, and forehead. The device supposedly reads the body’s reactivity to various frequencies, and then sends back other frequencies to make changes in the body.

Even though the device is only licenced for use in Canada by Health Canada as a biofeedback device for stress reduction, people are turning to the EPFX for help with AIDS and even cancer.

So Erica Johnson flew to Hungary to meet EPFX inventor, Bill Nelson, for an explanation. Nelson showed for our interview as his female alter-ego, Desiré Dubounet, and made some outrageous claims.

It's an interview not to be missed.
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It would be hugely revealing if you could graph the IP addresses of the pro- and anti- device comments.

I say this as all of the pro- comments all have a similar writing style. Might be an interesting follow up to the story-- nefarious online PR from quacks?

I'm quite surprised that there are people here who still think this machine is genuine. They don't really understand the scientific mindset.

Aside from being impressed by genuine data, nothing fascinates a scientist more than an unexplainable process or effect that isn't understood. If there were some properly conducted trials or even just properly documented successful cases they would be all over this like ants at a picnic. Where did modern come from in the first place?

As Tim Minchin put it "Do you know what they call alternative medicine that has been tested and found to work? Medicine."

Here's a little test for people who like all that Eastern medicine:

1. What was the average life expectancy of Chinese people in 1900?
2. What is the average life expectancy of Chinese people today?
3. What form of medicine was introduced to China between those dates?

The answers are: 40, 80 and Western Medicine. 5,000 years of accupuncture, TCM and all the rest couldn't produce a life expectancy over 40 for your average Chinese citizen. Don't take my word for it - do your own research.

So when I see people on here saying that this machine is effective just like Reiki, accupuncture and TCM, I don't really hold much faith in what they're saying.

This machine is a crock and anyone who believes it works is just fooling themselves. 20 grand? For what? What amazing high-tech equipment is inside one of these things that can't be reproduced for less than 20K?

The Scio is rubbish, verify yourself on the internet

1, All of Bills qualifications are non affiliated , some you can buy for $50 - $500 without doing any study.

2. The guy was never in Nasa and had nothing to do with Apollo as many of his sites and affiliated sites claim

3. The scio is a random number generator,

4. If you use a form stripper on Clasp you can find questionable images and words that can only be brain washing, the program is very convoluted and a total mess, its written in Delphi which is unreliable and impossible to totally reverse engineer, you can only get the forms and database.

5. Bio feedback practitioners are very good convincers, they make you feel you are better, they condition you ( by using reverse physiology ) to first make you think you are ill then better when they figure out you running out of patience or money

It can't detect anything, gives false readings, and would make a wonderful business for any of you determined to dupe and mislead people.

However, I will pit my Acer laptop against any of these machines - it even has a video camera (i.e. real live biofeedback). I just held my finger up to that camera, and sure enough it detected it, and showed me back a picture as well.

My brother's machine however, kind of sits there, being very "quantum" but can't detect a sore finger! The operator won't explain how it works because the operator doesn't know. The operator is convinced it works. But, it doesn't work. If you say black, they'll say white.

Of course all modern doctors are quacks right? They're all
in the pay of the pharmaceutical companies and know nothing. A pox upon their scientifc method. The do-nothing machine has now replaced all of Western science.

How did Health Canada allow the use of a machine w/o medical evidence?

This machine is an incredible device, that can do wonders.

I've used it 20 times during the period of 4 years, and combined with weekly or biweekly accupuncture and a total change of diet got rid of bipolar disoder, for which I've been treated for 20 years with lithium, melarill, prozac, etc. It cost me a lot of money, but I am sure it was still much less then what insurance paied the doctors and pharmacutical in the previous years.

As a diagnostic tool this machine equals or tops conventional blood tests with zero dicomfort and a short of energy to leave the office with.

It is definately the future of medicine.

This is a machine which generates numbers and data in accordance to any algoryth...Very pity on people who beleives to be healed such a machine...No input, no output, only buttons to press for "anti-aging therapy" and for such a miraculous facts....Whom to blame for this? Only the people who beleived in it. Desiree Doubonnet- alias prof. Bill Nelson is a fantastic magician man with recognation of situation and making thousand of Millions (USD)...

The machine really works! I already feel a lot better even though I never even touched the machine.
Well, cool down, the mirror and smoke machine did not make me healthier, it was the laughter it has caused.
I switched to CBC while the program was in progress and it took me a while to understand that it was for real. I’m laughing ever since.
I’m still laughing an hour after the program ended. Doesn’t laughter make you healthier?
The people who purchased the machine better are laughing too, as this is about the only thing that can make them healthier. Unless, of course, they seek REAL medical assistance. And do it quick.

When I watch MARKETPLACE, I assume (fool that I am!) that I will hear an informed, unbaised, open-minded point of view on whatever the topic. Your attack on Bill Nelson, with an attempt to totally discredit him, demonstrated to me that you are not really open to learning the truth of "medical breakthroughs" ie CANCER REMEDIES. Although I know nothing about his machine, I do know that there are also other cancer remedies which our HOLY Pharmacuetical supporters/ Traditional Physician work hard to discredit as well.Perhaps your hands are tied when it comes to medical issues....?
Instead of focusing on the cures, there is great research on WHAT CAUSES CANCER! How about looking into the push of SOY/ PROTEIN on us...something the Chinese never regarded as suitable as a food for humans. Look up Sally Fallon and her research on soy as a CARCAGIN and keep an open mind re CANCER

It has been proven that certain frequencies affect certain "diseases". That is why Royal Rife was put out of biz by the Medical Mafia, long ago. That is also why HAARP exists up north, to help keep us unhealthy! After reading the 1st few responses of the drone/lemmings, who are outraged, and actually think Health Canada is there to help people, is it any wonder the NEGATIVE
frequency of cancer is rampant in our society????

The only criticism I have, is Nelson being a cross-dresser!!! LOL Waaaaazzzzzup wit dat???? Of course the PROGRAMMED lemmings will be scared even more!!! lol Does anyone know that Health Canada agents, with the help of the RCMP, raided a naturopath's home in Jan. confiscated computer files and terrorized this family at gunpoint?

BIG PHARMA who is poisoning millions of unsuspecting dolts, DO NOT want anyone to have freedom of choice, when it comes to health!

This program was neither "balanced" nor "journalism". It presented only a biased and uninformed opinion. This is a story that demands an accurate and fair investigation of a device that may or may not be a scam. If no reasonable conclusion can be reached, it is incumbent on you to let the viewer decide for themselves.

Is it possible for Marketplace to revisit EPFX in a future epsiode? It would be benificial to interview those who have used the machine with positive and negative results, and further look into the science of the device. Why not have a Quantum Physicist, and a Computer Progammer both look at the EPFX to provide the audience with an educated decision on how it works, or not? Many individuals working in Alternative medicine seem to quote Quantum physics. However, many of them lack formal education and can be easily persuaded by someone who can mis-quote quantum physics to sell a product, especially if their knowledge of science is at, or less, than a high school level. They dismis formal education out of ignorance.

There must be proof somewhere to substantiate, or unsubstantiate the EPFX claims. Show us the scientific results, and unbiased opinions in your next episode !

This machine does work, but only in the sense that any physiological benefit is derived from forcing a person to sit down in a chair for about an hour and relax from their stress filled life. Relaxation techniques have been shown to reduce stress, and support the immune system. Many people choose to practice meditation or prayer, but some people really want a dramatic show put on by psychics and energy healers, or people that market these machines.

The majority of miraculous results from these machines are a result from the subsequent stress reduction, as well as the obvious influence of placebo effect; Anyone stupid enough to believe the "Quantum science" behind this machine is malleable enough to be susceptible to placebo phenomenon.

The people defending the machine have a completely invalid argument, and not so much as a high school level understanding of the scientific method.

Here is some common sense.

...if this machine did what it said, a major company would step in a buy out this guy just like they do every time they see something they can profit from. the money would be so great he/she couldnt refuse. the fact it hasnt happened is a scam.

also shame on cbc for finding a real case where someone died believing in this machine and no proof of a case where someone lived. does that mean they couldnt find a person with a solid diagnosed illness that vanished. they should make that more clear.

also why didnt they buy a machine and have an engineer take it apart and analyze the internals. I bet they would find the truth a little faster by doing that.

Come on!!! I find it hard to believe that there are this many comments on this product. There are people who prey on the needy and helpless. That is exactly what this guy/girl did. How in the world could someone just come up with this, out of the blue? He was thinking of a way to make money, got a good idea, ran it by some people and found that it would sell. To those that think that this works, I have a magical flashlight. The ways of the flashlight fix whatever you need. Broken bone, shine the flashlight and 6-8 weeks later you will be healed. Asking $5000. Can also cure stupidity.

First of all, Canadians and everyone across the world who believe this machine works for curing cancer should change their mind.
How could health Canada approve this machine?

People want a quick fix...no such thing as a quick fix..
Its all what you put in your mouth...you are what you eat!
One has to fix themselves by what they put in their mouths..Raw food will do that...all this cooked food and animal protein is creating a perfect place for diseases to occur in our bodies..no machine is going to fix it...One has to change themselves and that takes work!

Your story is pretty one-sided. The manslashwoman seems quite funny and someone not ot be taken too seriously, AND her story about tumor falling out of people is more than ridiculous, but it does not necessarily mean that it is a scam. It is hard to believe that it works, sure, but it doesn't mean it does not, especially because it is in a field of science which is not really known to date. You should think about this for a minute.
Openness is a very important human feature, you should have practiced it. Next time be more constructive than "don't you feel bad that you rip off sick people".

a hungarian

ps. isn't budapest beautiful, people? :)

I highly doubt that you can be walking through the Superstore and have your cancer fall out and make a mess on the floor.

Very nice site!

I join Violet J's & Sherry's very well articulated points.

I noticed two things that weren't covered by Erica's reporting.

1.Clearly there were many, many claims of successful use of the machine. Why not interview any of the people who claimed they worked? There was seemingly no attempt to interview a healthy satisfied client.

2.I'm also very interested in knowing the bottomline cost for traditional "healthcare" treatments for all the poor patients who died. Obviously conventional medicine failed them as well. How much was poured into not curing them? How does it compare to $20,000?

It would be such a relief to see well-rounded reporting. Not all the sides were covered.

Money games play a large part of this world! I enjoyed the pro's and con's of the SCIO. Education in the hands of a pure heart is wisdom, consider; "the BODY ELECTRIC" by ROBERT O.BECKER,M.D., AND GARY SELDEN (CHAPTER'S) 1970'S REGENERATION OF LIMPS! MY HOPE IS LIFE, AND HEALTH TO ALL THAT CHOOSE IT, good luck everyone, life and death awaits on the wings and money shall grow distant.

anecdotal evidence is worthless

The power of placebo effect is greatly underestimated. Show me results from some randomized controlled trials.

19:18 scared the sh*t out of me

I do believe we are on the threshold of discovering new device that will kill most diseases by using either electricity or direct sunlight and, like some people say, this device may be well ahead of its time & therefore not determined to be useful in accordance with the knowledge of most people today.

