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Winnipeg Red Light Cameras
Eastbound Portage Ave. and Cavalier Dr. Moray St. and Lodge Ave. Westbound Ness Ave. and Whytewold St. Portage Ave. and Mount Royal Rd. Southbound Kenaston Blvd. and Corydon Ave. Northbound Century St. and Silver Ave. Ellice Ave. and St. James St. Eastbound Sargent Ave. and Clifton St. Northbound Keewatin St. and Selkirk Ave. McPhilips St. and Redwood Ave. Inkster Blvd. and Airlies St. Westbound Leila Ave. and Sinclair St. Salter St. and Mountain Ave. Main St. and Redwood Ave. Hespeler Ave. and Beatrice St. Henderson Hwy. and Kimberly Ave. Talbot Ave. and Watt St. Panet Rd. and Munroe Ave. Westbound Regent Ave. and Owen St. Regent Ave. and Madeline St. Disraeli Freeway and Lily Provencher Blvd. and Rue Aulneau Marion St. and Dufrense Ave. Southbound Archibald and Elizabeth Rd. St. Anne's Rd. and Meadowood Dr. Southbound St. Mary's Rd. and Warde Ave. Northbound Pembina Hwy and Bairdmore Blvd./Dalhousie Dr. Dunkirk Dr. and St. Vital Rd. Jubilee Ave. and Cockburn St. Pembina Highway and Grant Ave. Grant Ave. at Wilton St. Academy Rd. and Oak St. Sherbrook St. and Broadway Portage Ave. and Dominion St. Bishop Grandin Blvd. and River Rd. Northbound Kenaston Blvd. and McGillivray Blvd. Grant Ave. and Charleswood Parkway Southbound Donald St. and Broadway Isabel St. and William Ave. Henderson Hwy. and Gilmore Ave. Main St. and Inkster Blvd. Main St. and Logan Ave. Notre Dame Ave. and Sherbrook St. Southbound St. James St. and Ness Ave Northbound Main St. and Logan Ave Southbound Lagimodiere Blvd. and Grassie Blvd Northbound Jefferson Ave. and McPhillips St. Westbound Fermor Ave. and St. Mary's Rd.
Enforcement Locations

District  map

District 1: Downtown

  • Sherbrook St. @ Broadway
  • Isabel St. @ William Ave.
  • Sargent Ave. @ Clifton St.
  • Donald St. @ Broadway
  • Notre Dame Ave. @ Sherbrook St.
  • Disraeli Fwy. @ Lily St.
  • Main St. @ Logan Ave.
  • York Ave. @ Fort St.

District 2: West

  • Moray St. @ Lodge Ave.
  • Portage Ave. @ Cavalier Dr.
  • Century St. @ Silver Ave.
  • Ness Ave. @ Whytewold St.
  • Ellice Ave. @ St. James St.
  • Portage Ave. @ Mount Royal Rd.
  • Portage Ave. @ Dominion St.
  • St. James St. @ Ness Ave.

District 3: North

  • Inkster Blvd. @ Airlies St.
  • Salter St. @ Mountain Ave.
  • Leila Ave. @ Sinclair St.
  • Keewatin St. @ Selkirk Ave.
  • Main St. @ Redwood Ave.
  • McPhillips St. @ Redwood Ave.
  • Main St. @ Inkster Blvd.
  • Jefferson Ave. @ McPhillips St.

District 4: East

  • Talbot Ave. @ Watt St.
  • Hespeler Ave. @ Beatrice St.
  • Henderson Hwy. @ Kimberly Ave.
  • Regent Ave. @ Owen St.
  • Panet Rd. @ Munroe Ave.
  • Regent Ave. @ Madeline St.
  • Henderson Hwy. @ Gilmore Ave.
  • Lagimodiere Blvd. @ Grassie Blvd.

District 5: Southeast

  • Marion St. @ Dufresne Ave.
  • Provencher Blvd. @ Aulneau St.
  • St. Mary's Rd. @ Warde Ave.
  • Archibald @ Elizabeth Rd.
  • St. Anne's Rd. @ Meadowood Dr.
  • Dunkirk Rd. @ St. Vital Rd.
  • Bishop Grandin Blvd. @ River Rd.
  • Fermor Ave. @ St. Mary's Rd.

District 6: Southwest

  • Academy Rd. @ Oak St.
  • Jubilee Ave. @ Cockburn St.
  • Pembina Hwy @ Bairdmore Blvd.
  • Kenaston Blvd. @ Corydon Ave.
  • Grant Ave. @ Wilton St.
  • Pembina Hwy. @ Grant Ave.
  • Grant Ave. @ Charleswood Pkwy.
  • Kenaston Blvd. @ McGillivray Blvd.