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Peter Coade marks 50 years as a meteorologist

Peter drawing on the weather board at CFLA-TV in Goose Bay Labrador
Peter drawing on the weather board at CFLA-TV in Goose Bay Labrador. 1969
Peter with his colleagues at Environment Canada's Field Service Directorate
Peter with his colleagues at Environment Canada's Field Service Directorate. 1978
Peter with the Fairview Brownies at the CBC Weather Centre
Peter with the Fairview Brownies at the CBC Weather Centre. November 2012
Peter with the Fairview Brownies at the CBC Weather Centre
Peter Coade with CBC colleagues. Tall Ships Festival 2012

CBC meteorologist Peter Coade breaks Guinness World Record for Longest Career as a Weather Forecaster.

Peter Coade, the Maritime’s most-experienced meteorologist, has broken the Guinness World Record for the Longest Career as a Weather Forecaster.

In October 2012, Peter marked 50 years as a weather forecaster and meteorologist. The official certificate received from the London headquarters of the Guinness World Records states: “The longest career as a weather forecaster is 50 years, 8 months and 21 days, and was achieved by Peter Coade (Canada) at CBC Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada from 1 October 1962 to 21 June, 2013.”

“I’m thrilled to receive this honour,” says Peter Coade. “I’ve had a very rewarding career in broadcast media and meteorology. I couldn’t be happier. I began my career in the black and white days of CBC and anticipate ending it with CBC.”

Peter, 70, still works as a broadcast meteorologist at CBC Maritimes, so his record-building continues. He can be heard Monday to Friday on CBC Radio One on the six morning shows throughout the Maritimes.

“Peter is a mainstay in weather forecasting and trusted by audiences throughout the Maritimes. We’re very happy for him and wish him our heartiest congratulations on this Guinness World Record achievement,” says Andrew Cochran, Senior Managing Director, Atlantic Canada, for CBC English Services.

Peter joined the federal government weather service on October 1, 1962, where he was trained in the science of meteorology. During his tenure at the government, Peter worked in Truro, Nova Scotia, Goose Bay, Labrador and Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

During this time, he could be heard on local radio providing daily weather forecasts for listeners. It was in Goose Bay, that Peter started his media career with the CBC in 1967. He presented the weather nightly from CFLA-TV, to a largely American audience, members of the USAF and their families.

While stationed in Toronto with the federal weather service, he also held the position of staff meteorologist for radio station CFRB, working with notable Canadian personalities like Gordon Sinclair and Betty Kennedy.

Peter worked for ATV/ASN from March of 1990 until he re-joined the CBC in September 2007. For six years, he was meteorologist on CBC News Nova Scotia and CBC News New Brunswick suppertime shows as well as CBC Maritimes at 11. During that time he also gave daily weather updates to many CBC Radio One shows throughout the Maritimes.

On Dec. 3, 2012, Peter became CBC Radio One’s morning meteorologist, switching roles with fellow CBC meteorologist Kalin Mitchell. Peter provides morning listeners in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island with their up-to-the-minute daily weather forecasts. Peter and Kalin provide the most comprehensive weather coverage in the region.

Peter’s very first appearance on CBC Television was back in the late 1950s, when one day he job shadowed weatherman Rube Hornstein for a day.

From that very first experience, he’s been hooked on weather and is now the ‘go to local weather forecaster’ for CBC Radio audiences throughout the Maritimes.

The previous Guinness World Record for the longest career as a weather forecaster was 48 years, 2 months, 27 days – achieved by Dave Devall (Canada) at CTV Toronto, Ontario, Canada from 7 January 1961 to his retirement on 3 April, 2009.

Aug. 1 , 2013

Peter Coade, the Maritimes' most experienced meteorologist, is marking a career milestone forecasting the weather for 50 years.

Peter joined the federal government weather service in the autumn of 1962, where he was trained in the science of meteorology. During his tenure at the government, Peter worked in Truro, NS, Goose Bay, NL and Toronto, ON. It was in those early days he began on-air forecasts for local radio.

It was in Goose Bay, that Peter started his media career with the CBC in 1967.

He presented the weather nightly from CFLA-TV, to a largely American audience, members of the USAF and their families. While stationed in Toronto with the federal weather service, he also held the position of staff meteorologist for radio station CFRB, working with personalities like Gordon Sinclair and Betty Kennedy.

Peter worked for ATV/ASN from March of 1990 until he re-joined the CBC in September 2007.

Peter’s very first appearance on CBC Television was back in the late 1950’s, when one day he job shadowed weatherman Rube Hornstein for a day. From that very first experience, he’s been hooked on weather and is now the ‘go to local weather forecaster’ for CBC Television audiences throughout the Maritimes.

Marking 50 years as a meteorologist is not the only big number Peter is celebrating this year. In September, he turned 70. He was born in the Hydrostone area, in his family home on Livingstone Street in north-end Halifax. And he married his wife Donna, the same year he began his meteorology career in 1962. They recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

Congratulations Peter on 50 years of keeping Canadians informed on the latest weather forecasts. We believe there is some kind of record here and perhaps it’s a Guinness World Record.

We are happy to continue to ask: “What will the weather be like tomorrow Peter?”

We are collecting best wishes to help celebrate Peter's 50 year milestone. Please leave a greeting below:

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Peter, You are the best! If I don't hear the weather report from you I ingore it.You and the late Rube Hornstein best in the business!!
Congrats on this milestone!
- Janice Rhodes

Felicidades de Puerto Rico.I still listen to your reports here via streaming, to ease homesickness. As for our weather here - 28 degrees and sunny,Repeat 350 times. The other days are for hurricane updates.
 Have a Keiths on me!
- Philip Painter

Peter, what a career. Thank you for your professionalism. I always enjoyed and preferred your forecast, wherever you were. I have been a fan. I now enjoy your contribution on CBC Radio. I am not sure how much longer you will be forecasting. Rest assured I will be listening. I miss your banter with Jim Nunn...fun stuff.
All the best,
- Jerry Jackson

What a wonderful milestone. Congrats!
- Sandra Tiller

Peter, I grew up in a household who followed Rube. Who didn't? When he left the airwaves, we switched to Peter! For 50 years we have have looked to you and asked, 'What will the weather be like tomorrow, Peter?' Now that all those tomorrows have become yesterdays. How did you see the weather in your 50 years?

