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Richard Raiswell - Renumeration... with a Catch

RichardRaiswell.jpgBefore too long the provincial legislature will be back in session. That's often the time when Islanders witness them at work - at least at Province House. Our political columnist thinks PEI's elected members deserve more money for the work they do. But there's a catch - here's Richard Raiswell.

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Richard Raiswell - Political Columnist

RichardRaiswell2.jpgRichard Raiswell, our political columnist touches on the unprecedented events in the Bonshaw Hills with RCMP arresting local folks, and With the national spotlight firmly fixed on PEI's abortion policy, how the Ghiz government needs an intelligent, considered strategy. Or will PEI to be savaged and ridiculed once again in the national media for its disregard for the Constitution?

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