The Next Big Thing

Winnipeg has The Jets, a new stadium, a new airport, and the human rights museum.

The city is going through quite a renaissance these days.

So what's The Next Big Thing for Winnipeg?

Every Monday, Information Radio is going to look ahead to what's next for our city in a series called "The Next Big Thing".

Featured: Osborne Village

Big changes are coming to the village. How will they affect the neighbourhood renowned for its friendly and eclectic ambiance?

Information Radio will look at the changes starting Monday, September 10th.

View Shoppers Drug Mart expansion plans (PDF) »


Wednesday, join Marcy Markusa 7 a.m. at the Starbucks Cafe to debate the major changes coming to Osborne Village. Papa Georges is closing and Movie Village has moved down the street. Shoppers Drug Mart is expanding. There's also talk of a McDonald's coming to the village. Residents will debate the pros and cons, tomorrow on the Morning Show with Terry and Marcy.

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