Congratulations on 50 years helping us all select our wardrobes! Mukluks or duckies? What will you bring us tomorrow? Hopefully more of YOU!
- Deb Cooke Kellner

Peter, I really like your weather and do it for another 50 years!
- Pamela Leblanc

Peter, keep the good weather coming our way thank so much.
- Milt Drummond

Congratulations Peter! You have been in so many people's homes through the years and we all enjoyed having you, please keep coming back.
- Rose Curran

Hello Peter, Congrats on 50 years of reporting the weather. We always look forward to your report and as Rube says as predicted.  We will always wait for your weather.
- Grant Tracey

Well, who knew? 50 years? That's hard to believe, but in any case, congratulations to you Peter!  We love to watch your forecast and hope you will continue for a while yet.
- Gail LeBlanc

I have to say you are the weather person I  listen to when a storm is approaching. Thank you for choosing a career in public broadcasting ...you chose well...and we have benefited. I like your gentle style and wish you all the best.
- Nancy Tough

Congratulations on this milestone Peter and it's a pleasure to listen to you now on the way to work with the other morning larks in Halifax.
- Peter Mosher

15 years ago, all my daughter wanted for her 7th birthday was to meet Peter Coade. Her entire birthday party got to meet him at the CTV studios in Halifax.  Peter made us all feel welcome and he carefully answered each question the rowdy group asked.  Thank you for being such a positive role model in our community.  Congratulations on 50 years chasing the weather.
- Ciel Crosby Tonen
P.S.  Our daugher, PJ decided against being a storm chaser. She is about to graduate from University of Ottawa where she is majoring in International Development and political science.

All the best Peter from all of us weather enthusiasts. BTW, Thanks.
- Conrad Linloff

Congratulations on 50 years working in your chosen field.  I have watched you on TV doing the weather for as long as I can remember and have always enjoyed your wit and sense of humour.  Keep up the good work!! And thanks for the weather reports!
- Alice Gilks

Congrats on the milestone Peter. It's been a pleasure having contact with you over the years. We appreciate all the reports that you pass along -  cooperation between Environment Canada and the media - the way it should be! You are a class act !
- Ted McIldoon

Wow! 50 Years. Where does the time go? Congratulations on reaching this amazing milestone in your career and in your marriage. We miss you!
- Heather and Greg Desveaux

Congratulations Peter on your accomplishments over the past 50 years!
- Heather Dzioba

Congratulations Peter on marking your 50 year anniversary.
- Graham McCulloch

Congratulations Peter on your lifetime of weather. Like all Nova Scotians I always say, "Whast does Peter have to say today?"
- Natalie Flam

Congratulations Peter on a job well done. I must tell you that my mother and your mother were the very best of friends many years ago. The name "Jessie Coade" was always spoken with great affection around our home on Roome Street in Hfx. My mother was one of your greatest fans, "That's Jessie's son," she would frequently say when you appeared to give the weather. By the way, we lived around the corner from Rube Hornstein. Cheers,
- Fred Vaughan

Congrats Peter!  I never seen Grand Barachois yet in your Peter's pic.  I got to send you a pic soon! Thanks for your years of weather prediction and wish you many more!
- Mario Boudreau

We join everyone in wishing you congratulations! You do weather the way weather should be done; with knowledge, tranquillity, and always with a ray of sunshine.
- The McIsaacs

"What will the weather be like tomorrow Peter?" Just moved from Bathurst to Timmins, haven't heard your forecast since the move...will move back to the Maritimes though.
- Ron Toivanen

Job well done. Best wishes for the next  30 years
- Art MacIsaac

Way to go, Peter. It is quite the milestone to get to 50 years of anything...well enough work.  Keep up the sunshiny, cloudy, snowy and rainy day weather.
- Peggy Sheehan

Congratulations on 50 years! We always watch CBC News & you do a great job delivering an accurate forecast.
- Laura Boucahrd

Happy Anniversary Mr.Coade, your weather service is very good. Thank You.
- Catherine S. Bates

I always like Peter's forecasting because of his mild mannerism and his calmness. I'm from PEI and I congratulate him on his 50 years.
- Susan

We enjoy our weather news with you,Peter. My husband even gripes when you are on hoidays. He now listens to your forecast on CBC Fredericton at 7:12 a.m.  Congratulations on your 50 years!
- Ernest & Iris Bonnar

Congtulations Peter.You are one of the few persons left at the CBC that make it worth watching.
- Evelyn Harper

Congratulations and Best Wishes to you Peter. We have appreciated all the good forecasting you have provided on CBC radio and TV.  You are wonderful.
- Janet & Walter Newton

All the best to you as you achieve and go beyond the 50-year mark as a weather broadcaster. My wife and I enjoy watching you on a nightly basis. Keep up the good work. We love the whole program from 5 to 6:30.
- Garnet and Isabel Wheadon

Hi Peter, I have had a hard time finding this so I hope you answer. I have heard the expression for years about it being too cold to snow, if that is true when is the cut off?  If it is not, please do tell!
- Annabelle Thiebaux

A huge fan, I drive back and forth from the Hub Town to Halifax daily, I always listen for your weather report. 50 years of doing something, a person can tell you enjoy, I hope you carry on for another fifty.
- Greg MacArthur, Truro, Nova Scotia

Thanks for all of your years of service to the public.
- Gary

Congratulations on 50 years Peter!
- Deana

Many happy returns on doing 50 years of forecasting the weather. I personally enjoy watching you and hope we continue to see more of you in the coming years.  People like you don't need to retire. You have one of the nicest jobs in the Maritimes. You know we need you and count on you every day to let us know how our day is going to be.  If you do decide to retire...please come back to see us when you can.
- Linda Sutton

Hi Peter, Congrats on your 50 years in the business of weather, wish you could stay for another 50. You're the best.
- Leva and Ralph Porter

Congratulations, Peter on your 50th anniversary as a meteorologist. You are my favourite weather person. Now, what will the weather be for tomorrow. :-)
- Margaret Cooke

Congratulations Peter on reaching the milestone of 50 wonderful years in your career! You have become a household name in our home!  I also have sent many photos to Peter Pics and appreciate you showing interest in them along with all the others from the Maritimes..
Wishing you well as you continue to visit with us each evening!!!
God Bless!
- Jane Love

Congratulations Peter! You will always be my favourite meteorologist!
- Tessa Thomas

Wow Peter. 50 years! It gets in our blood! Congratulations and best wishes,
- Duane Lowe

Thank you for many years of dependable weather reports. May all the days ahead be sunny for you.
- Norma Goguen

Congratulations Mr.Coade. You were always my favourite weather man. I also remember you mentioning your mom Jessie. Have a  great new year.
- Mary Benoit

Peter, You are great, we will miss you so do not retire.
- Louise MacArthur

Congratulations on your milestone, you were a part of our supper hour for many years and I want you to know that everytime you mentioned Tabusintac there was three cheers from the kitchen. It the place where I grew up.You certainly are my favourite weather person.
- Catherie Wiseman

Congratulations Peter. 50 years is a long time.
- Mike & Barb Gregory

Congratulations on your 50th. year as a Meteorologist!  Well done!...Excuse me, Bernie wants to know what the weather is going to be like tomorrow, Peter?
- Judy and Bernie Smiley