I also believe that such devices, if successful, would be heavily stifled & even banned by the health industry, as it could put thousands of medical people out of work. After all, what bigger industry is there in this country, other than for oil and the cancer/nuclear industry?

However, I would like to have heard from the woman & her doctor who this person said was cured from such massive cancer. Surely she would've been more than willing and would WANT to tell the world. Was her name not revealed?

I hope the CBC takes a look inside and turns the tide towards change in what they are doing. Our system of democracy hinges on an informed citizenry and the duty of the CBC is to provide Canadians with the information we need to make these decisions. Without unbiased journalism we are all destine for more trouble than I would like to imagine.

As far as the one piece of scientific evidence given on this show.

The voltages are too low to do anything.

Well it looks like another “Consumer watch” group is protecting us from the serious harm this Voltage can cause us.

"I discovered that the QXCI then fires micro currents back into the body purportedly in an attempt to alter the conditions it has diagnosed. We use microcurrent in our practice for pain control, but one has to be careful with it as it can result in disrupted equilibrium for patients.”

Good luck searching for the truth!

I am not surprised at the limited sheep like response that Erica Johnson led the mass viewers into, never mind the fact that Bill has a freedom of choice of how he chooses to live...how many past inventors where eccentrics that invented daily devices the 'good & conforming' people use today. The facts are this machine is not new, but unique, isn't that was this was to be about? I have received treatments from it here in Canada and it has indeed saved my life & my quality of life. Did someone die of cancer when in desparation they dared to try it. Hum maybe a little too late...It wasn't designed to bring back the dead. It has helped many others. To benefit from it, one has to have treatments & lifestyle changes. I am grateful for the machine and the very skilled practitioner that worked with me. So, Who is leading who on? Wake up Canada, or get inline for your Canadian Healthcare & pray.

I don't know how people can't possibly believe that this machine works. It's a scam! Do you really believe that CBC would not do proper scientific research, and instead scam US? The Canadians? I believe that the people who have cancer and buy this machine are so desperate for a cure that they want to believe that it works, so they deny themselves the truth: it doesn't work. I must say this, though: I once knew a person who got cancer, and she just relaxed, and did a lot of meditating. It was really the power of positive thinking that helped her. Of course she took the normal treatments, such as chemotherapy, but her cure was influenced by the power of positive thinking. Health Canada is shameful to actually think this machine may work! As for Bill Nelson/Desiré Dubounet, that ridiculous outfit he wore ruined it! Who is going to take him/her seriously now?

This was such a great episode. Hilarious! As a filmmaker myself I loved it when he flipped out on camera! Gold, pure gold. You could tell this guy was full of it as soon as he opened his mouth. Whenever he said something he had that," didn't you know?" look on his face.

My take on disease? Work out a lot (60 minutes 5 times a week) & eat well, small portions. You won't get sick and you'll feel great. It's really not hard. If your overweight, by that I mean more than 2 inches too much on your waist you WILL get ill and you will look for gimmicks like this because it's too easy and too good to be true. Get fit Canada, put down the Tim Horton's donuts. Peace.

Didn't Health Canada and the FDA approve this machine in the first place??? It must have been based on scientific data put forth. How can they now reverse this approval on a one sided view of the merits of this instrument??? Markeplace was unfair because they did not show anyone who has benefited by this instrument... only one person who perhaps bought it too late. Sometimes it is "hope" that heals! People are running to all corners of the world looking for help in healing, why dictate how and what we can choose to spend our money on? Health Canada should applaud and help everyone who tries to help themselves. That would be the greater service!

It'a a no-brainer; Bill Nelson is a complete moron.

This machine is just an updated QXCI or SCIO machine that are Bill Nelson's previous machines. Unfortunately shows like this give all non-invasive technology a bad name. There are good licensed non-invasive medical technology out there that have helped a lot of people. My advice to everyone is to always make sure a device is approved by Health Canada and PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP ON NATURAL MEDICINE. We cannot cure everything with one pass of a magic wand however we can help you take control of your health and help take a load off of our Health Care system.

I suggest a Complete Natural Medicine Physical once a year. This physical should take 90 to 120 minutes and include a complete health history, nutritional & fitness assessments as was well as tongue, eye assessments and a full body computerized health scan. This physical should also include a list of medical tests to ask your doctor for.

I have used the EPFX for over 8 years. It does work. I bought it for use on myself and eventually I used it for my horses,family and friends. It was never about the money. It offered me an alternative to drugs. Has it helped? Quite simply, YES it has helped me, my mom, my animals, my friends. How? Have you ever wondered how non directed prayer can help? I don't have all the answers, but I see the results and experience them for myself. People mistakenly or not so, try to sell by saying a device will cure. To me that can be all about the money. Dr Nelson/Desire can say that, not me. But just think about how great this could be if it helped your body. It is always a good idea to have an experienced and well trained practitioner do the sessions.

ok i believe this is a scam. Just because her story is one sided doesn't make her in the wrong. there still isnt any science based testing done on this machine to prove that it works or doesn't and until there is this should be regarded as false. with chiropractics, there has been studies done to prove them wrong, that it is all false. yes there has been times in history that people believe that it couldnt be true, but tests were conducted to prove that false. just like putting electrodes on the heart. in the beginning it seemed that it was a scam, but extensive research proved that it wasnt and until our govt takes this machine and tests it extensively and gets the right people who understand the physics dynamics of it as well as the other dynamics of how this machine really works, people shouldnt buy into it.

OK, first off, I have been a client of someone who uses this as an assistance to help find problems and treat people. It is only a tool. She uses other things to asist her as well. Not everything in this world can be explained. Modern medicine will only treat the symtoms and or mask the problem. Because it is not provided to you by someone making 6 digits and a billion dollar industry and confirmed by sceintific evidence, does not mean that it can not work.
I was very steptical to start, but was very impressed with the results of my first treatment. My natural pathic doctor was able to identify things that, well quite frankly, unless you lived with me, you would not know. Was this scam? How could she have pointed out that I had a scare from a major injury when it was completly covered?...

Did anyone notice how this documentary did not make any reference to Bill Nelson's supposed Doctorates and Ph.D's or the fact that he himself "brought down Apollo 13" Not once did CBC report on any of this. It turns out that Bill thought he was rather smart by agreeing to allow CBC to Budapest and grant them the interview as long as "they did not sell the teacher" as he so aptly put's it. At least Bill avoided that fiasco with all his phony degrees and doctorates he likes to boast about.

What people forget about the 2000 plus Cancer cases is, more often than not a person with cancer is seeing more than one practitioner and is taking many herbs and supplements as well as making major lifestyle changes. The EPFX is not curing cancer, it may help or aid but it is unreal for Bill to claim the EPFX has healed over 2000 cancer patients.

Excellent story! It is amazing that Health Canada using our tax dollars could license a machine,that could potentially cost people their health and their lives by preventing them from seeking conventional treatment. What is Health Canada's justification for this? I would be interested in seeing a follow-up story once you have obtained information from them.

To Jaydee,

If you own this device you paid $20,000. Of course it works.....how else are you going to explain spending such a sum. GET A GRIP!

I'm a frequent user of biofeedback and have only great things to say about this device. I was diagnosed as an asthmatic over 30 years ago and had been on inhalers for all those years. Why is it once I started seeing my biofeedback practitioner that I started feeling better and have been off inhalers? This machine works. I am a believer.
The medical profession does nothing to help you. They only give you drugs to suppress the symptoms. Biofeedback does nothing of the sort.
Why did your investigative team not interview some of the claimed 2000 cancer survivors? Why not interview some of the people who have success stories?
Your segment seemed more intent on making a fool out of Mr. Nelson on national television than presenting the facts. This segment was so biased it made me sick. I will never watch Market Place again if this is the type of journalism they are going to use.

I was surprised and dismayed that CBC would produce such poor, overly negative biased reporting. There are many forms of "alternative therapies" that work. The EPFX is one of them. I am one of thousands helped by the EPFX.
How about investigating the historical facts around drugs that help one patient but aggrevate another. What about the astrinomical side affects that s ome drugs have but that are accepted by Health Canada. I should know, I was prescribs some and suffered the effects. Stop being so high and mighty and accept that everybody has the right to health by which ever means works for them. This means conventional medicine, alternative, wholistic, spiritual and energetic medicine. Please think with an open mind and a positive outlook. This negativity really does not suit CBC.

I was disgusted with your report on the EPFX as I, along with many others, recognized the bias in it. I have seen many people helped through the work of the EPFX through trained Biofeedback practitioners, and encourage people to take their health into their own hands and discover what Biofeedback can do for them.

Bill Nelson is a genius and if people don't understand how Biofeedback works, I would urge them to do their own research. Wake up people, or you'll keep running to your doctor to suppress symptoms with prescription drugs, which in turn cause more problems to mysteriously appear so you'll need more drugs to supress those symptoms and so on and so on!

How can CBC continue to boast about journalistic integrity when it seems they are unable to remain objective in their pursuits? Even more frustrating is the idea that people continue to believe that everything they see on TV is true, seemingly without a thought.

In seeking information on the EPFX, the journalists from MP turned their attention instead on who the inventor is. Turn the TV off, take your life back, and start researching intead of following everything you see on TV.

I used to be a Market Place fan...but will never turn the show on again as I've lost all faith in their reporting.

I have used these machines from florida to vancouver and have had dramatic positive results > This reporter was obviously slanted going into interview w/ Bill Nelson Don't knock it till you tried it

As a long standing EPFX user, it is obvious that Bill Nelson is no longer supporting the EPFX community. He has deserted us in the time of need! He could have turned that interview around by sticking to biofeedback and stress reduction and probably increased his sales and respect. However he deliberately chose to pout his face and say what a great cancer cure he has invented. For years Bill would tell us what we can and can not say! We could never ever say his machine cured cancer. Now when the manufacturer makes this claim, all our hard work and correct biofeedback terminology training is deemed totally useless. Hundreds of hours in training and thousands of dollars all gone to waste. The EPFX is registered as a biofeedback device in other countries and once the authorities hear what the developer thinks the device can do I am certain they will revisit the registration and most certainly revoke this as well.
Nice Bill....

I had a session (thankfully free) on one of these at a New Age fair. It told me I had problems that I know I DON'T have, and didn't tell me that I had problems that I know I DO have. The practitioner told me that the machine was healing all my problems during the session. Since the session, I've still got the problems I had then, and I haven't developed the problems it told me I had. This gadget might work for some, but it did nothing for me.

I wouldn't be alive if it were not for this device. Having said the above, if i did not do the "work" i still would have succumbed to high toxicity, diabetes and other conditions. i had approx. 6 hours of life remaining when Dr.D. arrived with the device. I survived due to the reduction of toxicity immediately, however, if i had not followed the advice of the practioner, but if i did not follow her advice to detoxify further through alkaline diet, liver,parasite and blood cleanses to regain health through proper nutrition i would not be here to key in this story. The device monitors and assists in re-balancing the system. It does not "cure' without appropriate measures. Full recovery is the responsibility of the client. It is an interactive partnership between the device, the practitioner of it and the receiver of it. This is my opinion based on continuing weekly rebalancing with the device since April, 2006, combined with proper nutrition. There is no magic involved. I am living proof that the device supports the regaining and maintenance of health. degenerative disease is a result of improper nutrition which creates highly acidic bodies. Eat an alkaline diet and go for EPFX sessions to monitor. The doctor has no idea what he is talking about. His opinion is just that merely an opinion. There are so many that have benefited. The allopathic system is owned by drug companies...i will not allow a med. doctor near me again unless i need to be sewn back together. Under a med. doctor;s care i came far too close to death.

