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In Memory: September 2013 Archives

Dutch Thompson's Bygone Days - Flo & Clive

DutchThompsonFloClive.jpgDutch Thompson tells us about a couple of characters, both born over 100 Years ago. Clive Bruce was a fisherman from Elmira, and Flo Turner who was a century baby - born in 1900. From predicting the weather by fish, hosting a chivaree, to buying a set of new togs at the general store... we're going back a long way!  For more stories from Dutch's collection visit islandvoices.ca

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Raymond Loo - Staying Positive

RaymondLoox4.jpgOrganic farmer and Farmer's Market favourite Raymond Loo passed away today. He once described cancer as a journey on a crooked road. Today that journey came to an end. Mainstreet re-visits a conversation we had with Raymond last spring, about friends, family and the importance of staying positive. His funeral will be held on Thursday morning at Davison Funeral Home in Kensington.

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