Congratulations, Peter, on your career and achievements. I always learn a great deal from your weather forecasts.
Best wshes on turning 70.
- Barbara Gill

Way to go Peter! Congrats...and 50 more!
- Donna Maskell

Congratulations on 50 years at the same job basically the weather. I remember Rube Hornstein. His forecast was taken as gospel in those days.
- Chrissie Simmons

Congratulations Peter, More than a drop in the bucket!
- Cliff & Shirley

Congratulations Peter :) A job well done.
Best wishes,
- Richard Brooke and Family

Congratulations Peter on your 50th year as a meterologist. I have always enjoyed your weather reporting and your remarkable accuracy.Thank-you .
- Ina Major

Congratulations Peter!
It's wonderful having a Maritimer doing Maritime weather!
- Eileen Saunders

Congrats Sir, well deserved after such milestones. My wife's grandmother, Hattie Calnen (nee Brophy) lived next door to your mother down here in Prospect where many an old tale was heard. Just wondering if that bowtie you are wearing in the photo is a Rube throw away. Just kidding. Whatever you decide to do we wish you and your family good health, and a great retirement, when you do. My mother who passed away three years ago in her 101 yrs. watched you every night and could often be heard saying,"He's a smart looking cus,and knows his stuff to."
- The Bennetts

Watch you every night my friend. Thanks for being who you are and what you do.
Congratulations on this huge milestone.
Golden Watch perhaps?
- Mike Handley

Thank you Mr.Coade for the splendid job you do in keeping Atlantic Canadians abreast of our ever changing, unpredictible weather. You do a fantastic job, and we will be happy to have you do  what you do, for as long as you choose to do it.  All the best!
- Chris Doucette

Congratulations Peter,
Ive watched you for many years on the family television. When I joined the forces I always went home  and watched some more. When my mother was diagnosed with a brain tumour we watched you also and we watched on even for the last months of her life where she called my Dad Peter Coade during your reports to go get her, her ice cream and this was like this everytime after, you became the name she had in her head until she died ... our unofficial father.
Thanks for everything unofficial Dad!
Best of wishes
- Paul Gagnon

Contrats Peter & all the the best for the next 50 years!!
- Bill Gregory

Congratulations on your anniversary,good wishes for a Happy New Yearto you and your family.
- Jennifer Yafai

Hi Peter, we miss you already , you did more than the weather , you made people get involved. You made our little community of Rexton feel important and when you went to the maill or shopping, someone would say , did you see they had us (REXTON) on tonight.
Thanks Peter for bringing what most people would consider just a daily job, to life! Best wishes in the new year and hoping you have a long and joyous retirement.
- Bernie Landry, Rexton NB

All the best Peter. Miss seeing you on CBC TV??
- Mike Little

Congratulations. Hope you had a great 50 years.
- Kaye Crozier

Congratulations Peter, wow, quite an accomplishment. We both enjoy the broadcast daily.
Darryl & Paulette,
The  Browns, Kentville

Congrats! I have been watching you since I was in junior high...much older now.
You're number 1.
- Angella Estey-nash

50 years - that is hard to believe - I am so impressed!  It is wonderful that your health and well being have enabled you to maintain your career for that many years.
Love your weather reports!  Keep up the great work!
- Mary Warner

Congratulations Peter on a great milestone.  Thank you for all the work you do bringing forecasts to Maritimers who are completely fascinated with the weather. 
Happy New Year.
- Janet Gaudet

The Panuke Road folks in Three Mile Plains, near Windsor, NS send greetings and thanks for reports of an early spring to Peter Coade.  
Happy Kwanzaa,
- Friends in Three Miles Plains

Peter, wow, hard to believe I have heard you on TV for so long. Great job and all the best to you and your family in 2013!!!
- Paula Gates

Keep up the great work Peter.
- Don Dixon

Congratulations Peter on your 50th anniversary. We like getting the weather forecast.
We have been watching you do the forecast for many years.
- John & Ann Reicker

Donna and I send our best for 50 more.
Today (December 28th) is our 16th wedding anniversary.  When I saw that CBC might put this on line I toned it down a little
- Kevin Archibald

Congrats on you milestone of 50 years as a meteorologist.
I have followed your weather reports since your early days at ATV. Now I hear you every morning on Information Morning on CBC Fredericton. Great job!!
-Don Harris

Congratulations Peter.
I have always tried to get your weather forecasts, because they are the most correct, and accurate. Keep up the great work. I look forward to many more years of on the mark forecasts from you.
- Sincerely, Dave Ganton

WOW, good stuff Pete on your milestones, wedding anniversity / career! Those are both great accomplishments. I've enjoyed watching you over the years here in Moncton and like your gentile personality and professionalism. I'm an outdoor kinda guy and like most need this weather info like most. I snowmobile and drive commercial vehicles up and down our highways and generally love the outdoors. Thanks for keeping us all informed over the years. Best of luck in the years to come in whatever you choose to do with your time. Hi and congrats to the wife as well.
- Mike Scott, Moncton NB

I appreciate how you have contributed to the tradition of voices in broadcast. The voices we tune into for information we trust. You have become a part of so many family's and individual's lives. Thank you for being a part of my Maritime experience.
- Mark Nichols

We enjoy your broadcasts. Keep it up.
When I did this in the early fifties for a spell in the Air Force, we used to toss our chalk up at the end of the show and catch it on the way down. Is that still a custom? Best to you and family.
- Dan Bate Boerop

Congratulations Peter!  We have watched you do the weather over the years and you are always right on.  Congratulations for the future!
- Florence and Norman Blount

You alway look to the sunny side.
- Trent Goudie

I loved your newscast when I lived in NS.
 I now live in southwest Florida. What's my forecast Peter? Former Haligonian Miss Canada Eh! and the beer.
- Tyrne Daw

Greetings and congratulations Peter for this milestone. I remember watching you on ATV but did not know you are a former CBCer. I was working at MBS Radio CHNS and CHFX and then my stint with the Corp in Halifax and Sudbury where we are still residing. All the Best to you in 2013
- Wayne Harvey

Hearty congratulations, Peter! Growing up in Halifax, your voice summoned the next day's weather, year after year. I live in Alberta now but I tuned in to ATV (and now CBC) on visits home to hear your familiar, friendly tone telling me whether I'm better off visiting the South Shore or Cape Breton in the coming days. Cheers, and thanks for all your good work!
- Neil R

Congratulations Peter. We have listened to you for many years and appreciate your professionalism.  Thanks from both of us.
- Gary & Pam McKay

Congratulations Peter on your long and outstanding career and even a bigger CONGRATS on 50 years of marriage. Merry Christmas!
- Rod Porter

Congratulations. You left Goose Bay before it became an "easy" life...now the whole of Labrador has opened up. I work in Voisye's Bay and that's the only place you cannot get to easily.  I know you will not retire for years to come as you love what you do and are good at it. Passion for one's work is rare. All the best.
- Kathleen Moriarty

Congratulations, Peter, on your half-century career milestone! 
Your penetrating insight into weather and climate have provided enormous benefits to Canadians in the Maritimes.  Your forecasts have enabled everyone to understand the essentials of atmospheric science, and to make better decisions with regards to their daily activities and travels.  Your forecasts have also brought economic benefits to employers working in industries that are weather-dependent, including fishing, construction, and resource exploration.
Yours truly,
- Michael Frind.

