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History: March 2014 Archives

The Bygone Days - Stories about Cats

DutchThompsonCatsMarch2014.jpgBad luck cats, cats caught in washing machines, and cats with union cards? In the world of pets it's said you're either a cat person or dog person. Which are you? Dutch Thompson dropped into the studio to share some stories with Mainstreet's Kerry Campbell. Dutch's archive can be found at islandvoices.ca.

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Just A Mess - Laura Stewart

JustaMessbyLauraStewart.jpgDo you remember the skunk bounty on PEI? From 1932 to 1964 a bounty was paid for skunks in an effort to decrease the population on the Island. Karen Mair spoke with Laura Stewart, an animation student at Concordia University and the recent winner of a PEI Heritage Award for a short animation called "Just A Mess".

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Boyde Beck - Tenant League


Historian Boyde Beck has a story from the Confederation era but not too many top hats in this one. Boyde tells us about the Tenant League's demand for land reform.

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