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Sommelier Jean-Sebastien Morin

Sommelier Morin - Wine Varietals

SommelierJSMorinMS.jpgPronouncing the names is sometimes tough enough, but to a novice, understanding the unique characteristics of a wine can be a daunting task. When a sommelier identifies the smell of earth, chocolate or licorice in a wine - they are also recognizing the signature of a certain grape.

Sommelier Jean-S├ębastien Morin drops by today to explain the importance of wine varietals.
He s the wine category manager for the PEI Liquor Control Commission.

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Sommelier - Jean-Sebastien Morin

Jean-SebastianMorinStudio.jpgThis week, Sommelier Jean-Sebastien Morin tells us about the impressive National Sommeliers he was in Halifax judging, and he shares his own expertise on local award-winning wines.

Rossignol L'Acadie Blanc

Matos Gamay Noir

Cabernet Sauvignon - Newman New Red

Golden Drop Mead

Rossignol Strawberry-Rhubarb