I'm so glad that I've found this device at this time in my life. My family and I have enjoyed the benefits and encourage everyone to determine if Biofeedback is for them.

I can see that this machine is nothing more than electronic brainwashing ( or mind control, stimulation, memory re-programmer) designed to prey on the sick and drain them of their limited financial resources. Can't you get the same results by being electrocuted?

My wife bought this machine more then two years ago. She bought it for herself to help her walk again after some serious disk deterioration in her back. Of course we all hooked up to it, for many, skeptically. There has not been one person who did not walk away a little freaked out because of the detailed information that came up. My wife walks with little pain today. She swears by it and if that works for her, it works for me.

My problem come form the actions of Bill Nelson himself. I understand the value of holding a vision and recognizing the forces big Pharma have over our marketplace, but it was all about him! When he was showing off his closet of dresses, no humility, and losing it in front of the cameras, I believe we witnessed a delusional man. Do i doubt his brilliance? No I don't but I do wonder if he remembers the elusive line between brilliance and psychosis?

We are keeping our machine!

The science should decide on this machine. If something / someone sounds outlandish & silly it/he/she probably (but not necessarily) is. However one shouldn’t slam the door on anything of this significance until it is properly evaluated by science.

Testimonials (negative or positive) should form the starting point for an investigation. While science doesn’t put much weight on testimonials, miracle cures of terminal diseases (as suggested by some users of this machine) at least deserve a look.

Clinical studies are the accepted way of proving out something in medicine. It appears the Bill Nelson’s EPFX organization has already done a study in Europe with positive results involving “over 95,000 patients”. Google “large scale clinical study EPFX” & open the pdf. Why wasn’t this addressed by Marketplace? I don’t know clinical studies well enough to say if this looks legitimate, but thought I would bring it to the attention of this forum. While this study seems to follow proper methods it would seem to me that a clinical study on the claimed ability of the machine to diagnose and treat specific diseases should be done. Can the machine find/diagnose a list of diseases on a blind test involving a significant sample group? Can it then treat that found disease with an outcome on average significantly better than if the treatment hadn’t been given by this machine?

Another thing that was not mentioned at all in Marketplace is that the machine can supposedly be used remotely / wirelessly via “subspace”, i.e. the harness only makes it slightly better for diagnoses and treatment. While this makes the machine seem even more bizarre, this claimed ability should be also investigated, it has ramifications way beyond medicine.

Bill Nelson’s “apparent” writings are also on the web. I don’t have the background or time to properly evaluate them, but on a superficial look they are certainly long and technical, technical bafflegab or truth? For reference to these writings, Goggle “promorpheus scio”. There are not many comments on the web on these writings.

If the EPFX machine really has some potential then the developers of this machine should prove it beyond a reasonable doubt though proper science. Science that is clear and unequivocal to both the scientific community and to the general public. If they have the evidence then they should make clearly available on the web and make it the centerpiece of their marketing efforts, instead of hiding behind “big Pharma” excuses.

Marketplace took a useful but superficial look at this device; hopefully this will generate more science based review and not a straight ban from Health Canada.

CBC has issues of truth here. I myself bought a device over 2 years ago. It is an incredible tool for biofeedback, which is exactly what it was designed for. I have fibromyalgia. With this device, I need no "drugs" to live. 2 years ago I was about to be forced into retirement due to the pain and suffering. I had no idea what would happen the first time I was treated, but I relaxed an incredible degree. After several treatments i realized it would be more economical to just own one and share it with family which i have done. You can print what you want, make fun of Prof. Nelson all you want - but the device works.

Some of you aren't very smart. First of all your tax pays nothing to this machine or to this kind of care. I am 50 years old, my dad always treated us with herbs, from a hear ache to stomach ache, cuts, throat infections, etc. Hardly ever went to the doctor, because he did not trust doctors. I have benn familiar with biofeedback since I was 22 years old and I will tell you it saved my life. Medical doctors kill people everyday with drugs and people are happy with it I don't hear people complain that doctors kill us. What about pharmaceutical companies? They are the biggest killer and they still here and make billions of dollars on us, aren't you upset at that? Vaccines full of mercury, etc. making babies and people sick with all kinds of side effects do you care about that? At least this machnie is not killing anyone. I could tell you stories, you see I worked at a doctor' s office so I know what is going on. Doctor send patients to unnecessary tests loaded with radiation and give them unecessary drugs because they get a percentage of (money from the drugs they prescribe), it is all a business out there. We are just guinnea pigs to the whole medical industry. Be happy that there are other alternatives.

The machine does work. You just pick it up and smack the moron in the head repeatedly using the base saying "YOU *WHACK* WASTED *WHACK* TWENTY *WHACK* THOUSAND *WHACK* DOLLARS!! and miraculously they snap out of their oogy-boogie medicine stupor and smarten up. Truly an eye opener!

Dear CBC Marketplace

Bravo on your article. You could have done a bit more diligence on interviewing the 'cured' patients but otherwise it was money well spent on the research so far. Keep on Health Canada's back about this. I know two 'practitioners' who are also known scam-artists. Nelson is cut from the same cloth.

It is obvious to me that the nay-sayers and critics are EPFX practitioners.

Seeing all the post from "true believers", CBC must expose the cause of quackery.

Do a whole episode on the cause of new-age and alt-med beliefs: schizotypy. Modern pyschology now understands that milder forms of schizophrenia leads to bizzare beliefs based on magical thinking.

I am very disappointed in your show and how one sided it was, yes Bill Nelson is an eccentric person but you did not give him a fair chance. I agree with some of the other comments that you should have interviewed some of the people who the unit has helped as there are many people who have benefited from the EPFX
The unit does help the body to reduce stress and it the stress that causes the disease but the person needs to be ready to release the inner turmoil before their body is ready to heal itself. Remember the body can heal itself if given the right tools. And the EPFX is a tool.

In this video you make it sound like the chemical companies paid you to make the story. Most educated people know the body runs on electricity and if you can get enough chemicals out of the body the body will function properly.

Cancer is caused by chemicals get rid of them and make the bodies ph balance correct and the cancer goes away with diet and nutrients plus prayers answered from GOD
I was cured of sinus and allergy problems my wife was cured of arthritis and colitis.
Only cost $600 in vitamins and herbs.
The arthritis was caused from taking steroids prescribed by the doctor.
Having good health is a way of life and if this machine works life the rife machine then it probably works, rife cost about $6000

Pharmacia in the bible stands for the destruction of the nations.

Wow. It's hard to believe that people believe this guy. I would have like to see some interviews with some of the "cured" patients and their medical doctors.No matter how much evidence you show though, some people will never believe it.

If this machine could do all that it claims, it would be worth billions. The owner of such an invention would not be selling them, he would be opening his own franchised clinics or sell the machine or technology to the very people he says are suppressing it, big pharma. Why wouldn't one of them buy the technology and put the others out of business if it really works?

One last thing, is it patented? That would be a very telling factor... if it's real.

Before I say anything else, I would highly suggest that if you are interested in this device do your own research, and look into other devices in its category such as CoRe, Mora, Bi-Com, Zappers, Rife Machine and radionic devices in general.

I can completely understand why Bill Nelson was so upset. Being told to apologize for his "lies"? What is this non-sense, burn the witch? I thought I was watching an interview. Why resort to humiliation. As many have already said this "journalist" took a highly biased approach and the greater public learned nothing, whats worse is that many of those who may have actually wanted to learn about this and should may have been turned off now for good.

Those who haven't actually tried the device and are now attempting to impose their negative opinions of it based on this skewed biased report can go take some medications and leave it to those open minded enough to see that there are many things that exist that man has yet to fully grasp and understand. Step 1 is to stop believing that "man made" laws of science are the end all be all of the universe!

I personally have spent the greater part of the last 3 years researching this entire field of quantum healing/medicine. From touch healing such as reiki to trying out the SCIO and other energy devices.

Based on my own experiences in being treated, I can fully say that this form of treatment is on the cutting edge. I do wish that the devices were not sold for so much so that more people can use them. However they absolutely do SOMETHING and that alone should be reason enough for the medical industry to pursue and research this, right? Exactly! They won't because if they somehow discovered it to work there goes their trillion dollar stranglehold over the entire north american medical system!

In my personal experience with the SCIO, the testing was quite accurate and detecting some allergies I was not even aware of. I had been struggling to breathe for months, my first SCIO treatment immediately opened up my lungs and I could breathe! Now this effect was only temporary and it lasted perhaps 4-5 days. However if gave me complete hope in this device that it DOES SOMETHING. That's the key.

As well like others have mentioned, in the case of the woman who used the device but unfortunately passed away from cancer, at what point in the cancer did she begin using it AND was she also on cancer drugs? If caught early enough with the right additional supplementation, diet, cleansing AND alternative treatments such as the SCIO success can be had against cancer or any disease for that matter. It's always a matter of doing everything in your power to help heal your body.

I am absolutely certain that this machine will NOT cure any know disease. However it is my belief that if a person has enough faith in the machines properties, that the individual could cure himself. But then again if your faith in a cure is strong enough you could believe that even a rock could cure you. Better off finding a big rock.

I can not believe the level Marketplace will stoop to in order for ratings. I for one, had great faith in Marketplace that they are fair to both sides. I only saw one side to this story, to discredit the EPFX, and make Bill Nelson a laughing stock, which you did a great job of that by the way. Could you not have contacted at least 1 out of the 2000 people who claimed to be free of cancer so we could have heard their story??
I was very disapointed with this episode in not showing the whole story and makes me question the validity of all Marketplace shows.

What a very one sided biased interview. Proper journalism and reporting looks at many sides of an issue and not simply one side such as this report. To bad but in my eyes Marketplace really failed at this report and I found Ericas attitude to be very rude almost to the point she was laughing at this person on the program. I am neither for or against this device as I have not done any research on it but from a neutral standpoint this interview failed and especially failed the CBC viewers.

it is really interesting to see how you censor even the comments you received about this episode. i took the time to send you a comment with my point of view about your so called newsreporting, of course i am on the side of the epfx, and cbc did not have the grace to print it.

shame on you and your bias slant. this is definitely schlock journalism. i have never been so disappointed in my life and now i will be happy never to watch cbc again. cbc has it's own issues of ethicity to contend with.

Dear CBC this show completely blew it. You would have been far better saving the money spent on overseas travel and just bought the machine and then had an electronic engineer take it apart as he showed how it worked compared to how the maker claims it works. Your show had nothing very scientific about it and was not very convincing. perhaps you should do a follow up after getting an engineer to check it out.

