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Using technology to produce funky dance music. 

We'll meet Willow Bell also known as the DJ 

You can link to the Whaleskin Soundcloud page here 

And below is the interview from our show

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Royal Wood - SpinTime

Our SpinTime DJ today is a well known Canadian independent pop musician. Royal Wood is a Multiple Juno-nominated singer, songwriter, performer, arranger, producer and budding sommelier in training.

He took a bit of a break from music and Canada and Now he's back with His 5th album 'The Burning Bright'. Royal Wood is performing to a sold out show tonight at the Mack, but first he's here for SpinTime.
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Vishten - Emmanuelle and Pastel LeBlanc

Vishten has been on the scene for years now, rooted in the traditions of Celtic and Acadian tunes and adding their indie-folk and rock influences.

They take part in the international touring scene, more recently in Belgium and Germany, but on Friday the trio performs at The Mack in Charlottetown. That's the same spot Vishten recorded their ECMA award winning CD "Vishten Live".

Twins Emmanuelle and Pastel LeBlanc joined Karen Mair in the studio. (Poster Credit: http://www.vishten.net/)

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