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CBC contacted 54 universities across Canada and asked them to provide the number of academic misconduct cases that went through a formal discipline process in the year 2011-12. We also asked for the type of the offence and the specific discipline that was imposed. Forty-one institutions supplied data.


Cheating Facts

According to a survey of Canadian university & college students:

  • Cheated on written work in high school 73%
  • Cheated on tests in high school 58%
  • Cheated on a test as undergrads 18%
  • Helped someone else cheat on a test 8%

According to a survey of 43,000 U.S. high school students:

  • Used the internet to plagiarize33%
  • Cheated on a test last year 59%
  • Did it more than twice 34%
  • Think you need to cheat to get ahead 39%

Sources: 2006 Academic Misconduct within Higher Education in Canada | Josephson Institute Center for Youth Ethics, 2010

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