For what it's worth, my son (at 2 years old!) had incredible results on this device. I am very disspointed, but not surprised, that Marketplace twisted this as they did. No interviews with people that claimed it worked for them, just interviews with Medical Doctors that know absolutely nothing about this technology and that have been brainwashed that the only thing to try is "conventional" treatments. How many people have been killed by these conventional methods??? A sickening number. What about mis-diagnosis?

Maybe we've forgotten here in Canada that these conventional treatments also cost us money? I firmly believe if more people used alternative methods to maintain their health, we'd have much fewer people in our clinics and hospitals.

Marketplace, if you want to be respected as a reliable source of information, you are going to have to do a better job researching your information and showing ALL information on your shows. This was a disgrace and it was a very misleading program. You have a lot of influence...and obviously BIG PHARMA has a lot of influence on you!

This program should be a wake-up call to Canadians that the your government has very little interest in protecting you from health frauds. If your laws are strong enough but not enforced, you should seek to have the responsible officials fired. If your laws are too weak, you should seek to strengthen them. Meanwhile, don't make the mistake of thinking that advertising claims must be truthful because if they were not, your government would stop them. Quackwatch.org has information about hundreds of health schemes and scams.

An interesting program, for sure. I am saddened though to see that a television program that proclaims to seek out truth and uncover scams does so in such an unprofessional and clearly sensationalist manner.

The CBC managed to undermine its own attempts at making legitimate arguments about the EPFX device in aiming for a shock-jock approach to investigative journalism. How can viewers hope to ever determine the truth about health claims when this is what reporting has come to? The consumer programs we depend on for information have turned to childishly obvious attempts at improving ratings by sacrificing investigative research. Congratulations, CBC! You have managed to lower the credibility of all investigative journalism.

I hope you are proud of your accomplishment.

An interesting documentary. It's shocking and a real disgrace, but what's more shocking in a way are the reactions of some people that still defend this 'thing' and its 'inventor'. They apparently don't know the 'Occam's razer' concept, which basically comes down to this: don't make things more difficult than they already are. In other words, if you can accept/reject an idea on the basis of one or a few basic arguments (e.g. 'there are no cows on the moon' because 'there is no oxygen out there), you don't need a whole argumentation to make your statement valid. What follows, of course, is this: the more exceptional claim you make, the more convincing your proof must be. In other words, if you claim you know a dog that can talk, a tape will never be accepted as proof. Basic common sense does the trick in this documentary: the idea itself is pure science-fiction, there is no scientific proof whatsoever (I enjoyed the body language of the biochemistrist)... Of course he does not do this for free, earns a nice fortune and moves to Hungary, where they don't bother him that much apparently. His only argument left: it's all conspiracy. Yeah, it surely is, everything is conspiracy. Now if you excuse me, I must attend my tapdancing and singing bunny for a poker game. Don't believe me? I'll send the testimonials of many many people. And if you don't believe me then, you're all against me! And euh... don't forget, his droppings can cure Alzheimer, only 1000 dollar per ounce.
Regards from Europe

Your show is a sham. Why don't you just come out and say that it doesn't sell any pharmaceutical products so it has no value? If you had started off talking about ECG, MRI and so on and then going on to explain that the EPFX is just a continuum of this technology, you may have had a little more credibility. I could go on with many other comments, but then I don't use any pharmaceuticals either so you won't be paying any attention to me either.

I can't help but think that this machine "works" by the placebo effect; and how that works remains a mystery.

Sad, really. I checked out Desiree's website and you tube videos. Check it for yourself. Totally absurd. I'm pretty open minded but this is stretching it way too far. Something is not right here.

This was actually a really boring segment, I mean you're trying to justify and explain that people that buy "Magic Beans" are some how victimized. And then you're trying to find blame when infact these people should blame themselves, there is no $20,000 or $1,000,000 cure, and people desperate enough to do it are just that desperate. We all die, and some of us sooner than others and there's nothing we can do about it.

I know they always tell you not to judge a book by it's cover but come on. Anyone who would seriously be crazy enough to my a medical device from that person deserves to be swindled. It's horrible that they sell stuff like this in the first place but sadly if people didn't buy this piece of junk they would be buying some exotic spice or fruit that cures all your ailments. Or else they would be giving their money away to some on-line nigerian phishing scam. Sadly some people are just suckers. Until people wise up and realize there are lots of people out there that don't have your best interest at heart, lots of suckers will continue to buy junk like this or throw their money away in some other fashion.

Nice thread, but let's not go "medieval". Science measures only things it CAN measure. Of the universe, we've managed to measure a tiny fraction of things and can explain only 4%. Just because, at this time, we can't measure subtle energies or have a standard measure of "curability", does not permit head-in-the-sand closed mindedness. True scientists are open-minded even when new discoveries will shake their existing belief systems. The EPFX, bio-photons, Standford Research Institute's Dean Radin studies, Lynn McTaggert's field theory ... and many, many truly exciting new frontiers of science BEG us to be open-minded spectators and witnesses, albeit critical observers. The worse we can do is to shut off without reviewing ANY evidence and harp back to medieval thinking when, according to commonly held belief, the sun orbited around the earth. We just don't know enough about the EPFX -- but the anecdotal evidence should urge to further study.

Using the work Biofeedback in conjunction with EPFX/QXCI is FRAUD, as they coining the term "Quantum Biofeedback". Biofeedback has a forty year scientific history, and the measurement, and feeding back of various body functions, such as Heart Rate, Brainwaves, Muscles, Skin Conductance, Temperature and Respiration are important tools for self regulation. The "Biofeedback Foundation of Europe" (ww.BFE.org) & the Association of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (ww.AAPB.org) are concerned that this subterfuge must be stopped.

This story totally lacks substance. In order to make a credible case that the EPFX machine is bogus, you would need a person highly trained in the body's electrical/energy systems and someone who can interpret these electrical impulse readings properly. How do we know what this so-called "expert" knows about a device like this? You say nothing about his experience with this type of machine or his credentials. There are some excellent objective people out there who can explain, in simple terms, how it works. The interview with Bill Nelson is useless, because it's confrontational and obvious you set out only to trash him. If you had sat down with him and elicited an explanation of the mechanism of the EPFX apparatus, it would have made more sense.

Instead of spending the money on the trip to Europe to interview Bill Nelson, the CBC might have hired some crack-hot researchers to do some proper digging, real journalism. This is an amateur job, cheesy, transparent. The researchers needed to seek out clients who have actually had 'before' and 'after' "scientific" lab tests to show the clinical change in a condition. You can bet they are out there.

Sure people die who have used the EPFX. How many people die or are permanently scarred from the effects of "proven scientific" treatments like chemotheraphy and radiation? In the interests of balanced journalism, let's hear those stories.

This item is shoddy journalism and not worthy of the CBC. Shame on you CBC!

Bill Nelson may be a scam artist or something similar. I really do not know what he/she is.
Anyway his machine is no diffewrent from the Rife Machine which was invented back in the thirties and works exactly the same way that Bill Nelsons machine works. He/she is not the inventor. Google the Rife Machine and you will get all the information you need to build this machine for under $300.00 dollars. Any electronics whiz could build it for a lot less There has been many success stories relating to this machine and I'll be it some failures, but no more than the miserable records of drug companies.
The Mr. Rife did not want anyone to make money on this machine he only wanted to help people get well. The main reason for some of the failures especially relating to terminal cancer is, that people wait tillo it is too late and then expect some kind of a miracle. It works the same as any other medical cure in that it helps to heal overtime.
I applaud Erica for exposing this charleton.

Shame, shame, shame on you Marketplace for presenting such a blatantly biased report. This was an all out smear-campaign. Aside from being amused with seeing Bill Nelson (poor, eccentric weirdo genius with no PR skills whatsoever,)I've never seen such a poor example of reporting than this. What about the other doctors you interviewed who use this device regularly and have had excellent results? The objections you raised on the show were well discussed when you spoke with these individuals prior to airing. Where was that in your piece? Oh right,you made sure to omit this from your segment as it might shed a positive light on this incredible device. The sad thing is that I use to think Marketplace was an honorable show-- but I can see that ratings take precedence over the truth. Anything for sensationalism. Shame on you.

There are medical doctors, naturopaths and other educated people that work with this device. Why were their opinions not sought in this interview?

Base on the Volts used to zap a person. Try using 2 copper pennies or copper pipes, and a 9 volt battery. Attach the copper penny to the battery, hold 1 penny in your left hand and the other penny in your right hand. Use copper pipes or anything conductive. You probably get more zap than the EPFX but at less than 10$.

Why didn't you open the machine up and see what's inside and have it tested by an electrical engineer?

This is a total sham... the Canadian Government has to stop letting people like him enter the Canadian Market.

I am very disappointed in the sensationalist type show Market Place did on the EPFX and Mr Nelson, are you trying to compete with reality TV? This is not reporting when you only take one side, why did you not air the interviews with people that have had success with Biofeedback? I no longer consider your show worth watching if anything is a sham it is Marketplace!

How could Health Canada allow such poor journalism to be reported in such a biased manner to influence the public. The truth was not reported. If the FDA has banned the import of this device into USA, why is it that we legally can attain it? This is not an accurate statement, nor is the sarcastic manner in which she interviewed and tried to prove that there was not science based evidence with their weak methodology of trying to prove it was ineffective. This was a total disappointment in my trust in the media to broadcast the truth.

There is much of an uproar as to why the system is allowed in Canada by Health Canada. If anyone googled it, it is to be sold and marketed for stress relief only. And all the comments about it works this way or on that principle. I think one of the points the CBC was making is that they were asking the creator and the practioners for the scientific evidence which they did not provide. Bill Nelson/Desiré Dubounet was at the right place at the right time to build an empire of snake oil.

Anyone ever heard of Leonardo da Vinci? One of the greatest minds in the history of mankind? Leonardo was a crossdresser and does anyone call him a kook? Just because someone may have "unique" tastes in clothes or dress, or a particular persona, does not mean they do not know what they're doing. There are just too many positive comments about this device to ignore. It certainly sounds like a lot more than some big placebo effect. Perhaps Canadians should check it out for themselves before issuing comment. I know I will.

Holy! The eccentric inventor's device must really be a threat to the status quo to deserve a biased media thrashing like that. If I ever get sick, I’ll be sure to check it out! I'll have to, because the story sure didn't give much useful information. I don't believe for a second that he/she, knowing your obvious position, would risk everything speaking with you unless there was confidence in data. What was the paper he was trying to show the audience before you switched cameras?

Alas, it is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.

Why is the idea of freedom of choice and personal health responsibility so repugnant to some of you? This whole site looks like a coordinated attack against reason. Who begs for Big Brother to step in and impose bans on freedom of choice? It looked to me like this eccentric scientist is trying to build evidence. Wasn’t that a whole box Erica opened? Preliminary reports, case studies, and open studies are still valid research. Double-blinds come with tens of millions of dollars of investment, only after early trials show promise. They are more necessary for drugs, because experimental drugs are often fatal!

To the militant and angry people who have been wound up because CBC told you what to think, I have one thing to say. Please go on an extended “Soma holiday,” and let the rest of us think and choose for ourselves.

