Properties at risk of frozen pipes

More than 190K addresses analyzed to show which properties are at risk

CBC News checked 190,000 addresses from the City of Winnipeg website and identified 5,171 properties that could develop frozen pipes, representing about 70 per cent of all properties the city has described as being at risk. For privacy reasons, we did not include exact addresses.

Top 10 worst streets

  1. Alexander Ave. 206 at risk
  2. Bannerman Ave. 147 at risk
  3. Mountain Ave. 142 at risk
  4. Jessie Ave. 132 at risk
  5. Ross Ave. 124 at risk
  6. Atlantic Ave. 123 at risk
  7. Boyd Ave. 123 at risk
  8. Fleet Ave. 110 at risk
  9. Cathedral Ave. 107 at risk
  10. St John's Ave. 105 at risk