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In Memory

Rustico Historian - Edward Blanchard

Yesterday at the age of 95 Edward Blanchard passed away. He contributed greatly to the small community of South Rustico, and he knew the history.  He was also an active member of St. Augustine's, the oldest church in P.E.I., and the Farmers Bank of Rustico. Judy MacDonald worked alongside Edward Blanchard over the past decades and talked with Karen Mair about his contributions.
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Major George Williams - Remembrance Day

MajorGeorgeWilliams.jpgRemembrance Day is not just a day to remember the past. It is also a day to pause and remember those who serve our country today. Major George Williams of Mermaid, PEI joined the army reserves as a teenager 30 years ago. In 1985, he became a Canadian soldier and has served his country proudly ever since. Major Williams worked as a peacekeeper in Bosnia and a protecter in Afghanistan. Sarah Keaveny Vos sat down with Major Williams.

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Dutch Thompson's Bygone Days - Flo & Clive

DutchThompsonFloClive.jpgDutch Thompson tells us about a couple of characters, both born over 100 Years ago. Clive Bruce was a fisherman from Elmira, and Flo Turner who was a century baby - born in 1900. From predicting the weather by fish, hosting a chivaree, to buying a set of new togs at the general store... we're going back a long way!  For more stories from Dutch's collection visit islandvoices.ca

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