This show was so biased and one-sided, it's ridiculous. You obviously had an agenda to prove the EPFX to be a 'hoax'. What about the extensive interviews you did with the Quantum Alliance and EPFX practitioners who are doctors, nurses, social workers, massage therapists, naturopaths, chiropractors, etc who have seen very positive results with their clients? Why wasn't any of that in the show?

Yes, Bill Nelson is a character for sure, but the film was edited to put him in a completely negative light. He is incredibly intelligent and it would have been more balanced if you could have shown some footage of the technology and concept of this device. Many 'geniuses' were very strange, some disturbed, some socially backwards - just look through history.

As a Canadian I'm angry and outraged that you would take such a biased stance instead of both sides of the story.

Totally BIZARRE !
Not only the conduct of Mr./Ms Nelson, but the fact that Health Canada has allowed this thing to be licensed and sold in Canada without regulations.
And "shame" on all the people that use it to fill other people with false hopes and instead are more concerned in filling their own pockets with money. Opportunists are everywhere.
PS. Anyone else out there think this guy needs an exorcist?

Thank you for airing the program. This machine is obviously trading in false hope with nary a bit of credible evidence.

It would have helped if you explained why the biomedical researcher dismissed the effectiveness of electrical charges of 5 milli-volts since most people are not familiar with the basic scientific laws involving electricity and electromagnetism. To put it into perspective, the jolt you feel when touching a door knob after walking on carpet carries a charge of between 1500 Volts to 35000 Volts. EPFX is delivering a charge of 0.005 Volts. In addition, dry skin presents approximately 2 million ohms of contact resistance to electrical charges. This resistance would have reduced the energy transfer between the machine and the body interior to a ridiculous degree.

While it would have been interesting to hear patients who claimed the machine cure them, their testimonials alone is not adequate proof of the machine's efficacy as it does not account for the possibility of the placebo effect. People will often report that they feel "better" or "cured" when given bogus treatment (The proverbial sugar pill). For the testimonials to have scientific weight, we must, at a minimum, need to know how many people were treated in total, the "cured" rate of those given a dummy treatment, and the relapse rate of those treated by EPFX. Since none of this is available from Bill Nelson, the testimonials are no better stories at this point.

Freedom of choice; that's why people can choose this device. The piece focussed on how much money is being made but I bet it's a drop in the bucket compared to the Billions of dollars drug companies are making with addicting us to their drugs - you know- the ones that actually harm you. More people have died from prescription drug overdoses then those that died, in stage four cancers that put hope in a biofeedback device. Why not do a story on the billions being made by those companies and the fact their products are being shoved down our throats.

Drug companies are making billions off drugs that don't work and kill people. If this device works off the placebo effect it is doing the same thing as prescription drugs minus the killing part. I'll take that. We live in a free country and I would like to keep my options for treatment not leave that choice up to the drug makers that currently do so.

Watching Erica Johnson's excellent story on so-called EPFX inventor Bill Nelson/Desiré Dubounet exposing what an obvious scam he/she's running, and having now read the thoughts of many viewers, I wonder how many have actually emailed The Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, P.C., M.P., Minister of Health via her website to voice those same views, as I have done. Because it is not just enough to voice your opinions to those that report on such matters, but you must take your complaints to the source of the problem to have any hope of change...ergo Health Canada and the Minister of Health!

I suggest that viewers that still think this is viable read "Snake Oil Science" by R. Barker Bausell. The fact is that this is alternative at best, fraudulent at its worst.

Without controlled double blind credible studies we cannot conclude that it works. Anecdotal evidence does not prove it works because it does not account for all the variables involved including the placebo effect or natural pain cycles. If it really works they should be able to prove it. All those who think it works that’s great for you, I suspect there are many more that just wasted their money.

I agree with several of the comments made about the SCIO device. I suffered with chronic fatigue for two years and had gone to the medical profession to treat the condition but with absolutely no success. I was told that there was nothing more they could do. I heard about the device from a friend and have to admit that I was skeptical about it. I felt I had nothing to loose except a few dollars so I had several sessions on the device. Within two months I felt better than I had ever felt and was sleeping and enjoying my life again.

All I can say is that I have had more success with non conventional, natural treatments for health problems than I have had with the medical profession. We don't hear much about all the people that suffer serious consequences from improper medications every year.

Why not perform clincial studies on the device to get a true and honest picture about whether this device has any merit or not instead of dismissing it.

I see a lot of nonsensical postings here. There is no scientific evidence that backs up the claims being made on behalf of this device. Many supporters here suggest that we talk to people who have been "healed" by this machine. Why?? This will only result in more anecdotal evidence, which is NOT PROOF.

In order to ascertain whether or not this machine does what it claims to do requires a proper, double-blinded study. This has not been done, and until it has, any "proof" presented is not proof at all and the product's claims must remain in question.

Remember, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, not anecdotal evidence.

And for those who refer to the use of "quantum" in the description of how this device works, do some reading. Quantum physics is not some mystical, magical, misunderstood notion. Yes, it is not easy for the lay person to understand, and this is precisely why the word 'quantum' is ubiquitous among the woo-woo crow: they know it can be used effectively to sell crap because the average person knows relatively nothing about quantum physics or mechanics.

If you are really interested in reporting scams in the medical field you should do a show on the numerous deaths caused by surgical procedures which are hushed up of course and drug deaths that occur on a regular basis. The medical community do not want technology to cut into their domain. Have you asked them lately how much money they make on disease. Most Canadians could tell you of horror stories of family members being misdiagnosed or worse by the medical community. You did not present a fair account of the EPFX and what it is really capable of. You judged the machine by the man. Shame on you for such poor reporting and perpetrating fear for the public.

I'm a big fan of the CBC. However this show was quite disappointing as I'm a frequent user of biofeedback and have only great things to say about this device. However it also really depends on the operator of the device and their health education, knowledge and background. It's just like going to a doctor that doesn't have the right education to tell you what is wrong with your body. The biofeedback device is a great "tool" to aid the right operator of this device to help you improve your health, reduce stress and take away pain. I'm a true walking testimonial of the biofeedback technology.

Wow, that was some extremely uncharismatic Canadian reporting. As usual. Desire Dubounet, genius or not, scam artist or not, at least has an ounce of personality, which is the only reason that this is worth watching.

Marketplace did a great job. Why did Dr Bill Nelson lose his cool? Perhaps he should use his EPFX for his stress. In the episode Generation Cellphone, marketplace went to Ottawa to contact Health Canada, why not do the same for this episode? Why was there no interview for the patients whom were cured by the EPFX?

Marketplace once reported that imported herbal supplements from China were tested and they contained mercury and lead, the very next day Health Canada sent the RCMP with a warrant to seize all herbal stuff from China. So why is Health Canada sitting by doing nothing for EPFX?

Indeed, why not interview both the elated and the disappointed. Why not let the facts get in the way of a good story!!! Like Gary says, if you go to Hungary, why not find people who have actually used the machine.

I couldn't agree more with most of the comments already posted. But I do have one or two of my own people better wake up & smell the coffee/tea before they buy into this machine.!!!That's all

this episode raises a very interesting issue - what is the difference between a $25K cancer fighting device which maybe does nothing, and a $25 bottle of an herbal concoction that is not approved by the FDA and may actually help people?

we have to keep an open mind to alternative therapies. if for some reason we find a way to ban these machines, could we be inadvertently be risking other products getting taken off the market?

and keep in mind that forget the treatments, there are a whole spell of illnesses that the medical community doesn't even acknowledge in the first place.

I especially like the neutral facial expression the journalist lady has in the background at the top of this page. Maybe we should get Health Canada to make all of our decisions and that way we can be completely free of responsibility for ourselves. Buyer beware, buyer educate yourself. By all means educate yourself. Everybody is living in pollution of all sorts. Look at our food and our mental states fed by our entertrainment. Look at the hygiene of our homes with all their electronic gadgets and power lines. It's not the Queen in the interview that is to blame, it's everyone's responsibility they need to take.

When faced with life's challenges and in times of illness, we all want to believe we can heal, find peace and happiness. Sometimes we stretch our beliefs or create new ones to find a soft place to land. Once in awhile miracles happen; remission, spontaneous healing and the disappearance of symptoms. Can anyone really say how this happens? Perhaps when our beliefs line up with just the right "other" circumstances things happen. I own an EPFX and don't know how it works, at one time I thought I did. Repeated sessions on myself have led to little or no change. Sessions with others revealed some effect on the temporary relief of pain. The relationship during the sessions was, in my opinion more important and suggestions made for wellness to not require the EPFX. I no longer use this device. I do not believe it to be some technological breakthrough and invested a great deal of time and study to its operation. For anyone else who has one, try hooking your straps to empty clothing or inanimate objects just as if you were testing a person. Do not put it in Virtual. You will find inorganic material gives physiological responses, in fact will have many health issues and great rectifications after a session. All I can suggest is to think critically, apply some logic and common sense instead of believing the "quantum party line".

CBC, please leave biased news reports for Fox. And your camera angles lead me to believe your camera is operated by an epileptic monkey. There are people I know in my life who have received very positive benefits from one of these machines, yet they somehow failed to interview any of these beneficiaries. The point of news is to logically and factually present all sides of a story, and they have presented one.
Now if that's because CBC's got its hand caught in Big Pharma's piggybank or merely poor journalism, one may never know.
Bottom line is, 'Miracle Makers or Money Takers?' heavily implies that there are two sides to this story, however there is only one.
Oh, and one of the most prominent reasons there isn't enough scientific research put into alternative medicines of any kind, is because the system 'they' have going works for 'them', and quite simply put, there's no money in the cure, but a ton of money in suffering.

Dear CBC,
If you did your research properly, you know that there are many electromagnetic (EM) devices being used in medical and health communities around the world with well-documented success. Even the US FDA in the early '70's approved EM modalities for bone non-unions due to their unprecedented efficacy.

I am very disappointed to see that you have discredited this exciting new field of healing by choosing to interview a person who obviously represents it poorly. I am a person who has benefited greatly from an EM device and I have also shared it with many others who have likewise benefited. There was no money exchanged and I have nothing to gain financially by sharing this information.

This piece of so-called journalism is more sensationalism than anything else, in my view. I understand that you need to make your programs interesting in order to keep an audience. I hope you understand that it is probable that you have hurt many people by presenting such a one-sided, frivolous bit of entertainment.

Electromagnetism is the "medicine" of the future. Perhaps you can't see that because you are still in the dark ages. I have always been proud of CBC because I thought you were more independent and responsible than other mass media. I'm very disappointed. Wendy, Calgary, AB

The EPFX SCIO is used successfully in many countries around the world and by many highly educated professional people. Why was there so much focus on this controversial inventor and not more focus on people who have used the device effectively. We are living in a country in which a high percentage of people use complimentary health treatments successfully. It's high time we realize that the M.D.'s in our country, with their surgeries and pharmaceuticals, do not have a monopoly on wisdom when it comes to health.

