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Richard Raiswell: October 2013 Archives

Richard Raiswell - Canada-EU (CETA)

RichardRaiswellOct162013.jpgRichard Raiswell, our political columnist has been reading up on Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). That's the free trade agreement Prime Minister Harper has negotiated with the EU. More detail is coming out tomorrow on the deal, but Richard Raiswell has been reading the European papers and the tea leaves.

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Richard Raiswell - Tory Meltdown

RichardRaiswellOct162013.jpgWith the federal government getting back to the House this week and the provincial legislature doing the same in a month, politics is getting spicier. People will be watching the three remaining Progressive Conservative MLA's - now that Hal Perry has switched to the Liberals and former leader Olive Crane will sit as an independant. Our political columnist Richard Raiswell looks at what these actions say about the party.

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Richard Raiswell - School PD Days

RichardRaiswellPoliticalColumnist2013.jpgWith forty less teachers, and five more professional development days being added to their curriculum, will the results be higher marks for PEI students? Our political columnist Professor Richard Raiswell says - it defies logic. Richard Raiswell is a teacher and a history professor at UPEI.

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