Congratulations Peter!
- Brian Gillis

All the best Peter you are a terrific weatherman. Best in the Maritimes. But you followed a great weather person in Rube Hornstein  Congratulation and all the best
- Melvin Reeves

Congratulations on your milestones. We watch your weather forecasts and have for years.
- Paul White

Congratulations to the weatherman that is always right. Never forget,being right is always subjective. LoL
- Charlie and Helen Read

Congratulations on reaching this milestone Mr. Coade. We so enjoy your forecasts each day and look forward to many more!
- Melanie Dempsey

Very nice to read this summary of your work career. Congratulations on these years of serving the public. As we know, when there is a lull in a coversation we can always bring up the topic of weather. What a fascinating field to be involved in and your are an expert.  You have a very pleasant manner and present a clear expression of the upcoming forecasts.  Indeed its like a friend sharing the news so whether on TV or radio, I wish you many more years of continuing service.
-Rob Roundell, Moncton

Thank you for all the ups and downs of forecasting the weather. Good luck in all that you want to do and many more good years to you and your lovely wife.
- Lorna and Stephen Fowler

Hi, Peter:
We watch you give the weather for many years until we moved to the US in 2007 for work. Know that we appreciate and miss you!
-Dean Brown

I enjoyed watching you doing your weather forecast on the evening news. I wish you all the best in the New Year.
A former resident of Fredericton living now in Ottawa.
- Jean-Claude Arluison

Congratulations Peter! We always enjoyed you on the evening news, and now listen to you every morning. I wouldn't know what coat to wear without you!! Congratulations to you and your wife on your 50th wedding anniversary. That is a rarity these days. You are an inspiration!!
- Karla McLellan

Congratulations, Peter, on your 50th anniversary as our "weatherman".  With many thanks for your hard work and dedication.
- Joyce and John Humble

Wow! To excel in any career for 50 years is commendable. Doing so in the public eye with all the MANY changes in technology to absorb as well is truly AMAZING! Congrats, Peter - I sure hope that the folks at Guinness acknowledge this outstanding achievement of yours. Merry Christmas!
- Kevin Carver

Hi Peter,
We are new residents of Halifax having just moved from Bathurst,NB a year and a half ago.
We have watched you for many years now and will continue to do so.
You are the best and congratulations !!
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year to you and yours.
George Robertson

Dear Peter,
How I wish I could have had access to your wonderful weather knowledge and forecasting skills before I landed in Canada in the middle of a snowstorm many years ago dressed in the height of Scottish winter fashion - leather clogs and a donkey jacket.  Thanks to you and many great UNB colleagues I was re-togged and was much better prepared for wind, sun, rain and snow from thereon.  "You are my sunshine..." springs to mind as I wonder how best to salute your outstanding contribution to so many of our daily lives!  Bravo Mr. Gentleman Weatherman :-).
- Sharon McGladdery

Congratulations Peter a job very well done
- Marilyn Cunningham

You are a SUPER DUPER GUY. Not only are you consistent in your weather tales but also in your wifely tales. Any one with your credentials deserves nothing but the best in the future. You definitely have paid your dues and made a lot of people happy.I wish you and yours tons of happiness.
Love, A fellow Nova Scotian,
- Peggy Berry, Shortt's Lake

Congratulations Peter!!!
Your career was full of many memories I bet. Your professionalism to the art of meteorology is uncanny. You have a vast knowlege in your field and makes me proud of watching you from time time. Keep the great weather coming our way my friend. Once again, Congratulations on your 50 years in broadcasting and informing us nightly.
- Derek Mailman

Best Wishes In Your Upcoming Retirement Peter!
I Have Been Retired From The Mining Industry For The Past 3 Years And As They Used To Say In The Service, "There's No Life Like It".
Regards, Kirk Mallaley

Congrats Peter!
- Jarvis Googoo

congratulations on an outstanding career as you seem to enjoy it just as much as when you started. Not many people
have that opportunity. All the best.
- Ron Benda, Sand Lake NS

Congratulations! I enjoy listening to your weather prognostications as well as your dry humour as you and your CBC sidekicks banter back and forth. It is infectious humour. Thanks for being so dedicated to your profession!
- Gail Clark

Congratulations Peter, on your 50th anniversary as our "weatherman".  With many thanks for your hard work and dedication.
- Joyce and John Humble

Congratulations Peter, I started watching you when you were on the ATV news and always trusted your outlook on the weather. 
Now I travel between Greenwood and Shearwater for work everyday and am delighted to hear your voice on Daybreak with Louise.  I hope the new timeslot works for you and I do enjoy hearing the voice of experience in the morning.
- Darrell MacDonald

Thank for your dedication and humour all these years. Congratulations and Happy Birthday to you Peter Coade!
- Crystal

Dear Peter, This is a great milestone. Keep well and know that you are much appreciated by the public. Congratulations on your 50th Wedding Anniversary also.Diane
- Diane MacFadyen

Had the pleasure of working with Peter for a short time when I was Program Director at CFRB 1010 Toronto.  Peter, you were not only the complete gentleman, but were bang on with your work there!  Consistent quality content and a great delivery...and you never missed a beat when you came back to Atlantic Canada.  All the best.
- John Keogh

Now that you have 50 years in, are you going to enjoy our winter weather here or are you going to enjoy the weather "down south"?
- Bruce Walker

50 yrs!!!  Amazing how time flies when one is having fun!! Congratulations and hope you can continue for many years in the future.
- Tom Wright

Congratulations Peter on both of your 50th anniversaries, you have been a supper time regular in our household to be sure.. All the best to you & your family on this occaision.
- Ritchie Jennings

Congratulations Peter on a banner year. I always enjoy watching you as you make the weather broadcasts interesting to watch. Your way of explaining weather patterns in an easily understood manner is always appreciated. Congratulations also on reaching a personal milestone of being married for 50 years. May you enjoy many more years of health and happiness.Thank you.
- Joanne Knorr

Congrats, Peter. Your forecasts have always been some of the most enjoyable to watch. Fifty years is quite the accomplishment!
- Dale Spence

Congratulations Peter! We will never forget the accuracy with which you reported the where, what and when of Hurricaine Juan as it came shore here in Nova Scotia.  It will be a memory I will never forget.  Thanks Peter.
- Doreen and Michael Burke