I see allot of angry posts on both sides. Do not be angry until you are 100% sure of what you should be angry about. If you must post, do not post in ignorance. Do some serious research on your own, then speak. Clear your minds, be fair and impartial and look deeply into all the arguments here. I won't kid you... It took me a couple of years to find out what I know about all of this. I won't say what that is because each of you need to form your own thoughts based on your own research. I will say this though. "FEAR the government that fears your right to choose".

Generally I find Marketplace informative and interesting. I do however, sometimes wonder about the thoroughness of the counterclaim research. I have seen a number of examples in various episodes, but let me use this EPFX show to illustrate.

The claims made for this device do seem to be highly suspect, and the efforts of Marketplace to call on the services of a biomedical engineer and an oncologist make sense. What did not make as much sense was the failure to directly investigate the claims of the supposed beneficiaries of the machine. There was one interview with the husband of a "victim" of this machine, but that isn't really enough.

The claim that one woman experienced the dropping of a tumour out of her body was bizarre. It was stated that paramedics were called to the scene when this happened. Why wasn't that followed up. The confirmation of such an occurrence, or the evidence against it, would have provided a more direct indication of the veracity of (or more likely the lack thereof)Bill Nelson's claim than did most of the counter claiming provided in the show.

Allan Ewing

As I said, I generally think the show does an okay job, but omissions like this do

Unfortunately the show compromised its own integrity by resorting to deceit with hidden camera interviews and one-sided reporting. The producers are clearly way out of their league and brought along grade-eleven physics book.

It's truly regrettable that this type of Laverne-and-Shirley reporting goes completely unfiltered by the television viewers. They will believe that the show is actually unbiased and has a modicum of journalistic integrity. Perhaps they should have interviewed the thousands who have benefitted in addition to the one lady who died of cancer.

I think it's unfair to do a report on the EPFX machine without talking about another product called QX. Are these two different machines coming from two different companies? I will say as a lay person both machines look similar, however, assuming they are two different machines there are significantly different marketing approaches and results.

My understanding is that the QX machine was actually developed for use by NASA to monitor and treat astronauts remotely. Having a few sessions with a naturalpath, who never made any outreaching claims, I saw it as a diagnostic tool that could do some energy channeling to repair problem areas.

If all this is true, I think it's the responsibility of CBC to be more accurate in their reporting. It would have taken little time to simply that the EPFX is not to be confused with the QX machine.

Furthermore, why would someone buy the machine? My experience with QX, was that it was a very complex program that should be operated by a trained professional. If I remember an initial session was about $120 and took almost 2 hours. Follow-up sessions were $75. I just don't understand anyone spending $20,000 without trained professional support.

Please clarify your story accordingly. I'm not interested in returning to QX sessions if these machines are one in the same.

I too was disappointed in your investigation of this machine. It makes me sad to see the limited scope of awareness and understanding and how far we still have to go in our world on all fronts.
I have had extremely positive experiences with the machine, but the guidelines I use to measure progress would probably not be recognized by science. There's an entirely different way to approach this. It's too bad Ms. Johnson, and/or those who edit your program, didn't inform people of the range of things the machine addresses - including emotional and spiritual patterns, it is something far more complex than an 'alternative chemo machine'. It's not intended to be that, and I would imagine most practitioners don't advertise it that way, nor do they advise the either/or approach.
It's so hard for alternative ways of approaching and understanding healing, and in fact the physical body, to gain understanding and acceptance, and very unfortunate that the inventor him/herself doesn't come across all that credibly at this point. I would suggest people look at the youtubes of Bill Nelson to learn more about it. He's very different there.
And I would also suggest that your treatment of this issue undermines the credibilty of the show and makes it harder for people to trust you, which also makes me sad because I love the CBC. Try harder...

Email/write Health Canada to stop this scam in Canada.

I must agree with Eric Erhard's comments!! Out of the 2000 testimonials of persons who have been cured from cancer - why wasn't one of them interviewed??? Or did you indeed find them and they had nothing but positive things to say??
Your show has always placed a negative twist on everything. Does the government pay you to create such a negative outlook on each topic?
And for all of you fools who have only focused on the negative side - shame on you! I bet you would try it if you or one of your family members were ill. What do you have to loose?
The US government will not approve this device for 3 reasons;
1. Sickness is a business - they make a fortune off of the drug companies.
2. Death is a business - if they didn't have all of these dealth's what would it do to the economy?
3. Population Control - do you get it yet???

It is ashamed that there are so much distrust in the current medical system and the drug company. Let me remind these individuals that if it was not for the scientific community and vaccines, polio, small pox and other dangerous infectious disease would still be rampant around the world. I do not understand why Health Canada do not apply the same rules to these fraudulent devices as that required drug company, ie efficacy, safety data prior to approval for distribution in Canada

I watched a news documentary on "Adam the Healer" as well and it received the same mixed messages leaning heavily on the negative side. Ultimately I have experiences with this "machine" with phenomenal results. People have no idea where science is about to take us to....evolve or get left behind. Energy Healing is here to stay and this device does evoke shifts....too bad peoples conscious interference gets in the way. All I can say to all the negative naysayers: check back in the next decade and take a good look at your resistance when the pages of Science are flagging this technology as the greatest breakthrough in medicine. Mark my Words.

Of course!!!:

A CAN 20.000 machine HAS TO "WORK!!!"...........

why not one interview with someone who is a satisfied customer

Thank you for your segment. I can't believe you actually have to 'expose' this gimmick - from a scientific perspective, its incredibly obvious that it does not work. However, clearly this report was needed since people are actually buying into it. I'm not one to often sympathize with the gullible, but my heart goes out to those that are desperate, facing death, and willing to waste their remaining time and money on this.

I do wish that the cross-dressing had not been highlighted in your show - I'm really not sure what that has to do with the inventor's claims.

Thanks, I hope this opens some eyes.

Do it again. You can do better than this. Give both sides a voice. He is a strange personality and a genius. Stop looking at him and his money. He claimed to have before and after testimonials for 2000. Look at some happy customers.
How many people die every day because of treatments on hospitals?
Treatments with this system will not kill people. This instrument gives hope and time so nature can heal the body. No pain. No suffering. This system is much less costly than traditional medicine. For many this is all they can afford and expect to get. Our health system is overloaded and poor people need an alternative. Try to help to give birth to something new instead of asking all the questions traditional medicine never answers to.

The truth, yet, has no voice in the mass media. The EPFX is a amazing device not understand by the conventional medicine and unfortunately, those who live by conventional medicine tend to die by it...and KILL by it.....

I'm sceptical as well. Your biomed engineer might want to take new voltage measurements though. I measured TTL levels when the unit was in treatment mode.
TTL levels are still fairly un-therapeutic unless you are wanting a TENS or muscle stimulator effect. The unit however, doesn't put out enough current to be effective as a TENS stimulator or high enough voltage for a Microcurrent Therapy device for that matter.
Somewhere I saw references to the unit having Radionics capabilities. Anyone that thinks they can build technology to modulate radionics are dillusional.

What a mishmash of sensationalism! I could not believe the reporter's outrageous opening comments.

I had hopes of seeing a balanced straight forward explanation of the effectivity level of the "program".
But I'm still uninformed...no light from Market Place on that hope.
I'm also disappointed with Health Canada for their part in taking my tax dollar without ever explaining themselves to anyone about anything.
People who sell other's inventions and are trying to pay for something that costs $20,000 tend to believe it will recreate the earth and turn the economy around...or they hope it will and claims start to be made.
I've seen enough of this program to think it's diagnostic capabilities could be onto something, but zap, or no zap, I still bought the nutrient it indicated that I was low in and I took the nutrient. There was a different result the next time I got a printout from a session. That seemed to me like solid evidence for a miniscule personal study. Certainly not peer reviewed.
If Bill Nelson is the genius who figured out this program and all the different healing modalities represented in it as well as working at NASA on projects, he's an equal genius at missing chances to explain the invention to others when given a generous opportunity by Market Place to do so.
No body has to belong to Mensa to figure out the opportunity that he blew when he let that pass him by.

(Or did it get edited out?)

Presently, I doubt that he put the stuff together at all. He seems to have just scooped up others' work and maybe hired someone to create the program. I think it is doing a disservice to others who have worked on the electrical systems of humans and actually have developed a field of knowledge with some credibility. I wish I knew more electronic science so I could test some of this stuff myself. Not everyone is able to deal with drugs and meds and finding a conveniently usable way to activate one's meridians and other electro possibilities could be life-saving.

A word to inventors. Be ready for Market Place. If you give them good info that they can believe, they will either leave you alone, or maybe help you. So, be ready for them.

The program was quite shocking, as well as being very, very sad. Such con artists out there! Such very gullible individuals out there! That some people in their comments here actually criticize the CBC about this segment is another shocker. You do some much good with your investigative journalism. Now keep after Health Canada and get them to smarten up about this! It is an embarassment to all Canadians that this rip off artist claims to be a Canadian and continues to steal from people around the world. Thank you for this program, even if it is so disturbing for most of us.

That Health Canada has given a pass to this device is disturbing and Market Place is doing well in exposing the fact that this device is not biomedically tested.

However, I think Marketplace should reject the claim of this device by science, not by making Bill Nelson look like a charlatan (which i personally think is what he is).

A very biomedically sound argument would have been to provide a comparative chart of 1)what is the amplitude of these "zaps", what is the frequency; and how those signal phase and amplitudes compare to electrophysiological rhythms of the organism. Also, if this man is selling this machine to health Canada, he has not succeeded by just showing pictures ... I refuse to think that Canadian bureaucrats are THAT stupid or corrupt!

Otherwise, you will always leave room for skeptics who challenge the pharmacological approach to medicine.

This guy is a genius! if people don't understand frequencies, volts and amps, do your research, wake up people!

It is true that the culture of Western Medicine is highly shaped by big pharmaceuticals, to be very narrow minded and focused only on medications that suppress symptoms (so patients must keep buying indefinitely). Big pharmaceuticals generally resist or refuse to even research cures for any disease, and actively suppress cures when they are found by others. Their business and profit is illness as opposed to health.

A trypical entrenched Clinician will glass over if a patient even mentions the cause or cure of a disease, as this does not fit within the confines of an assembly line recipe book approach to medicine (which they are pressured to follow, financially and by establishment peers).

It is this flaw/deficiency that opens the doors of opportunity for (other non-establishment) scammers, as those who suffer from chronic illness are forced to look outside the boundaries of mainstrean medicine for any real help.

Question: If the medical establishment of drugs and surgery are so good and successful, why are people searching elsewhere for help?

My neighbor finished her 2nd bout of breast cancer treatments last March. Now she has spots on her liver and the current treatment she's receiving caused multiple strokes, a "side effect" of that cancer drug. Just the drugs from her last breast cancer 1.5 year treatment cost over $300K, plus doctor, hospital, surgeon costs all on the taxpayer. So -- maybe we taxpayers should insist on a few $200 treatments with a EPFX before we foot the mega thousand $ bills!!

Wow, I know many people that use it and swear by it, maybe everyone doesn't have to believe Dr. Nelson, but last time i checked the medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies don't give their pills and medicines for free either, wise up public and lets see some better reporting in the future.

