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Spin Time Segment: July 2012 Archives

Spin Time - Marlane O'Brien

MarlaneOBrienStage.jpgIt's been almost 20 years since actor Marlane O'Brien first hit the Charlottetown festival stage in a Closer Walk with Patsy Cline. This season she's taken on the iconic role of Marilla Cuthbert. We've cast her in the role of SpinTime DJ.

Cut #1 - As Long As He Needs Me - Oliver

Cut #2 - Come By The Hills - Loreena McKennitt

Cut #3 - Seize the Day - Gordon Belsher

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Spin Time - Gary Schneider

When you think about forests on PEI and the people who work hard who try to maintain our natural landscape and promote good stewardship of our woodlands, there's one name that immediately comes to mind. Gary Schneider is the guiding force behind the Macphail Woods Ecological Forestry Project where for more than 20 years now they've devoted themselves to promoting awareness and understanding of PEI's woodlands and the environment.  But there's something else that Gary's Schneider is deeply passionate about besides nature. Gary's also passionate about music and he joins us today as our Spin Time Deejay host.

Cut 1 - Darrell Scott - The Open Door/CROOKED ROAD
Cut 2 - Kate Poole - The Fear Song
Cut 3 - LITTLE WING (Jimi Hendrix) - May Moore & Lester Quitzau

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Spin Time - Ben Kunder

BenKunder1.jpgFirst, you saw him as Richie Valens. Then you saw him do his best Johnny Cash. Today on Spin Time, musical performer Ben Kunder tells us about his musical influences, neither Valens nor Cash, although Ben seems to have a healthy respect for the people he's portrayed on the stage of the Confederation Centre here in Charlottetown.

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