Excellent job Peter. You are a living legend. You're forecasts are solid!
- Paul Carrigan

Congratulations Peter for providing your listeners  with weather information for 50 year. I have always enjoyed listening to you give the weather forecasts and I can't say that I listened to what you said but how you said it.  After 50 years you still have the love of your job in your voice.  I am so happy for you Peter and I wish you many healthy and enjoyable years ahead.  You have been a gift to your listeners.
- Sue McCormick

Congratulations for job well done. Continued good health and happiness.
- David MacAdam

Congratulations Peter. We have enjoyed your forecasts for a long time. Thank you very much for an excellent service. We wish you a Happy Anniversary and many more years.
- Ruth and Erik Hulsman

Hi Peter.
Like yourself, I also spent some time "on the Goose", and I have fond memories of CFLA-TV especially when those long Lab nights and the weather details you provided helped us survive.
Congratulations and thanks for great service.
- Ted Wood

WTG Peter, remember you on live at 5. We do miss u but watch u on CBC. Congrats.
- Wayne Searle

Well done Peter!
- Sheena

Hi Peter,
Congratulations on your 50 years anniversary. I am writing to you from England UK , I love watching you on TV when I visit my daughter in Truro. Keep up the good work and here's to the next 50. Wishing  you and all your friends at CBC a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.
- Anne Maria Roberts

You are the Best!!!!! I remember as a child watch Rube Hornstein and he would always end the forecast by flipping that huge piece of chalk and he would always say " And that's the weather!) Peter, you are the only one that is on par with Rube. You are the greatest!
-  Don MacFadyen

Hey there Mr Coade. I sure hope that you get a window now having reached this important milestone. If anyone needs a window to do his work, it's a weatherman. Is it possible that you are the only windowless forecaster in Canada? The shame of it all. :-)
- Grant Walker

After reading all the well wishes, it is readily apparent that you were well liked and respected as both an individual and a professional. Both my wife and I have had the good fortune to be able to watch your evening weather forecast and your nightly forecasts will be missed by us both. All the best in your future endeavours.
- Dan Keast

Hi  "Mr Weatherman " you took over from Rube and enhanced upon his wealth of knowledge and added to it with the current age of Technical Gadgetry. You read with depth and are concise as you study the various models to give the " traveling public " the most accurate readings of your time when doing your "weather spots." You are not afraid to look beyond and warn us folks to be concerned about what may come our way if certain analysis come closer together. So for this diligent approach you have credibility.  I am a "weather buff" and I salute you as our " #1 Canadian Weather Man" in Canada. Congratulations on your 50th Milestone and your stellar achievements.:)
- Chester Llewellyn

Congratulations Peter. It is a pleasure to watch you work, we enjoy your weather forecast and truly appreciate your excellent attitude and easy going manner. You are a true professional. Thank you very much for your 50 years of hard work and dedication. Wishing you all the best.
- Marcel & Carole Boudreau, Dieppe, NB

Good day Peter,
Thank-you for all of your humour, wit, charm, down homedness ... (is that a word??), Peter's Pics, and especially for your weather predictions!!! Why some of them were even accurate!!!
Best wishes,
- Dennis Pugh and Judy Wilson, Douglas, NB

Congratulations, What wonderful milestone's you have reached both professionally and personally.  Hats off to you and your family
Kind Regards,
¬ Theo Craig

Peter, huge congratulations on such a significant milestone.  For 50 years you have come into our homes and guided us weatherwise daily.  My mom, who passed away 9 years ago, swore by your forecasts.  She was right - when I need to know what the weather is going to be - YOU are the source I seek. Thanks for your dedication.  You're more than we deserve!
-  Jo-anne Jefferson

Congratulations Peter on a job extremely well done. Hopefully Guinness will recognize this as well.
- Shirley Lane

We have watched you for many, many years from PEI.and wish you the very best as you celebrate 3 wonderful milestones - Congratulations.
- Judy MacKenzie

Congratulations Peter.  I am 72 years old ( retired from the Lord Nelson  many years ago as General Manager ) but I still work 4 days a week as a caregiver in Metro Hospitals.  Cheers and all the very best for the next 20 years with CBC.
- Helmuth Wiegert

Hello Mr. Coade,
My son Laurence and I watch your forecasts and my son has a special request. Please, no more rain! Congratulations on your long public service.  Have a safe and happy holiday season. Best regards,
- Fred & Laurence Bushor

Congratulations Peter! Keep up the good work.
- Ina Larter

Congratulations Peter on such a long successful career. It is so nice to know that people still love their jobs. I sent Stewart & Ardeth Smith the article about you and they were thrilled to read it.
- Joan & Barrie Blank

Congrats on fifty years service!
- Stephen

Peter, You are the best. I have certainly enjoyed you giving the weather over the past years. I remember you calling me on the phone to let me know when my photos would be posted on the weather , and at that time we talked on how you got started doing the weather .Some day I still plan to make a trip into Halifax to visit you at the TV station. I will turn 69 on Jan.10, 2013, close to your age. Congratulations on your 50 years of good service.
- David E. Cranton , Belleisle, Annapolis Co., N.S.

I live in Truro and remember some bad snow storms in my earlier days. I also recall you using a chalk board like Rube when you were giving us the weather report.  My, my how we have changed. Now it is less snow and more rain. I guess that's global warming.
Happy 50 Years,
- Larry Clyke

Congratulations Peter on three great Milestones. You have done an excellent job with the weather forecasting . I wish you well.
- Car J. Priddle

Congratulations Peter!
- Paul Gallant

Hey Peter, Congratulations!  We worked together in Goose Bay a "few" years ago.  Imagine my surprise when I returned from the west to see you on TV.  We always check your forecasts as they are closer to the truth than the others.   Keep up the good work.
- John Aird

Hi Peter. Congratulations from Forest Fire Management in New Brunswick. We look forward to working with you in the 2013 fire Season.
- Charles Beaulieu

Congratulations on your accomplishments to date and what I hope will be many more in the future from an Upper Canadian who had the good fortune to live in the Maritimes for 16 years.   You were the authoritative source for weather information.  When the going got tough you told us how tough it was going to get.  Juan, White Juan, the gentle breezes in the Highlands of Cape Breton and a hundred Nor' Easters in between.  We still tune to see what you have in store for our many friends still fortunate to live in the home of interesting weather.  All the best.,
- Ian Haley

Congratulations on your 50th anniversary as a meteorologist. I watch you every weeknight as you give the most accurate weather forecast. Much success for the following years.
- Kimberley Jonah

You're a class act, Mr. Coade. Best wishes on both of your anniversaries and thank you for your continued service with a smile.
- Zal

