Rapid Transit: The Next Phase

  Existing Phase

Parker/Hydro Corridor Option


  • more opportunities for transit-oriented development;
  • fewer private properties required therefore lower land costs;
  • less neighbourhood impact;
  • easy to accommodate active transportation;
  • faster operating speeds; and
  • significant positive tax implications due to future new transit-oriented development opportunities.


  • longer distance on a dedicated corridor;
  • major negotiations with Manitoba Hydro required; and
  • potential impact on users of vacant Parker land and Hydro corridor.
  • In 2009 the city traded 58 acres of Parker lands property (pictured orange) to developer Gem Equities in exchange for 9 acres of land in Fort Rouge needed to build the first leg of Rapid Transit. If the city wants to build a transit corridor through the Parker lands they'll have to buy part of that land back for $17,000 an acre.

Letellier Option


  • shorter, more direct distance;
  • more service along Pembina Highway; and
  • more transit access for residences in the Maybank neighbourhood.


  • more at-grade intersections to cross, significantly impacting traffic on crossing streets;
  • no room for co-located active transportation;
  • negotiations and relocation of CN tracks required;
  • lower running speeds;
  • no opportunity for future full operational build-out;
  • immediate commercial and residential property impacts with significant property costs;
  • reduced incremental tax benefits to the City due to fewer new opportunities for transit oriented development; and
  • higher overall cost (construction and property).


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Timeline of Future Phases

Rozelle's Bus Conversion

Rozelle Srichandra is a working mom who lives in Waverley West with her husband and two kids. About a year ago she gave up her daily commute by car to try the bus. The Waverley Heights Express. It's one bus from her neighbourhood to downtown and it includes the new Rapid Transit corridor and the three new stations.

Annual Savings: $1158.00 | Time: 80 Hours