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Water levels cause road flooding

Road-Closed-Apr162013.jpgHeavy rain and rapid snow melt has caused unrelenting flooding that closed 15 roads across PEI. At mid-morning the province's 511 system was reporting problems in many parts of the province. Water levels overwhelmed the streams, culverts and ditches and motorists are being asked to use extreme caution. Darren Chaisson with the Department of Transportation said Road crews were sent out to barricade and keep the bridges and roads safe for the general public. He spoke with Karen Mair by phone.

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Writer - Don Gayton

dongayton for web.jpg

Don Gayton is an award winning nature writer and ecologist.  He is at U.P.E.I. as Writer-In-Residence this week (Feb 03-07, 2014).



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UPEI Delays Closure Announcement - Steve Bruce

UPEI Closure 3.jpgIf you had your radio on this morning, you heard the usual barrage of storm-day closures and cancellations. But there's one you may have missed. UPEI didn't announce it was closing until well after eight o'clock. That was about two hours after the announcement schools were closed, and an hour after the news came out that Holland College was closing. Some university students and staff were already in class at UPEI and were told to go home. By that time, the students said conditions weren't safe. Reporter Steve Bruce spoke with the university's VP of Administration and Finance, Jackie Podger.

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