Congratulations, Mr. Coade on your 50 yr milestone as a meteoroligist! Really enjoy your weather reports from Halifax! Your pleasant attitude and happy smile add a lot to the feature as you broadcast the weather. Please stay on air for many more years? First saw you as a replacement for our Kevin (Boomer).
- Louise Rousselle

So happy for you, Peter!  You make me smile every night when you point out the weather in Grand Etang!  LOL.  Glad you still enjoy your job.  Happy birthday!
- Tracey DeAdder

Congratulations Peter Coade on 50 years of telling us the weather. I can always trust on you to get it right. :)
- Roberta Read

Thank You for doing such a great job and keeping us all so well informed! Cheers,
‑Walt Norris

Congratulations on your 50 Years of service. I am a regular viewer of your forecast at 6:20 P.M.  Your folksy manner and happy smile, make the weather forecast a pleasure, regardless of how gloomy it sometimes is. Keep smiling and good luck. Thanks,
- Angus Casptick

Congratulations Peter on your accomplishment.
- Alicia Nieforth

And still the number one guy for reliable weather information! Congratulations sir!
- Mark Hamilton

How wonderful to find something you love and be able to do it for 50 years. Congratulations, Peter on this milestone - all the best in the years to come.
‑ Allison Pothier

Congrats on 50 years Peter. The move back to CBC is one the best decisions you have made, in my opinion. Of course, Donna may disagree.
- Larry

Congratulations on a remarkable achievement, and thank you for your dedication (and incredible accuracy!)! Here in Lunenburg your word is Gospel!
- Doreen Dixon

Thank you for your dedication to such an important part of our lives. Knowing and learning about the weather from you has benefited us all.
- Ralph & Reeni Pardy

Congratulations Bro on your great achievement.  I always get a chuckle when friends of mine introduce me to someone... "you know Peter Coade .. well, this is his sister."    We have always appreciated the "inside tips" on weather when we had to travel and we are all very proud of you.
- Jessie Fox

Congratulations on a "stellar" career. So glad when you jumped to CBC.  Live long and prosper.
- Dannie Brown

Congratulations Peter! We've been watching you for many years and are happy you are still on air. Wishing you all the best now and in the future.
- Christine & Paige

Congratulations on 50 years in the business. A pleasure working with you at ATV.  If there was weather question for a story, you always had the answer!
- Paul Greene

Congratulations Peter Coade on marking fifty years of weather forecasting. Well done!
- Bart Firth

Congratulations, Peter. You have been a constant in the ever changing weather!
­- Jim Muise

Congratulations , Pete! nice write up and photo. I personally watched you over the years and boy are these 50 year events catching up to a lot of us. Congrats to you & Donna on your 50th anniversary. may you have many more happy, healthy years ahead.
- Regards, Cathy & Derek

Congratulations Peter, on your 50 years. I now know why you remind me of Rube.

Long live the CBC.
- Daphne Strowbridge

Congrats Peter, I hope you're not thinking of retiring anytime soon.
- Anne Ashford-Hall

Congratulations, Peter on this fine milestone! We enjoy hearing you regularly on radio and seeing you on CBC.
- Mary MacKinnon

Dear Mr. Coade,
Just wanted congratulate you on marking 50 years as a meteorologist and share a funny story on how you are a part of our family's life.When my niece Ella was about 3 years old, she starting getting upset when you came on the TV.  When we asked her why, she told that you were "naughty with your computer".  We think all our years of complaining about NS weather sunk in, and she believed that you were the cause of all the rain and snow.  From ages 3 to 5 you became a villain to my niece, someone who used his computer to make it rain.  We even have video of the games we would play where she would hunt for you around my parent's yard armed with wrapping paper rolls and bubbles (apparently your weakness). She is turning 7 soon and sadly growing out of our "Peter Coade Games".  But the memory of how Ella thought you controlled the weather and that you were naughty will always bring a smile to my face. Thank you for always delivering the weather to the people of Nova Scotia, rain, snow or shine!
- Jyll Hansen

Congratulations Uncle Pete! Since I work in the airline industry, I travel coast to coast and work with people from all corners of this country. I have discovered that Peter Coade is well known and respected by all my eastern compatriots! I have not yet met a Maritimer who does not know who is, everybody says the same thing; "I love Peter Coade!"
-  Sue Malcolm

Congratulations Peter on 50, quite an accomplishment. I enjoy your work with Harry.
- Robert Reid

Peter!! I believe we took the Observer course from Ralph Harley in Moncton! Congrats on all!! We are only 47 yrs wed. Cheers,
- Ian Murray

Congratulations Peter. From a retiree of The Bureau of Meteorology Commonwealth Government of Australia.
- Shawn Nowlan

Peter, always am informed and enjoy your forecasts, pics  and chats with Tom and Amy.  You are a fixture in our home with the 5 o'clock news. Congratulations.
- Evelyn m. Maloney

Congratulations Peter on a job well done , always nice to see your sunny smile as well.
- Sandy Pelley

Congratulations, Peter, we wait to hear your weather forecast each day.
- Edson Johnson

Peter, what a privledge to see you every night for a reliable, down home delivery of the weather forecast.  Best wishes on your 50th year in the biz. You are the best and a great guy! - Pam Murphy(Slade)

Congratulations Uncle Peter, on 50 years of doing what you love to do. Love you. Bonnie.
- Bonita Coade

We congratulate you on this special milestone we appreciate your service for Canada. God Bless you
- Christiana

Congratulations Peter on a great 50 years!
- Brad Green

Peter, I grew up next door to you on Livingstone Place and am so proud of your meterological skills. We depend on your forecasts and they never disappoint.You and Rube will go down as the best meterologists the Maritimes ever knew! Thanks for all you do and a big congratulations!
- Deborah Lounsbury

Congrats, Peter. Well done then, well done now.  We both worked at CFRB (for me it was 1974-81, then off to CKEY). My very best to you for such consistent quality service to all of us.  What a milestone! Must have you guest go-host the Bluenose Opera House Radio Program (now syndicated across Nova Scotia...... it sure would be fun!
- In awe, Paul Kellogg

Congrats Peter - keep showing us pictures of those dandelions (well, once spring rolls around again, anyway)!
- Michael Copp

Congratulations Peter! An impressive milestone indeed! Maybe it is a Guinness world record. Best wishes for the future.
- Alan C. O'Neill

You would think after 50 years you'd get it right . . . . your camping buddy\Donna's boyfriend, Philip.... Congrats Peter! Here's to many more!!!
- Love, Tammy and Phil.

