In flood times

Monday, April 29

Cheryl Kennedy Courcelles

Cheryl lives just outside St Adolphe.

In flood times, one tends to do a lot of praying that Mother Nature and our modern day drainage movement of water will be kind to us and our animals, to our communities, our homes, businesses, infrastructure and ecosystems.

It appears that our prayers have been answered this weekend with the flood levels being lowered twice by a couple of feet, merci beaucoup!

Yippee yahoo, with the slower spring melt, evaporation, the work of the Amphibex cutting up the ice downstream, the ice breaking up into smaller pieces and not jamming up on our bridges in the Red River and causing fast local flooding. The river so far is staying mainly within her banks, minus the low lying areas brings such a relief. It feels like about 10,000 pounds have been lifted off our shoulders and perhaps we can get some sleep again and life can get back to normal.

It is not to say we do not stay major flood alert ready, we always do, but it sure takes some of the pressure and stress off of us.

The ice breaking up into smaller pieces is so important to maintaining our riverbanks, trees, dikes, berms and bridges. In 2009 a severe ice jam took out the Delorme Bridge on Highway 210, connecting St. Adolphe to Highway 75, which cost the province millions of dollars to rebuild.

And when the ice backs up for miles, it also puts pressure on the floodway control gate structure and heaven forbid if that structure gives way, then Winnipeg would be severely flooded.

Sadly, our RM of Ritchot has lost a loved one to the low-lying flood waters and backed up smaller tributaries. We cannot ignore the deadly power that even one foot of flood water can do if we try and drive through it.

So please, please, take the time to go around and do not attempt to go through these dangerous areas as we have seen in St Rose du Lac this past weekend. It puts you and your rescuers at a terrible scary risk. So important to obey the signs, stay out of these ice cold deadly flood waters and use a boat if you really have to get across and there is no other way.

Thank you CBC for keeping us up to speed on all the latest flood news. It helps us be better prepared and feeling connected and not so all alone.

We sure appreciate it.

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