Warehousing indigenous women By: Martha Troian

Management Protocol

By Kinew James

Its hard for me to see past steps one, two and three
As I progress, I regress with no-one to impress
This whole dilemma makes me laugh haha
But deep down inside I protect my pride

They can’t take me or break me – ‘cause I’m
Stronger than the rest – that’s right I’m the best
I contain my pain –bent on being sane to that
Which I feign their madness towards this Princess

They can’t see what they’re doing to me
Hidden behind these walls – touring the justice halls
Take the crime to trial got my lawyers # please dial
Oh and later call for pizza yah make it catered

They fake I take another piece of cake
Unsettled mindset no I’m not their pet
These check ins check out and without a doubt
They’re sure to come back and they don’t got jack

Compassion is to ration the empathy like sympathy
It requires skill to not want to kill take a pill
And it’ll all be better. Write that letter – oh and don’t
Forget: I’m not off the Protocol just yet

"One last thing" as I always say
I refuse to give in I was born to sin in this parade
In which I reign yeah a delegate and nothing but
If I failed to succeed I’ll say the Apostles Creed