Peter, I sincerely hope you remain on-air for as long as you are able. You are the Dave Duvall of the Maritimes. I watched you when I lived in New Brunswick and I continue to watch when at the cottage. I also watch from Ontario as I subscribe to the Maritime stations. We Maritimers always want to know what the weather is like "down home". You are my down home guy. Steady and reliable. Congratulations Peter and thank you. You are a true professional.
- Sonja Dowbiggin

Peter: Being a dyed in the wool Motorcyclists, I have to tell you that there are days that I cursed your forecast...But never you !! Congratulations on a fine career, and your milestone. We watch the CBC & listen in to the radio on a daily basis for planning our weekend rides & camp outings. Could you pull a rabbit out of the hat & give us a dusting of the white stuff for Christmas Eve @ 1130 Pm, then have it gone by noon day on Boxing Day??
All the best,
- Pam & Michael P Spearns

I always watched PETER COADE, no matter where he worked. When he was no longer with ATV, I found him on my favourite station---thanks Peter. Your presentation is always "homey" as we Maritimers are A BIG CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 50 YEARS!
- Judy Fayle

Happy 50 years! We are new to NS, and you (and your team) are one of the many happy discoveries we have made. May your next 50 be even more rewarding.
- Lucija Kacala

Congratulations on this milestone in your Career!! In OUR house....yours is the ONLY trusted weather report!! We listen to them all, then "See what PETER has to say...
- Linda Ellis

Peter congratulations!! Thank you for making our daily lives just a little safer by keeping us all informed with accurate weather forcasting.
50 years of dedication is a milestone for any life event!
- Linda Haley Trenholm

50 years,,,WOW where has the time gone. Congratulations to you Peter. Here is to another 10x5.. years of continued success.
- Karine (Hinch) McGregor

You're a trooper Peter Coade. We are so glad you saw the light and moved to CBC! Wherever you are, you are a joy to watch and hear - even if you do bring us some nasty forecasts sometimes! Please don't plan to retire any time soon. Life wouldn't be the same without you!
- Anita MacLellan

Great job! Peter. You obviously love what you do. Keep those sunny days coming!!
- Christine Burt

Thank you for being "my" weather advisor since I first had TV. Congratulations and I wish you could give me predictions for another 50 years.
- Ann Ross

Peter, I have been watching you for years doing the weather in the Maritimes -you are so laid back and easy going- and I think that that is one of the main reasons for your longevity-- congratulations on 50 years- you seem so stress free keep it going if your havin fun-- were watchin ya. And what is the weather going to be tomorrow Peter ?
- Alex Benoit

Good job Peter - watch you every night. Congratulations, and many more.
- Patrick Rioux

You have been a diligent weather forecaster. I have enjoyed your easy demeanor as you forecast.. easy to understand your presentation. All the best to you when you retire. Thanks for your many years in our home.
- Gail Dagenais

Congrats Peter. All the best to you, as you are the best.
- Gary Barker

Congratulations Peter on a long and rewarding career.
- Paul Sampson

Congratulations on celebrating 50 years as a meteorologist! Always enjoy your forecasts & pics. Appreciate your experience/knowledge in the weather field. Enjoy the milestone!
- Randy Fawkes

Congratulations Peter! You do a terrific job.
- Joan Burchell

Thank you for your 50 years of calm service!
- Margie Macdonald

What's the weather like tomorrow Peter?
Congratulations on 50 yrs !!
-Tom Hardiman

Congratulations Peter!
I like the photo of you doing the weather with the marker. I remember the TV weather men doing the forecast with the chalk and chalkboard back in the day. The new computerized screens are a great advancement but the forecasters really had to know their stuff then. Please keep us up to date for Sussex, NB. Since we are in a valley our weather isn't always the same as Moncton, Saint John or Fredericton but you do a great job of letting us know what to expect. Thanks Peter and hope you keep forecasting for many years to come! :)
- Emily Thorne

Congratulations on your successful career Peter. You must really love your job to stick with it for 50 years! Way to go.
- Veronica

We enjoy your evening visits and marvel at your knowledge of our beautiful province. Best wishes to you and your family.
- Nancy and Bob

Congrats Peter Job well done.
- Dan MacKinnon

Wanted to send you my congratulations on reaching this awesome milestone as a meteorologist !!!
- Robert Harris

Congratulations Peter! A great accomplishment!!!! Be so proud of your milestone as we are SO proud of you!!! We always enjoyed your expertise, down to earth personality, and humor! You & Jim Nunn were a great CBC duo! Thanks!!!
- Alyson Gauthier

Happy 50 yrs in meteorology and to many more.
- L Goodfellow

Congratulations! You're the best! We enjoy your forecasts, good or bad.
- Cheryl Murphy

Congratulations Peter on your 50 year milestone as a Meteorologist. I really appreciate your delivery of the nightly weather forecast. You make it interesting and fun even if you have a bad day in store for us !! :-) I liked being on one time and asking you "Whats the weather like tomorrow Peter" Wishing you all the Best in the years to come "
- Sincerely, Sandra Usifer, Whycocomagh, Cape Breton

Congratulations on a job so well done all of these years - cheers!
- Mary Hamblin

Hi Mr. Coade,
Congratulations on a BIG anniversary. We certainly enjoy watching you making very precise weather predictions for us. You are a part of our day, on Radio or T.V.
Here's hoping you can do another 50 years.
God bless you and your family.
- Iris Harnish

Thank you Peter for your wonderful forecasts. Every evening I look forward to watching you on CBC. There is something about your presentation that makes the weather relaxing and informative. Hope you will continue, but if and when you decide to retire, you will be missed.
- All the best, Allan MacLellan

Congratulations, Good to see someone who enjoys their job.
- Brian Johnson

Congrats Peter. You are indeed a fine man. Take Care.
- Sharon L Martin

Congratulations to Peter Coade on your Milestone as weather forecaster! All the best to you for many more years on the job.
- Clara McCormick

The very best to you Peter! 50 years in any job is worth celebrating and one that takes place in the public eye is a true milestone. Here is to continued health, many more years with CBC and more awesome weather!!!
- Nancy Hennessey

Congratulations on quite the milestone. You have been the voice of credibility for this family and always trust your forecasts. Celebrate in style Peter. You deserve it.
- Edie Hippern

You have been a diligent weather forecaster. I have enjoyed your easy demeanor as you forecast - easy to understand your presentation. All the best to you when you retire. Thanks for your many years in our home.
- Gail Dagenais

Congratulations Peter! And Donna too! What a remarkable milestone, in both broadcasting and life!
- Bill McKay

We send best wishes and congratulations for all your anniversaries and triumphs! You have always been our favourite. Enjoy your celebrations.
- Lynne & Madeline FitzGerald

hanks for giving us the weather forecast for the past 50 years.
- Barbara Gilbert

Congratulations Peter on your milestone!
- Cathy & Donnie Negus

I never miss the weather keep it up!
- Vincent Chisholm

Sincere Congratulations !!! I have enjoyed watching your weather forecasts for many years. You "know your stuff" and your pleasant demeanor is enjoyed by all !!!
- Kay Meers

