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Mental Health

Lenore Elizabeth Zann - Women and Wellness

Lenore Zann will be the guest speaker at Women and Wellness this Saturday at the Murchison Centre. Over the years women like CBC broadcaster Shelagh Rogers, author and journalist Jan Wong and others have shared their experiences at this event. It's a fun fundraiser organized by the PEI Division of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Karen spoke with Canadian actress and politician, Lenore Zann about her career and why she's supporting this cause.
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Psychological Safety in the Workplace

KFMPPMS.jpgThe PEI government is in the throes of dealing with growing and evolving mental health and addictions issues. In Ontario the health, justice and education systems have been transforming in recent years. Part of the change is accredited to a government committee that left party politics at the door.

That committee was lead by Kevin Flynn. He's the MPP for Oakville and the Chief Government Whip for the Liberal government. Karen reached Kevin Flynn at Queen's Park.

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