As a surgeon that treats cancer every day and sees patients struggling with their disease process, it is dispicable to see such exploitation of these vulnerable people in their most trying times. Having spent the last 14 years studying basic science, medicine and surgery, it is truly unbelievable to me that such products and false promises are allowed to be marketed in Canada. The scientific method is the process by which we safely proceed forward in medical and surgical development. Theories are proposed, scientfic studies are conducted in a standardized safe manner, the theories are then proven or disproven, and medicine advances. These sham products are not based on science, or evidence and are completely unethical as these may delay proven effective conventional cancer treatment, and therefore change prognosis. This should be considered criminal! Marketplace has done a fantastic job of revealing a comletely unethical, money making scheme that feeds on human suffering and vulnerablilty and the onus now falls on Health Canada to respond appropriately by banning this ridiculous product.

I agree with Eric Erhard's comments, I also believe the product is nothing but flim flam, but can't understand why you could not track down even one percent of the "cured" a mere twenty people, to get their side of the story, it shows you to be one sided.

Seems like propoganda to me to not even try to see the other side, as if you have something to hide.

If we can't have good journalism, then better to have none.

To answer your question "Why are Canadians hanging their hopes on this machine?" I can think of only one answer:

"There's a sucker born every minute" (a phrase often credited to P.T. Barnum)

It is unfortunate that people with an illness are so gullible. The government should stop this exploitation of the sick.

To answer Joy: If this device works then why do we not have double-blind trials? There is a scientific way to prove it or disprove it instead of using anecdotal "reference".

Only $20,000? I should've purchased this before having wasted $40,000 and 4 years of my life on the quacks.

I find it contradictory that a few weeks back, your report entitled "Generation Cellphone" talks about how electronic devices can unknowingly affect our health, but now this EPFX electronic device that is designed for healing doesn't do anything?

I agree with Eric Erhard's comment above. Why not track down and interview some people who used this device? If Marketplace is willing to go to the other side of the world for this story, can't you track down a few people who bought one of these in Canada?

Having been in great turmoil with worry about my daughter who was diagnosed with breast cancer, I fell prey to this insidious machine and its outrageous claims. We tried to get a report after 8 or 10 'treatments' that clearly showed an improvements in her 'levels' and none could be produced. I would caution anyone else going through cancer treatments to heed the medical community about their specific needs and follow through with the conventional treatments. Perhaps something like this did not hurt my daughter but I do not believe that it specifically helped her either. In any case, she had a 1 1/2 hour rest (or sleep) at her treatment which had to have done some good, plus she was in a positive frame of mind throughout, which also might have contributed to a good outcome. She had a mastectomy, 6 chemotherapy treatments, and a month of radiation therapy. We threw the book at cancer and can only hope for the best.

Wow,could they have tried any harder to find fault here! Who cares what this man wants to wear it has nothing to do with this machine and how it does help people everyday! If you want to just use drugs and more drugs that never seem to work or go to doctor after doctor who keep telling you the same thing,then this is not the method for you..just stay stuck and sick and tired. People will come forward now and tell their stories on how this machine has helped them. Its not a scam. For those people who have made a business from this machine its no different then any other homeopathic business,its just different and people are afraid of change and trying something new and yes it does cost money but everything in life costs money! How many people out there make a living from volunteer work..do you get paid for your doing your job? Bottom line is this is not a scam,it works so just let people choose what they want to do with their body and their health,if you don't believe in it then don't do it!! It's a choice people!

A good show exposing a typical medical machine fraud: wonderful claims for a mysterious machine constructed by a maverick inventor, backed only by alleged testimonials from people who cannot be found and whose "cures" cannot be verified. Believers claim "quantum" or "energy" effects but have no actual knowledge of the physics behind the words.

Mystifying machines are easily constructed, and second-hand testimonials can even more easily be fictitious. Clearly we need better science education, so more people will understand the difference between marvelous claims and sound verifications.

... It worked so well on my dog (did this after my neighbor horse was helped) and I believe animals cannot fake results! After witnessing the success of the animals, I asked to be placed on the machine, and it has helped me tremendously in many areas-pain removal, energy, stress and much easier living. I don’t know how it works, but it works. Sad that the media shall lead us….and perhaps, worse, they would be believed ant take away what is a GREAT help… to both animals and humans.

Caution to anyone reliaing on medication or machines or therapy not totally inspected and tried over an extended period. Thanks for exposing the claims.

Health Canada has let me down for far too long, along with the CRTC, what is happening to our departments. Protect the people who are taken advantage of.
America did a better job then us now that's shameful. These agencies better get their act together. why am i paying my tax's, do your bloody job and do i right

I think that there should be an public inquiry into Health Canada. First they endorsed products with their Health Checks that were inferior to other products on the shelves, thus misleading consumers who were trying to eat healthier. And now this Scam. Shame, shame, shame. Heads should roll !!!

When I tuned into your program - I was immediately sure if CBC was now carrying the American comedy program 30 Rock or not. Wow - you couldn't make this stuff up (well maybe Tina Fey could). I think this device should be removed from the Canadian market...

When people are ill, and facing death, I think any possible treatment that may help them or give them hope is helpful to their peace of mind in at least trying. I found your angle completely unfair. If it is a scam, then bravo for revealing that - but you certainly did not reveal that in my opinion. Where were the patients??? I do not understand why you did not interview any and all of any of the recipients of this treatment? How difficult would it be to find all, or any patient, that claims healing? Surely, any one who was cured of an inoperable disease would be over the moon to share their story. Why were the medical records not obtained, their physicians and surgeons interviewed before and after treatment? Your progam last night seemed more of a character assault then proving a scam. Please provide the proof! :) Thank you.

I used to work at the main brokerage located in Victoria BC. I was the graphic designer and to this day they still use my logos, graphics, etc. I made good money when I worked there, but ethically I could not fulfill my duties, as I knew it was a scam.

I remember the moment of truth was when the office manager had to carry a terminal cancer patient up the stairs (the building was non-accessible) so she could learn the device and heal herself - and raise her children.

It's a sick industry and I feel ashamed to have had anything to do with this machine and every amoral piece of work that markets this obtuse, disingenuous and yes... very expensive electro-placebo.

I can say in all honesty - THIS IS A HORRIBLE SCAM

If you guys actually listened to the interview - Health Canada admits it only as a "biofeedback stress reduction" device. Yes, this guy is getting rich on a machine that's obviously useless. But Health Canada doesn't endorse the guy's ridiculous "evidence". They've classed it as something akin to homeopathy which is unproven as well, but many people claim it has amazing health benefits. Why doesn't Marketplace do a story about all the herbal "remedies" out there that are basically just placebos? In short, I wouldn't take Valium to lower my cholesterol, and if I did, I would have no one but myself to blame if it doesn't work. This is one of those products that is so obviously fraudulent that it almost seemed to have been a wasted effort on Marketplace's part - kind've like shooting fish in a barrel.

I agree with Eric, the entire thing seemed more of a set up then an interview to get facts. Pointed, leading questions that put a person on the defensive won't get to the truth. I have a friend with this machine and have recieved 15 sesions to date for minor aches and pains (free of charge). I feel better ussually the next day, so I guess I would be another "person with a story". My friend doesn't promise cures, miracle treatments but tells me this machine "may" help my aches and pains quicker than not using it. I agree, for what ever reason I do feel better. I just thought I would send this note because I know it does something and people should not be to quick to judge this situation based on this TV shows point of view alone.

I love the fact Canadians have a right to choose which therapies they want to use. I believe we are already policed enough with Health Canada. Thank you Health Canada for not interfering with the availability of this therapy. Nobody is holding a gun to the heads of the people who want to try this therapy. Nobody is making more money than cancer research organizations. The only organization that profits every time they fail a patient. Obituaries ask to donate to cancer research in the name of the dead person they failed yet again. Why would any profitable organization, like cancer ever want to find a cure. There has been many breakthroughs for cancer, but because they have been natural, and not patentable drugs, they have been suppressed. Canadians want choice and not dictatorship. If you don't want this therapy, don't use it , if you do, thank God we live in a free country called Canada, the land of free speech and choice.

I would say the same as Eric Erhard. Why did you not interview some of the people that claim to be healed bye this device? You dismissed this device without proper investigation. The device may or may not be useful but we certainly don't know that from your report.

Its really disappointing to see Canadians and Health Canada run by Fed Govt (Taxpayers money)get sucked into a scam. Five cities in Canada are seriously buying this machine at the Health shows. It should be banned from the SHOWN AT THE health show across Canada. Its cruel and mean to soak peoples hopes and money. USA have made a wise decision to not approve this product, and its is also saving American peoples dollars, emotions, health. So WHATS WRONG WITH HEALTH CANADA, WAKE UP YOU GUYS AND STOP WASTING TAX PAYERS MONEY and supporting this scam.

Thanks for exposing such sodium riddled b.s. Marketplace.

I had a treatment with a similar machine to this (a QX) and the results seemed to make sense. I got some sensible advice about diet and supplements. Of course, like much alternative medicine, it's hard to figure it out with the usual way of thinking.

Marketplace at its best! Thank you, Erica, for shining a light on this device. My friend has one, and says she initially tells people it fights stress, but then tells patients she can cure them of all kinds of things. I think it's outrageous this is allowed to be marketed in Canada.

Having a postiion within the health care field myself, the utility of any intervention or provision of care is legitimized based on empirical evidence. Although there may be some benefit to the use of an'EPFX' in very limited situations; Nelson's claim to 'cure' anything is a farce. Even the so called capability of 'helping the body to heal' principle --in order to have merit needs to be cloaked in sound scientific rationale. Thanks CBC for enlightening others to monsters who prey upon the ill and vulnerable.

I have held Market Place in high regards in terms of credible reporting, however, after watching this episode I have changed my mind. Erica Johnson did not investigate this machine, she simply showed clips that supported her preconceived notion that the machine was a scam. So I wonder, did Erica even try to learn the basic operating premise of this machine? Does she understand quantum principles that are ancient teaching in several cultures? Or did she find a few people in another discipline (North American medicine) who don't seem to know much about alternative health care. Please tell me how traditional medicine, that has its own horrible track record in several areas such as over use of antibiotics, immunizations, and their own version of archaic procedures can be a credible means to disregard anything. I would have liked to watch a show by a reporter that spent the time to understand the machine and how it works, interview some clients (from both sides), and then let the public judge for themselves. Also, I wondered why there were no interview of clients who did receive benefit from this machine. All in all, I did not like this episode nor do I think it was good reporting.

I'm not convinced either way. I would like to hear from those who have, or say they have been cured. The body only has small amounts of electricity in it, so who knows if this machine can influence the body's functions? It certainly seems relatively harmless compared to many pharmaceutical drugs that have caused disasters. And acupuncture, which cannot be explained by western doctors has been used effectively, apparently, for centuries.

Thank you for the excellent story on the EPFX device. The Seattle Times also did an investigative report on this device and its promoter with similar conclusions. Hopefully Health Canada will act as the US government has to prevent sale of the device.

Wow! This episode could not be more biased! There was only one side of the story being told. Marketplace made no attempts to show those who have had successes with the device.