Congratulations on 50 years! You certainly must enjoy the work you do.
- Laura Fancey

Nice going Peter.
Dave Standing

Well, Peter, as a retired Met Tech of 37 years (started in 1967) I would like to congratulate you on your longevity. You do a superior job of TV presenting. Indeed, you are the best I've seen since Rube Hornstein, and Percy Saltzman, bar none. I wish you more success...unless of course you want to retire.
- Jack Dennahower

Wow I'm shocked! I honestly thought Peter was in his late fifties or perhaps early sixties. Congratulations on a long career, a successful marriage and for having discovered the fountain of youth.
- Melanie

Congrats. Peter on 50 years. You should be good for at leat 10 more. I listen to your weather every day.
- Bob Petitpas, Hubley

Congratulations Peter!!!! Until you came along, I didn't even bother watching the weather and now would not miss your forecasts either on CBC radio or TV.
You 'call it right' almost every time. Thank you so much for bringing us your forecasts and hope you will continue for many more years.
- MC LeVatte

Congrats Mr. Coade. You have reached quite a milestone in your career. I enjoy listening to your forecast everyday at the end of Maritime Noon. You are also accurate....hope the CBC gets you a big cake for your celebration
- Robert MacLean

Peter,You are the class personality and trusted resource that has been CBC's norm since its inception. Warm, personable, trusted with down home humour and the guy next door feel. Congratulations to you and your family on this important milestone.
- Paul Bragdon

Congratulations on 50 years of forecasting - here's to 50 more!
- Katherine

Congratulations on an excellent fifty years of weather forecasting! I hope that you have another fifty of equal success. Moving right along, what's the weather going to be like on the weekend, Peter ;-)
- Terry Mulcahy

Congratulations on your wonderful milestone achievement. Obviously you enjoy what you do. Keep up the great work.
- John Whynot, Maitland

Congratulations Peter. Keep up the great work. I remember Rube Hornstein on the "Gazette" with his large piece of chalk. Wasn't it in a chalk holder or something. Boy meteorology and presenting the weather sure have come a long way. You're the best.
Regards, Laurie Crosby

You're the best
- Gilles LeBlanc

Congratulations on 50 years in the meteorology field, turning 70 years in September and your 50th wedding anniversary. Lots of mile stones accomplished...well done.
- Elspeth Mackenzie

Nice 50 Years. Keep up the good work,
- Gerry Lavoie

Congratulations Peter!
- Mary Duffy

Congratulations Peter...you are my favourite weather person.
- Arlyn Skinner

Peter, you have been doing the weather for my entire life. It doesn't matter what we might be watching, but we turn to whatever channel you're on to get the weather every night. I still remember you forecasting what we in Moncton refer to as the "Storm of '92," the incredible storm that brought 162 cm of snow to our city. You prepared us for what was coming and you talked us through the week that we were cut off from the world - but not from each other. Always dependable, a friendly face and a calm voice. Many congratulations on your 50 years in meteorology.
- Heath Johnson

You go Peter!!!! Show them young cloud watchers how the wind blows.
- Congrats, Ruby Carter

Congratulations for a terrific 50 years service to the public and proving we 70 year olds still have plenty of pep in us.
- David Farley

You are the most awesome, interesting, and entertaining weather guy EVER! I trust what you say the weather is going to be and POOF...there it is~ THANK YOU!
- Mark Hubbard

I have enjoyed watching your sunny disposition over the years.
- Kathy White

Way to go Uncle Pete!! A fantastic milestone! We try to watch you out here in the west as much as we can - you should forecast the west coast's weather!
Love you lots and miss you!
-Debbie van't Kruis

Dear Peter, Thank you. Your standards for professionalism are dearly appreciated as a viewer.
- Daby Napthine

Fifty years! How amazing! You must have started weather forecasting right out of the womb. You don't look a day over 50 yourself. Many more years..love ya
- Bonny Dixon MacIsaac

I bet Peter can predict the weather better than the computers that advise him!
- Celia Kulrich

Peter, its been many years since we touched base. Congratulations on lasting so long, job and marriage! Would love to sit and chat some time soon. Don't get under the "weather ", celebrating all your anniversaries.
- John Lukeman

Congratulations on the long career, and the long marriage , hope there are many more good years for much more of both.
- Heather Visser

My sincere congratulations to Peter! Well done!!
- Brenda Smith

Congratulations, Peter! It looks like you still enjoy your job. We still enjoy watching you do your job...whatever the weather. Best wishes for many more happy years. Happy Birthday. Happy Anniversary, as well.
- Marie Montgomery

Mr Coade:
A big congratulations to you 50 years is a long time but you sure show your love for your career when you give the forecast.
I really love hearing the forecast by you, you are more interesting.
I have a big problem if your are 50 years as a meteorologist, you sure dont look a day over hmm, 60 for sure.
All in all you are a very pleasant looking person.
- Peace, Joan Blacquier, Miramichi

WOW, 50 years of Weather Forecasting
You gotta love what your doing.
CongraTs and may you have many more
Thanks !
- Thom Shields

Hi Peter,
Congratulations on your recent milestone. I will also fondly remember the short period of time I was able to work with you in Halifax at CTV. Your were always very nice to me. I will never forget your smile. I remember wanting to adopt you into my family. :) I followed you from CTV to CBC and I will always trust in your weather forecast.
- Love, Charlene LaBillois

Greetings from North Eastern NB. Congratulations, Peter, on a remarkable career!! Have been watching your delivery of the weather for years now. May the sun always shine upon you!!
-Debbie Blake

We've enjoyed Peter for many years. He's a friend we look forward to seeing nightly in our living rooms. I especially like the "zingers" he reserves for the anchors occasionally. Quick on his feet, his is a true Maritimer! Congratulations Peter! We are truly the lucky ones!
- PD Lynch

Hi Peter, I also grew up in the north-end, a few streets over from the Hydrostone. When we were kids we lived with our grandmother, who was a good friend of your Mom, Jessie. After supper, we would all watch the news on TV, and my nan would always say, "there's Jessie Coade son, on TV. And we would all watch you tell us what the weather was going to be for the next day. Thanks for the memories, Peter.-
- Patricia MacLeod

Hi Peter, Congrats on 50 years - you can't possibly be that old :) I always enjoyed your visits to the call centre during Xmas Daddies. I remember one year the show was on my grandmothers birthday and you gave her a shout out - She got a kick out of that - and i was very grateful. I hope you have a great day.
- Holly LaPierre

Congratulations Peter! I watch your predictions every night because you have always been the most accurate with the weather forecast. But I would have never thought you were 70 years young. Great achievement! Keep up the good work!
- Elisabeth Babault

Congrats on 50 years Peter keep on bringing us Nova Scotians some good weather and I was so glad that I got to ask you what the weather was?
- Logan Campbell