Gold jewelry prices: are you getting your money's worth?

A CBC News I-Team investigation has revealed that Winnipeggers who want to sell their gold rings and chains may not getting paid what their jewelry is actually worth.

CBC News had two experienced jewelry appraisers weigh and determine the karat of six pieces of gold jewelry. Karat is a measure of the purity of gold, with pure gold being 24 karats.

An I-Team producer then took those items to five gold buyers.

In each case, the gold buyer got the karat wrong on at least one piece of jewelry. Two buyers got the karat of three pieces wrong.

A 14-karat piece of gold can be worth about 40 per cent more than a 10-karat piece.

Gold jewelry

Little gold ring 14kt | 1.9129g

Medium gold ring 14kt | 5.7733g

White gold ring 14kt | 7.5819g

Gold chain 10kt | 12.1635

White gold chain 10kt | 1.7601g

Big gold ring 10kt | 10.0603g

Where we took our gold


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