I have had experiences with this device, and knowledge with regards to the device. There is no reason for people to buy the device, there are practitioners trained in the device.

The device is in no way said to be a cure or a medical device.

If you were to ask anyone (with the exception of Bill Nelson) they would tell you the device is equipped to provide stress management and therapeutic frequencies throughout the body.

Anyone who knows anything about illness knows that the main cause of illness is stress.

This was a terrible report, and I have lost quite a bit of respect for this show.

What a crock this "person" has created !!! I dare him to hook me up to this contraption and cure me !! I have metastatic breast cancer, mets in my spine. I'm terminal inoperable bone cancer under palliative care. That's why I dare this machine to cure me for no money just for Marketplace to use me as a guinea pig. Please contact me ASAP. If this so called cure-all machine works, which I doubt ever will, then you may use me to do another Marketplace!!

After watching your segment on Bill Nelson's EPFX machine, I am surprised at the blatant biased journalism demonstrated by CBC marketplace. Your segment seemed more intent on making a fool out of Mr. Nelson on national television than presenting the facts. I thought proper journalism is supposed to present both sides of a story. Where was the interview of the people for whom his machine made a positive impact? Although I can't vouch for Mr. Nelson's credibility or the validity of his claims, I can understand his frustration and recognized his concern that the CBC would twist his story.

What I witnessed was clearly a biased journalistic attempt by the CBC to present what they wanted to present to the viewers by indeed portraying Mr. Nelson as a nutbar and "twisting" a story to sensationalistic proportion worthy of a grocery store tabloid.

In your attempt to discredit Mr. Nelson, this segment has only lowered the journalism standards of the CBC.

To be fair, as a follow-up to this segment, I would like to see an investigation into the reasons why the medical community doesn't support not just the EPFX machine, but in general, most alternative therapies such as bio-feedback, energy healing or chinese medicine.

Perhaps you could include facts such as who really controls the purse strings on medical research. I agree with Mr. Nelson's statement that doctors are controlled by the drug companies. Therefore, it seems obvious that they're not going to bite the hand that feeds them - even for a CBC interview. Translation: anything that's not mainstream medicine must be a scam.

I think not. Time will tell.....just as it always has.

Ask science and may be even love does not exist. I believe love exist and that it is a great healer. I like the EPFX idea and hope new research will make EPFX a new avenue for health and low cost treatments. There is no reason for $200 per hour. No precriptions or highly educated people required.

This is just like mannatech. They are a multilevel marketing company that creates a product called ambrotose and they claim it heals all diseases, primarily cancer and autoimmune diseases. Of course they don't actually say it cures the diseases but that it helps your body cure itself.

I found this report to be interesting but very incomplete; why did your investigative team not interview some of the claimed 2000 cancer survivors?

Also, why did your team not include research which acknowledges that we are electrical beings? I agree with the comments made by E. Erhard above, the medical experts you presented dismissed something about which they obviously understand little.

As a citizen with only limited wellness training, even I have recognized many stories on health and nutrition presented in the media that are so incomplete that they mislead the public into health practices that are detrimental to their well-being. It makes me very suspicious of the reliability of journalism altogether.

Your team should appreciate the tremendous influence you have on shaping public opinion and not accept or reject techniques or new ways of thinking without do thorough research. It is your social responsibility and the public deserves a more thorough and professional effort on your part. This report was so hastily put together that it by-passed the opportunity to be fascinating journalism.

All I have 2 say is that this machine works there's 2000 stories and more for that matter all over the world and Market place didn't visit any of the people that did get cured,the woman that died was because she was already too sick to get better and her stage or cancer destroyed her body,this machine tell i all ur deficencies and tells u what know take as nutrition that ur body needs to not only adress the root causes but alcalines your body with sufficient energy too not harm the body,start learnen about quantum energy,so u guys can believe what u want and i support health canada for bringing new health approches that actually help people and also tells them what they can prevent on

As someone living with cancer, I know what it feels like to be desperate for a cure. But I cannot believe that someone out there is making money off this machine amd making claims that it cures. It never ceases to amaze me that there are still people out there who don't bat an eye at making money off other people's pain. Shame on Mr. Nelson.

It is not a scam. I own this machine and it works.

I just saw the episode on the EPFX medical device. As far as reporting goes, I found this piece very one sided. It seemed that there was an air of bias to the segment from the outset. If there are so many people in canada using the device, could you not find more people to interview about their opinion? It seemed very focused on exposing the very "out there" character of the cross-dressing inventor. With regards to the oncologist, he stated that in a certain picture of a cancer lesion, there was residual cancer cells remaining. Well, did the device affect the lesion at least that substantially? If so, pretty impressive. Either way, I didn't find his claim that the EPFX has no positive role to play in the treatment of cancer was well substantiated.

Next the poor women who died of cancer. Who treated her with the device? Herself? If so, shame on whoever influenced her to self treat with such a seemingly complicated device. Even if this device is for real, I would imagine you would need a little training to attempt such a feat. Is there a butten that say "stop cancer!".
Next for the scientist guy's little experiment. Seriously, too gentle to affect any change? Based on what paradigm of thinking?

...Not a piece fit for CBC.

ALL i can say is research research research.... what a joke this Desiré Dubounet is.....

WoW is there anything Desiré Dubounet does not do?!? Her website is rather interesting

It is so sad that so much of the population is so brainwashed by old science and the old way of doing things. It is sad that we are told that we must take drugs and have invasive surgeries as our only hope of curing and healing disease - THAT is what is killing us. CBC Marketplace did a GREAT job with being sensationalistic and sarcastic and had to focus on some pretty shallow things in order to stregthen their weak argument. What they didn't do is provide a proper review of this device. Your so called 'expert' isn't educated in quantum science and provided such a weak analysis that wasn't even performed correctly.

I have had sessions on this device. I spent years and years of my adult life unable to sleep through the night without pain. I went to countless doctors and specialists and they did NOTHING for me. First session on the device, I went home that evening, went to bed and experienced the first painless full nights sleep in nearly 10 years! That may mean nothing to you but do you realize I got my life back? I have quality of life now, do you care about that CBC Marketplace? Probably not, all you care about is copying an idiotic story created by the Seattle Times in 2007. That's pretty sad. Can't even find your own news story, what does that say about CBC Marketplace?

Funny how you forgot to report the real story going on with the FDA. I noticed you forgot to provide the fact that the FDA gave the device manufacturer a list of corrective actions to fix the marketing of the device, and that those have been followed, and that the FDA is more than happy to allow manufacturing of the device inside the USA (which is now happening and is completely legal). Did you even know that? Or are you more interested in reporting a poor half-story?

P.S. I know of hundreds of other people who have been helped by this device. Would you like to speak with them? Oh yeah, I forgot, you don't care.

Wow. All I can say is what happen to Health Canada? Has it reverted to the ministry of silly walks? I thought that this "product" was an early April fools joke supplied by Monty Python from the BBC. Even our neighbours to the south seem to know better.

tax payers money was spent flying to hungary to find out whether this machine lived up to it's claims? -what a stupid waste of money.

if the purpose of your show is to protect consumers, why not look into something more insidious like homeopathy?

Thank you Marketplace for your dedication to provide much needed information to Canadians on the true facts behind various products, and scams that people fall prey to by shysters. Marketplace is one of my favorite programs.

Dear Marketplace,

Love you show, hate your shooting: For many of us with balance or visual problems, stroke survivors and people with inner ear disturbances, your contantly moving camera shots make it impossible for us to watch your excellent program. Does every shot have to cross the axis, swing and move in and out? This "let's re-invent television" work which infecvts television these days excludes so many from watching the show. The swinging monkey cam shots are acceptable for American celebrity gossip shows, but really, et tu CBC? Our national network should be available to all Canadians.

I watched with interest your segment on bio feed back device. I feel you should have interviewed some of the people that have claimed to be helped by this device. A generation ago no one would have believed that you could implant electrodes in the heart and connect it to a computerized device driven by a battery to keep the heart beating correctly. Today athletes are helped to heal knee injuries faster by exposing the injured area to magnetic fields. Years ago this was thought to be quackery. So was accupuncture and chiropractic.

You measured millivolt electrical impulses generated by the machine and thus dismissed it as useless. Did you not realize that the human body is an electro-chemical reactor which uses very low levels of electricity all the time performing its normal functions. With your less than scientific journalism you dismissed something that you know nothing about. Your medical oncologist also dismissed something he knows nothing about. How many times has he used radiation, chemo-therapy and whatever and had his patients die. In fact the statistics for chemotherapy and radiation in many cancers is open to debate as to weather patients recover due to placebo effect or something in the treatment kicks their immune system into overdrive.

I think you owe your audience better journalism than you provided. One needs to due far more research before this technique is dismissed or accepted. Your commentary is useless and not helpful. Mr/Mrs Nelson may be a quack or not but your journalism is less than professional and needs a serious tune up.

This device works on a quantum level. It is beyond people's understanding at this time. Anybody who deals with energy work like Reiki realizes that this really works. It does not cure but rather prepares the body to heal itself. If you are not ready and willing to heal yourself it does not work.

When I worked in computers in 1969, few people knew what a computer was. This is exactly the same, in five to ten years time this device and many like it will be in every home.

Is this guy/girl for real??? What is with Health Canada? Who is protecting the Canadian public from scam artists like this?? I hope that you will be sending this show to our Government to hopefully wake somebody up!!

Bravo, it's about time somebody gave us real feedback on this EPFX business! I know someone who has one of those machines and used it to make all kinds of diagnosis... This person has had no medical training whatsoever, yet said person offers to help you "reprogram" yourself! Don't want to be mean, but I would not trust Bill Nelson (Desiré Dubounet) to walk my dog as far as the next corner!
What is Health Canada waiting for? Who in that department authorized EPFX even as a help with bio-feedback?

I watched your program about Bill Nelson and his scam machine, after seeing him dressed up in drag, and hiding like a criminal, I knew right there that it was a big scam why can't Health Canada see the same thing, If his machine actually worked, why wouldn't the people it was supposed to cure come forward and be tested to make sure,that the cancer is cured.so many people are caught up these scams, I am always sceptical about anything that doesn't add up, if it sounds too good to be true, then it must be (A SCAM)

I have had many friends and family with cancer, some have survived, and many more that have not. How dare anyone give anyone hope with a price tag of $20,000.00 attached to it. If Bill Nelson has the cure for cancer, why would he be charging for it, the cure for cancer is a gift to the world He is a shame to man kind, making profit on peoples pain. Why our goverment allows this to be sold in Canada is unaccepable.

As a person who suffers from Cancer I say "Why is this guy allowed to sell machines here in Canada." He is ripping people off who suffer from a terrible disease and who need their money to cope with their disease. Health Canada should be ashamed to let this go on. Our Gov't is being put to shame by a money hungry individual. This is just as bad as Insurance Co's ripping off the sick.

This machine is a complete scam. If the creators can't prove scientifically that their machines work then its obviously a scam. Also the inventor himself has female characteristics but a male voice? Something is fishy here.

I think Canadians better wake up!!!!

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